NEET 2020 Last Minute Preparation Tips

by Asmita Kundu, May 14, 2020

Last Minute Preparation Tips for NEET 2020

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET serves as a stepping stone for medical aspirants in India. The fact that as many as 15,93,452 candidates have applied for NEET 2020, further reinstates its popularity and importance. However, owing to COVID-19, NEET 2020 has been postponed until the end of May. Needless, to say, this chaos and uncertainty have left aspirants exasperated. Regardless, one can make the most of this extra time and focus on their NEET revision effectively by following these NEET last-minute tips discussed below. 

Read along to find the potent tips and benefit your last few days NEET preparation significantly!  

6 NEET Last Minute Tips to Follow 

The last-minute study plan is deemed to be the most crucial. This is why it is recommended to build a feasible study routine that can be followed easily. With that being said, consider these following tips to be your last minute suggestion for NEET 2020 and incorporate these into your revision routine.

  1. Practise some more

Do not put a pause on practising sample papers and previous year question papers yet. Rigorous last minute NEET practice of chapter-based exercises will come in handy until the last minute and will help you to identify relevant topics you need to put more effort into.

 In turn, it will help you to modify your study plan accordingly for maximum outcome.  Additionally, the more, NEET study material, NCERT Solution you solve, the more familiar you will become with the different ways in which particular topic can be approached. 

  1. Sit for mock tests

Entrance exams are all about time management and accuracy. Students are required to solve 180 questions within 180 minutes in NEET, and each wrong answer becomes a reason for negative marking. Since mock tests follow this time frame structure and marking scheme, it is vital to include mock tests into the last few days NEET preparation. 

By doing so, you would be able to improve both your time management skills and accuracy to a great extent. Additionally, it will come in handy for tracking your progress and incorporating changes into your study plan as and when required.  

  1. Revise to clear doubts

Arguably, revision is the best way to get one’s lingering doubts and queries cleared effectively. However, this merit of revision also depends on how well you plan it. Wondering, “How to revise for NEET the best way?”  

As a large portion of NEET questions are based on NCERT books, read them thoroughly to help your brain recapitulate important topics and related concepts better. 

Next, identify the portions or topics you are not well-adept at and prioritise them for the next few days. This will not only help you to strengthen your knowledge about familiar topics but will also help to improve your grasp on concepts and challenging topics successfully.  

  1. Do not start something new

This is undoubtedly one of the top NEET last minute tips for every NEET aspirant. During these last days of your NEET preparation, your focus should be on topics you are familiar with. It is usually not recommended because starting a new topic requires relatively more time and attention to understand them better. 

Subsequently, you will have to compromise on your revision plan to incorporate new topics into your existing study plan. Such an action will not only weaken your grasp on familiar topics but will make you more anxious about this half-baked preparation in general. 

  1. Adopt a fun and organised way of learning

Incorporate graphs, charts and diagrams to make last day NEET preparation more effective and easy to remember. Adding visual details to complex diagrams and important formulae serve as a useful way of facilitating this process of revision.

 Also, representing important information and data in chart and table format will help you to recall essential points for your entrance exam with greater ease. In short, it can be said that an organised way of learning is probably one of the most critical NEET last minute tips to follow to ace this entrance preparation. 

  1. Take care of your health 

The key to ace NEET depends largely on an aspirants’ composure and preparation, right up to the last minute. Since composure is mostly dependent on one’s mental and physical health, you should pay attention to it and do whatever it requires to keep yourself healthy. 

For instance, make it a point to get adequate rest to prevent your mind from becoming too anxious or overwhelmed.  Also, eat a balanced diet to provide your body with the required nutrients for strength and energy. Similarly, taking short breaks during study sessions is among the NEET last minute tips to enhance your concentration level and to retain more information.  

Be Smart with You NEET Last Minute Preparation!

As the last few days NEET preparation is quite crucial, aspirants often give their 100% to ace it. However, to emerge successful in this prestigious entrance exam, aspirants need to follow well-formulated strategies revolving both their study plan and their approach. 

To elaborate, students should make it a point to find out about the exam format, answer pattern and relevant topics to ace their entrance exam preparation. They can refer to expert-recommended NEET last minute tips to avail a better idea as to how to make the most of their last-minute preparation.  

 Adopt a smart revision plan to ace your NEET 2020 Exams!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When will the NEET 2020 Exam start?

The tentative date for NEET 2020 is the end of May, and as of now, the tentative date for its release of admit card for NEET 2020 is said to be in the second week of May. However, under the current circumstances, it is expected to be further delayed.

2. Is NEET mandatory for BAMS?

NEET is mandatory for any medical course, including BAMS. After appearing for NEET, you will be allotted seats as per your merit followed by its counselling process. It is during this counselling process when you can choose to opt for BAMS course.

3. What do we need to study for NEET?

The question for NEET entrance exam is based on concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology which are in the scope of class 11 and 12. Notably, around 45 questions are based on each Physics and chemistry, while 90 questions are based on biology.

NEET 2020 Last Minute Preparation Tips