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National Sisters Day 2022: How to Make this Day Special for Your Sister?

By Satabdi MazumdarAugust 06, 2022
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Often, sisters are the first friend that we make during our childhood. No one can replace the love and bonding we share with our sisters, be it sharing our food or learning a new game; we shared some of the most beautiful moments with her.

The bond that we share with our sisters is a unique one. We fight, tease each other and disagree on a lot of things. But we also make up for each other and cannot imagine a single day without each other. That's the special love that we share with our sisters. 

So, why not cherish this beautiful bonding and celebrate National Sisters Day in an unforgettable way. Read on to know how you can make your sister feel special this National Sisters Day.
National Sisters Day 2022 - How to Make this Day Special for Your Sister?

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When is National Sisters Day 2022? 

National Sisters Day 2022 will be celebrated on August 7, 2022, i.e., the first Sunday in the month of August. 

History of National Sisters Day

If we talk about the history of National Sisters Day, it was founded in the year 1996 by Tricia Eleogram of Tennessee to celebrate the bond and spirit of sisterhood across the world. Since then the first Sunday in the month of August is observed as National Sisters Day every year. 

Although this day was founded to observe the bond of sisterhood between siblings, over the years, people started to observe this day with their friends and colleagues too. We might not be siblings, but we can definitely share the same love and bond of sisterhood with them. Hence, this day has become a national day to celebrate sisterhood across the globe.

How to Celebrate National Sisters Day 2022? 

The main aim of observing National Sisters Day is to strengthen the bond of sisterhood and cherish all the moments we shared with our sisters throughout the years. 

If you are looking for some ideas to make this day special for your sister, then here are a few things you can do for her. We are sure that she will love it. 

  • Handmade gifts and letters are always special. So why not gift her a beautiful handwritten letter and express your love for her through that letter? You can also make her a handmade gift (for example, a handmade card, a painting, or maybe a DIY photo frame).

  • Plan a day out with her. Take her to her favourite place, treat her to her favourite food and spend the entire day with your sister. 

  • If you enjoy cooking, then you can also surprise her by baking a delicious cake for her. She is definitely going to love this gift. 

  • Watch a movie based on sisterhood with her, for example, Frozen, Little Women, and many more. You can also watch a movie which has a favourite memory of both of you, and you can revisit those days again. 

We must also remember that this day is not only meant for siblings; we can also observe this day with our friends or co-workers with whom we share the same sisterly bond. If you are someone who doesn't have a sister, you can celebrate National Sisters Day with your girl gang too and make the best memories together. 

Thus celebrate this National Sisters Day in a unique way, but the main motive remains the same, i.e., to spread the love and joy of sisterhood.