List of Websites to Download Free NCERT Books

by Sagar Mankar, May 21, 2020

If you are a CBSE student you have to follow the NCERT books at every stage of your schooling years. Actually, you can’t cope up with the present academic structure without the aid of NCERT books. But, in the present day scenario, it is not always possible to collect the hard copies of the books either. What will you do? Download free NCERT books from one of the credible websites on the internet. Read on to get an idea of the websites from where you can get these books and how. 

What is The Alternate Way of Studying a Paperback?

Going online, finding a softcopy of the same book on a good website, and reading it online or downloading the same for future reading. Simple! All the NCERT books- right from class 1 to 12 are available on the internet. You just need to find the right website from where you can download them. You can study NCERT books online also. But the best option would be to download those for future reference. Are they free of cost? The PDF copies of NCERT books are absolutely free of cost.

What are the websites from where you can download free NCERT books?

There is a official website from where you can download all the NCERT books from class 1 to 12. 

What is the format of these books? You can download the books in PDF format and save them for future reference. NCERT has introduced other formats also to ease the process of e-reading for you. What are those? The other formats are namely NCERT ePub and NCERT Flipbooks. 

What is NCERT ePub? NCERT ePub is for reading the NCERT books on mobile phones and other android devices. You just need to download the e-Pathshala app to access NCERT ePub. 

What is NCERT Flipbooks? Accessing the NCERT books in flipbook (only on PC) is called NCERT flipbooks. In this version, you cannot read it on mobile or other android devices.

What are the steps to download NCERT books?

You have to follow the following steps to download the NCERT books:

1. Go to the official website official website.

2. Click on the E-books section under the ‘Publications’ tab. Here you will find different options such as PDF, Flipbook, ePub for the textbooks of class I-XII and e-textbooks for States/UT’s (ePub).

3. Click on the PDF portion.

4. Choose the class, subject and book title.

5. Press on the ‘Go’ button.

6. The desired NCERT book in PDF format will be displayed on the screen. Just click on the ‘open’ button on the chapter you want to study. You will get your desired chapter on the screen.

What are the other websites to download free NCERT books?

There are several websites apart from the official portal of NCERT from where you can download the books free of cost. Try one of the leading online tutorial’s website like Vedantu’s for the purpose.

In the present academic structure, online study is the best way to access several materials at a time. You don’t have to travel and grab all the copies. You are just one click away to access your required NCERT books and NCERT Solutions. It can save your precious time which is the most essential thing in the current scenario.

List of Websites to Download Free NCERT Books