Last Minute Suggestion for NEET 2020

by Anusha Lal, May 2, 2020

Qualify Easily with NEET Last-Minute Tips

If you have been eying the medical profession with all your heart NEET is the exam you must have been preparing for since Class 9 or 10. Last-minute suggestion for NEET 2020 is here to help you in your preparation for the D-day. We bring to you NEET last-minute tips as offered by experts and toppers along with our own inputs. Though the exam date and result publication are withheld owing to the present pandemic situation, you must be ready for with your answers to any questions, anytime. 

What do experts and toppers say about the last-day NEET Preparation?

One thing that nobody has a different opinion about is that there is no substitute to practice in order to be perfect in what you do. The same stands true for NEET cracking too. We are sure you have been studying a lot for the last few months and await a fruitful execution of the same but there is nothing like some truly useful last-minute ‘how to revise for NEET tips!’ With our list of tips regarding last day NEET preparation, your effort is going to be strengthened manifold. 

Experts’ opinion:

When asked how to revise for NEET, experts opined that reading each chapter at a time, revising the ones learnt, solving previous years’ question papers, and giving as many mock tests possible always do the trick. 

Sticking to the NCERT books, NCERT Solutions and concepts is another expert opinion. Most of the time, it is seen that about 80-85% questions in NEET are directly taken from NCERT books. Rest of the conceptual questions can also be cleared this way if the base of your knowledge is developed strong. 

Students wondering how to crack NEET in short time must focus on the lessons learnt and go through them as many times as they can. Revising and retaining the knowledge gained is key to securing good marks- that is what experts have to say in their last-minute suggestion for NEET 2020. 

Toppers’ opinion:

Toppers, you will find, confide in the previous year question paper. While some toppers solve, say, around the previous 30 years’ question papers, others go for even more! Seeking the help of mentors and following their analysis of your answers in the mock tests is also going to help you to a great extent. 

There are exceptions too. Some toppers include recreation in their NEET last-minute tips. Indulging in a favourite sport, taking time out to read the newspaper, watching constructive materials on TV, or listening to music, etc have also helped toppers secure their desired rank in the big entrance exam. 

How to revise for NEET and practice more?

‘Practice’ is one word that will help you move towards your goal of cracking the NEET 2020 with a respectable score. When you are nearing the last day NEET preparation, you can never go wrong with rigorous practice. Practice the sample papers, numerical problems, previous year questions- as much as you can. Nothing should stop you. The topics you find difficult in the syllabus- you should give a lot more time to them and practice them more to eradicate any difficulty. 

How to crack NEET in short time with Mock Tests?

If there is anything as important as practice, it is the revision and giving more and more mock tests. Mock tests enable you with two crucial things in your last-minute NEET preparation- better time management skill and scope for repeated revision of the whole syllabus. 

How it helps you with time management? Well, whenever you sit for a mock test you are bound to complete your answers within a given time. This way, you know how many minutes you would invest in solving a problem. Solving paper within a stipulated time frame not only speeds up your thought process but also makes you more efficient at managing time. 

Now, how do mock tests help you with revision? Well, the questions cover your entire NEET syllabus. You are faced with questions from anywhere and everywhere of the learning materials. Thus you get to revise. Also, if you are wrong or forget any particular point, you can always check with your textbooks or reference books and sharpen your memory. 

Should you Start Something new during your last-day NEET Preparation?

Absolutely not. If you have left out anything, do not show the courage to go back and start it afresh. This will not only delay your last minute preparations but also hamper what you have already learnt.  You may or may not complete the topic you want to start new. This will lead to a lesser chance of remembering and memorizing what you have learnt and reproduce it during the exam. If you are a medical aspirant and have not touched anything, in particular, our advice is to leave it out and concentrate more on the already learnt items, practice graphs, formulae, and diagrams more. 

How important is a review for NEET last-minute tips?

Reviewing your progress is absolutely necessary to make your preparations productive. Every mock test you give, every previous year question or sample paper you solve gives you scope to analyse your performance. Which areas are still in need of attention and practice and which you have already mastered can be understood only from a reviewed performance. 

How to revise for NEET while maintaining mental and physical health?

We know how fervently you have been waiting for the NEET exam if you are a medical aspirant. So that you do not falter in the final stage, you need to be attentive towards your physical and mental health maintenance. As for physical health, you must involve yourself in light exercise, walking or taking a break every few hours so that your body movement is kept going. As for mental health, you must not panic and trust yourself. Believe in the fact that you have prepared well enough for the examination and you are ready to handle come what may. Take care in moving around so that you do not get hurt. Have a healthy diet and avoid skipping food. 

These are pretty much our last-minute suggestion for NEET 2020. We are sure you have studied well and your preparation is strong enough to face the questions as given in the examination. Keep calm and answer the questions peacefully. Do not loosen your revision and practice and you will assuredly come out with flying colours. Best wishes! 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the top last-minute suggestions for NEET 2020?

Give mock tests in a time-bound manner. Clear doubts if any. Check the answers you are forgetting from your textbooks. Write down the important formulae again and again so that they are at the tip of your pen. Finally, calm your nerves and be confident.

2. What should the last-day NEET preparation be like?

Flipping slowly through your NCERT textbooks and glancing at every chapter, especially the main segments, revising only those topics which you have always found difficult to handle, and reassuring yourself that you can do it.

Last Minute Suggestion for NEET 2020