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Is Vedantu Paid?

By Aparajita DasAugust 25, 2022
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Vedantu is an interactive online tutoring platform that was launched in 2011 to provide quality education at an affordable price. Vedantu is the pioneer in India’s K-12 LIVE tutoring space. The mentors at Vedantu are highly qualified and experienced as well as highly dedicated too. As a result, every student, no matter how they perform in academics, shows great improvement in scores and starts performing great once they join Vedantu.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of teaching, Vedantu offers online tutoring courses for students from 3 years old to 18 years old as well as for competitive exams like  IIT JEE, NEET, Commerce, CBSE, ICSE, and state board exams like Maharashtra boards.

In case you are wondering whether these courses are paid or not, then let’s clear your doubt, YES Vedantu offers paid courses. But they do have some free offerings also. Keep reading to know about the online paid courses offered by Vedantu, the fee structure of Vedantu courses, and free study materials from Vedantu.
Is Vedantu Paid?
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What are the Paid Vedantu Courses?

The following is a list of paid online courses offered by Vedantu at amazingly affordable tuition fees. 

  • ICSE tuition for Classes 6 to 10

  • CBSE tuition for Classes 3 to 12 (Science, Maths, and Commerce)

  • Maharashtra board Classes 11 and 12

  • JEE preparation courses (long-term courses and crash courses) 

  • NEET preparation course (long-term courses and crash courses)

  • CUET courses


Vedantu’s Courses for Kids Include the Following:

  • Super readers

  • Super Coders

  • Super Speakers

  • Super Maths

The main motto of these courses is to provide quality learning in Coding, English Reading, Spoken English, and Maths for kids, at the lowest tuition fees. Your child will learn how to build websites and apps, read fluently using phonics techniques, and improve their public speaking skills under the guidance of our talented Vedantu Super Teachers.

Fee Structure of the Vedantu Courses

Vedantu's online class fee structure is very affordable and impressive. Vedantu packages are mainly divided into three categories, K-12, JEE, NEET, and topic-based. Vedantu Pro subscription provides unlimited access to the courses and a long-term learning plan for JEE, NEET, or Board examinations. You can also opt for a 7-day free trial before paying for a particular subscription plan and make your decision accordingly. For NEET or JEE candidates, your Vedantu subscription price starts from Rs 9000 per year.

The fee structure varies for different courses. The below table shows the course fees of the popular courses offered by Vedantu.


Full Year Course Fee

JEE Main + Advanced


NEET 1-year Course


NEET Crash Course


JEE 1-year Course


NEET Crash Course


JEE/NEET Foundation Course for Class 10


CBSE Class 12 Science


CBSE Class 12 Commerce


CBSE Class 11 Science


CBSE Class 6 to 10


CUET 2022 Science Full Course


What are the Free Offerings from Vedantu?

Vedantu provides free study materials such as Revision Notes, free Sample Papers, Important questions, Previous Years’ Question Papers, Important Formulas of Maths, and Mock Tests prepared by experts to enable a seamless understanding of the toughest concepts. Moreover, free NCERT Solutions, as per the latest CBSE curriculum, and Text Book Solutions of popular books like RS Agarwal, RD Sharma, HC Verma, etc., are also available for free download on Vedantu. You can easily download PDFs and soft copies of these study materials from Vedantu while preparing for exams such as JEE Main, NEET, KVPY, NTSE, Olympiads, CBSE, and ICSE Board exams.

What Makes Vedantu Unique?

The following are the reasons why you should opt for Vedantu courses.   

  • Vedantu offers live fun quizzes, customised assignments, and tests that help the students to evaluate their performance.

  • If any questions remain unanswered in the LIVE session, experienced teachers at Vedantu take a doubt-solving session. 

  • Vedantu provides specially designed customised learning programs.

  • The technology used by Vedantu helps the students to replay the LIVE classes if they missed them.

  • Assignments and class notes provided for the students will make you well prepared for the exam.


Vedantu’s aim is to make education accessible for every child from all parts of the country with our affordable online classes. Vedantu’s innovations and experience have enhanced the quality of online education. Even though Vedantu’s online courses are chargeable, these courses are available at an affordable price. So, enroll for Vedantu’s online course today and enjoy the best learning experience.

FAQs on Is Vedantu Paid?

1. Where will I get the details about the courses offered by Vedantu?

To know the courses offered by Vedantu, you need to visit the official website or download the mobile app and explore the options available.

2. Am I allowed to change my teacher if I am not able to understand?

Yes, the students can choose their teachers from the list of teachers whose classes are available for their study plan on Vedantu at that moment.

3. How can I get a refund for my crash course at Vedantu?

Vedantu has laid down terms and conditions, and if your case fulfills the terms and conditions, you can get up to a 100% refund. Additionally, you can also contact Vedantu’s customer care support

4. Can I get recordings of the classes?

Yes, the recorded classes will be available after the scheduled classes. The students can watch the recordings of the classes if they miss attending the class or if they want to watch it again.