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International Tiger Day 2022 - 5 Interesting Facts About Tigers!

By Swagata SarkarJuly 28, 2022
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Spread Awareness and Save Tigers on This International Tiger Day!

International Tiger Day or the global tiger day is celebrated every year on the 29th of July to spread awareness about the national animal of India - the tigers. In the last 150 years, the Tigers have seen a massive drop of around 95% in their population and only around 3000 tigers are left on our planet. It’s high time that we spread awareness and save our tigers. International Tiger Day was founded in an international summit and was celebrated in the year 2010 for the first time. The aim of this day is to promote awareness of the importance of saving tigers and their natural habitats. Let’s dig deep and get more International Tiger Day information.

International Tiger Day: Know Everything About It

Why Tiger Day is Celebrated?

Tigers are on the verge of extinction, and International Tiger Day aims to raise awareness of this fact so that their extinction can be declined. Many factors have contributed to their decline, including habitat loss, climate change, hunting, and poaching, and International Tiger Day aims to protect and expand their habitats while also raising awareness of the importance of conservation.

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the current population of the wild cat is around 3000. The World Wide Fund or the WWF, in collaboration with the countries that have tiger populations, hopes to double their numbers to 6,000 by next year. The significance of the day is enhanced by the fact that tigers were once spotted roaming across most of the African continent.

However, poaching, illegal wildlife trade, and habitat loss have reduced their population and range by approximately 7%. Poaching and trafficking are fueled by the demand for tiger bone, skin, and other body parts. This is having a huge impact on tiger subpopulations, leading to extinctions in specific areas. Tiger skins are frequently used in home decor. Bones are also used in medications and tonics. Illegal criminal syndicates have become involved in the tiger trade in order to earn profits. It's a very serious matter. It is estimated that it is worth ten billion dollars every year in the United States alone.

World Tiger Day Importance

The significance of world tiger day is to raise awareness about the declining tiger population and to advocate for global tiger conservation. Around 95% of the tiger population has been lost since the beginning of the 20th century due to various activities. However, despite conservation efforts beginning in the 1970s, the tiger population has been rapidly declining. As a result, at the St. Petersburg Declaration in 2010, tiger range countries resolved to double the number of tigers by 2022. Tigers are one of the most majestic and royal species we've ever seen. They are also known as "Umbrella Species" because their conservation benefits many other species in the same habitat.

How is International Tiger Day Celebrated?

Every year, International Tiger Day is celebrated with a slogan. The slogan of International Tiger Day 2022 is “Their Survival is in our hands”. Each tiger has a distinct set of stripes, similar to a fingerprint, which allows us to identify individuals in the wild. Wild tiger populations have declined drastically since the start of the 20th century. Unfortunately, there are more tigers in captivity in the United States than there are in the wild. The IUCN has classified the tiger as endangered. India has 51 tiger reserves spread across 18 states. The population of India's national animal increased according to the 2018 tiger census. The ways of celebrating International Tiger Day 2022 are as follows:

  • Raise awareness as an individual and also participate in the awareness campaign organised by various organisations.

  • Adopt a tiger. Animal adoptions significantly contribute to the World Wide Fund for Nature's work. They not only help fund projects that work with local communities to monitor tiger movements, reduce poaching, and help people realise the benefits of living near wild tigers – but they also support other important work around the world.

  • You can donate for the well being of the tigers and encourage others also to do so.

5 Surprising Facts on Tigers

Here are the surprising facts that we are sure you would have never heard of:

  1. The tigers are the largest wild cats in the world.

  2. We all identify tigers by their stripes. Do you know that each and every tiger has unique stripes? Yes! You read it right. The stripes of any two tigers will never match with each other.

  3. Most of the tigers are nocturnal animals and are solitary hunters.

  4. All the tiger cubs are born as blind and only half of the born cubs are able to survive.

  5. The saliva of the tigers is antiseptic. If they get hurt anywhere, they just lick the area.


Despite the fact that humans are largely to blame for the rapidly declining tiger population, it is also true that there are a bunch of new dedicated wildlife enthusiasts working to make the planet more hospitable to tigers. The International Tiger Day 2022 recognises this special bond. Tigers are now a threatened species, and we must all work together to protect these magnificent creatures. While conservation efforts are ongoing throughout the year, International Tiger Day serves as a reminder to get involved in the cause.