Ideal ways of spending time with your kids at home due to Corona virus

by Sagar Mankar, April 7, 2020

On 11th March, the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declared the novel coronavirus as pandemic. This announcement sent a wave of new anxiety across global populations.

India has also suffered the setbacks of this global health crisis. The stock market of the country has experienced a shock, movie theatres have been closed, and public gatherings are now restricted among other repercussions of the COVID-19 outbreak. In a nutshell, coronavirus has disrupted the entire country. 

Impact on students

Students have also suffered the blows of this national health emergency. Schools and colleges have been closed in various states, and classes are suspended till the end of March. Several exams and seminars have been cancelled, and multiple convocation ceremonies were postponed owing to this epidemic.

The coronavirus infection has prompted the Karnataka, Kerala, Delhi, West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and several other state governments to suspend classes in not only government-aided schools but also in private educational institutes. Even though there has not been a single death noted among students of this country, its likeliness cannot be discounted. 

According to WHO, social distancing is the best way to tackle the spread of this virus. This directive prompted the state governments to take such measures. However, to prohibit the kids from going to the playgrounds or visiting their friends can have a negative impact on their mental well-being.

This sudden restriction on movements and this unanticipated school break have left parents in a dilemma about how they can deal with this coronavirus outbreak and manage their kids during this situation. Kids can get bored very quickly during the holidays. 

Additionally, unlike other planned school holidays where you can take your kids to different outdoor camps or various other programs; here you cannot plan such things. Thus, it is essential to think of some activity that can be conducted indoors and at the same time, keep your kids engaged throughout the day.

Eliminate the boredom through various activities

Planning easy indoor activities can be a great solution. It helps kids to practice school activities and keep them involved. Here are some examples –

Art and craft

It is a great way to keep kids engaged. You can use different waste items like old clothes, newspapers, glass bottles, ice creams sticks, old cartons, vegetables etc. to make different decorative items.

Additionally, find different trash items and let them colour such things. Furthermore, you can always encourage kids to draw. Give them various colour books, different sets of colour pencils to keep your little ones engaged throughout the day.

Encourage reading

Reading books have several benefits; it not only provides knowledge but also improves their reading ability, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, etc. If your kid is already a reader, then you do not have to work hard to engage him/her in such activities. 

However, if they are not, then this unanticipated holiday due to coronavirus outbreak is the right time for some experiment. Try books with pictures and different sketches to engage them. Apart from that, various do it yourself (DIY) books, and sketchbooks with stories can be a great option too. Comic books can be a great choice to engage kids.

Take up different projects

You can make the most of this unplanned holiday due to coronavirus disease by involving your kids into various projects in your home to keep them busy. You can ask them to decorate their rooms with different painting or handicraft items made from waste materials. Additionally, you can participate with them to build various science projects, ask them to keep a diary, learn a musical instrument or anything that your kid likes to do.

Involve them in household chores

You can involve your kids in different tasks like cooking, doing laundry, cleaning windows, etc. It not only keeps them engaged but also helps them to learn new things. Thus, you can take the opportunity to utilise children’s stay at home due to coronavirus outbreak to teach practical skills.


Kids tend to forget what they have learnt in school if they are not studying every day. You can prepare different games and worksheets for them involving their lessons. You can use points-based scoring systems and associate rewards with them to make it more interesting.

Additionally, you can also opt for interactive live classes provided by Vedantu. We cover every subject included in school curriculums and offer dedicated live classes conducted by experts of that subject. Students can participate and interact with other students from different areas of the country and learn together.

Watch a movie

Watching movies or cartoon shows can easily keep your young ones engaged. However, this mode of engagement should be restricted and supervised. Otherwise, they may develop an addiction, which is not good news at all.

Playing indoor games

The current situation due to coronavirus may not allow you to take your kid outside for playing outdoor games. Therefore, you can arrange different indoor games and especially board games to keep them entertained throughout the day. Games like monopoly, chess, cards, scrabble, etc. can keep your kids engaged. 

On the other hand, exercise is also vital for a kid. Thus, you should ensure that there are enough physical activities involved in their playing time so that they can get their daily exercises done and maintain their health. However, if your kid goes outside to play then make sure they wash their hands properly and if possible, take a shower after returning from the playground.

Plan a comprehensive routine

Last but not least, an effective method that you as parents can follow to ensure your kids’ engagement during this holiday is through a routine. Children are used to a daily schedule due to their schools, and they are aware of their regular activities. 

Therefore, making such a routine can help you to manage them throughout the day. Creating a routine is not that hard; you can refer to the daily schedule they follow during school days and prepare one accordingly. The goal of this is to keep the kids engaged, entertained and learning at the same time. 

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Ideal ways of spending time with your kids at home due to Corona virus