How to Use NCERT Books for JEE Main and Advanced Preparation

by Sagar Mankar, May 15, 2020

Cracking JEE, getting into an engineering college, passing with a respectable job and a fat remuneration- is that what’s on your mind? Then your preparation for JEE Main and JEE Advanced needs to be extremely serious and arduous to some extent. Know who will be your friend, philosopher, and guide in your journey? The NCERT books. How? Well, that’s what we are all set to answer through this article. 

Why use NCERT Books?

This is even a more valid question if you are from ICSE Board. But there are a good many reasons why NCERT books will top others in the market especially for the preparation of JEE Main and Advanced. Let us point out those first before we delve deeper into the question we started this article with. 

1. Experts rich in years of experience are roped in for the preparation of the NCERT books. Their intense research makes the outcome accurate and it will always lead you to the perfect solution. 

2. If you are up for cracking IIT JEE or other competitive exams as well, the first thing you need is a clear concept about the basic and fundamentals. Nothing can match NCERT books and NCERT Solutions in this regard. They are the best for building a strong foundation in any topic or a whole subject for that matter. 

3. In NCERT books, even difficult topics are explained in a lucid language. It is inclusive of all important definitions. The overall content is to-the-point. This helps you develop a strong base of your knowledge and concept without facing too many difficulties. 

4. The details of a topic are written in a well-organised manner in the NCERT books. The step-by-step explanations make NCERT books the most systematic study material available in the market for JEE Main or Advanced preparation. 

5. Skipping NCERT books and directly aiming for higher-level books will do more harm than any good to you. So, get rid of that plan as soon as possible for this will be like building the top floor of a house before taking care of the ground floor. You will simply lose your way in the middle and come back to NCERT again to strengthen your fundamentals. 

6. NCERT books have only a small number of questions in them. True. But these questions cover all the aspects of the syllabus and completing these questions will ensure that you have common questions when you actually come face-to-face with the JEE question paper

NCERT Books + JEE Main and Advanced Preparation: A Perfect Combination?

Without a doubt, this is a perfect combination. We will give you a subject-wise detailed overview of the combo between NCERT books and the preparation for JEE Main and Advanced. 


Read NCERT Books religiously for your JEE. Thorough reading and developing answers to the questions along with preparing notes will make you aware of every minute detail. Practising the exercises and in-text questions from NCERT exemplars will further help you. 


You ask for a theory in Physics and NCERT has it in detail for you. Theory-based chapters like Modern Physics could not be any better than this. Here again, put equal concentration on both NCERT books and exemplars that ensures vigorous practice. 


The chapters you must focus on are Binomial Theorem, Probability, Sequence and Series, Integration etc. NCERT Books and exemplars will make you skilled in any problem from the most dreaded section of JEE, mathematics. 

Therefore, choosing NCERT books will help you clear JEE Main and Advanced with marks above the cut-off percentile. Reading other reference books available in the market is also recommended, but only after you have strengthened your foundation with the NCERT books. 

How to Use NCERT Books for JEE Main and Advanced Preparation