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How to Start Preparing for IIT JEE from Class 11?

By Rohit BhattacharyaFebruary 06, 2020
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How to Prepare for IIT JEE from Class 11

We have seen a plethora of students looking for answers to some common questions like "how to prepare for IIT from class 11?" or "Should I start preparing for IIT JEE from class 11?" These kinds of questions at the forefront of one's thoughts demonstrate their dimension of interest. The most deemed Engineering Colleges in India, offering the most experienced workforce, the best framework, the best corporate tie-ups, the most complex research foundation and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

In any case, getting a good score in IIT JEE is not an easy task to do. Lakhs of competitors contend each year to be in the best thousands. At that point, they scramble for the ideal seat in the IIT of the decision, in the branch of the decision, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. While many have dedicated one whole year for JEE Preparation, some started two years back, when they were in class 11. Furthermore, for the individuals who started planning for IIT JEE in class 11, the drill appears to be additionally satisfying. One thing to always remember is, irrespective of how many reference books you have bought, always keep NCERT books on the top position when it comes to preparing for an exam like the IIT JEE. Speaking of which, accessing the right set of NCERT solutions is no longer elusive. We, at Vedantu, provide NCERT Solutions for Class 6 to 12 for all the subjects that you can download for free. This is on the grounds that there was neither the need to surge ahead and alarm, and nor the extension to move pitifully, sitting around idly.

Why you Should Start preparing for IIT JEE from Class 11?

· The need to start preparing for IIT JEE in class 11 is considered the ideal way as the JEE Exam Syllabus include class 11 and class 12 topics for the subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

· If you calculate, on an average, you need at least a one-year preparation time, alongside class 12 studies can make it excessively extended for everybody. There have been lakhs of situations where students were in the long run compelled to drop a year after class 12 to plan well.

· This well-planned insightful methodology helps with setting up the subjects well, but on the other hand is useful towards embracing a seamless routine.

· Class 11 schedule is the best phase to start off with your IIT JEE preparation. Along these lines, while they get ready for their school tests, students can at the same time begin alluding IIT Books for class 11.

Presently, the students who really choose to start opportune planning from class 11 itself, manage different questions. They share concerns and questions on the most proficient method to start with and adhere to the preparation procedure, what are the IIT planning books for class 11 or IIT planning time table for class 11 and so on.

IIT JEE Main and Advanced Preparation tips to Adapt from Class 11

In this section, we have provided fundamental IIT JEE Main and Advanced Preparation tips which you can start implementing right from class 11

· Start by understanding the past test patterns. You can do this through accessible data on the web or investigating, in any event, recent years papers without anyone else.

· This will enable you to grasp important topics getting repeated every year and the ones that are for the most part overlooked.

· Along these lines, the following stage would be preparation plan of a far-reaching timetable and keeping it deeply.

· Understanding this pattern would likewise assist you with preparing a reasonable altered IIT planning timetable for class 11.

How to Prepare Physics, Chemistry & Maths for IIT JEE from Class 11


The subject incorporates parts of Optics, Electrodynamics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Modern Physics, and Mechanics.
· As proposed, a pattern investigation of the Physics subject will give you featured regions to get ready.

· You can allude accessible online investigation or plot your very own pie diagram by designating the greatest bits of pie to the most conspicuously secured regions.

· Lead a point astute isolation: Mechanics is by all accounts the paper setters' first decision for a considerable length of time, trailed by questions from blunders and estimations, liquids, attraction and so forth.

· This is trailed by Modern Physics, and Ray, Wave Optics all together.

· Remaining themes from the subject acquire a few questions every year, with the least most loved being Elasticity.

· Prescribed Books: NCERT Class 11th and 12th books, Concepts of Physics Vol 1 &2 (by H.C. Verma), Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnik, and Walker.


IIT JEE preparation time table for class 11 for Chemistry should be prepared in a holistic manner. The subject envelops modules like Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.

· While leading the pattern examination, start by picking up information on how huge every one of these modules is, from the test point of view.

· Physical Chemistry comprises of topics from Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium and so on in the dominant part. While thermodynamics and electrochemistry are on an enduring decay as the years progressed.

· Terminologies, general natural science are watching fewer questions in Organic Chemistry. Alkanes, Alkynes, Polymers, Carbonyls and so on observe a rising number of questions.

· Questions from P block elements are asked from Organic Chemistry and the number is quite good, reliably pursued by Coordination Compound questions. Some steady subjects incorporate intermittent properties of these components, metallurgy, synthetic holding and so on.

· A portion of the suggested books resemble NCERT books for class eleventh and twelfth; Concepts of Physical Chemistry for JEE, Eighth Edition (by P. Bahadur); A New Pattern Textbook of Organic/Inorganic Chemistry for Competitions (by O.P. Tandon).


Maths is a subject which is all about 'Practice'. You cannot escape that how hard you try. An ideal preparation plan must incorporate devoted time for rehearsing every single numerical issue.

· Throughout the previous five years, Differential Calculus has been commanding the question papers, reliably pursued by Coordinate Geometry.

· Integral Calculus as well as questions from topics like 3D questions, Vector Analysis should be solved as there is a decent number of questions from these topics.

· Other steady regions in every year's question paper have questions are Matrices and Determinants, Statistics, and Binomial Theorem and so on.

· The least supported zone appears Permutation and Combination, Probability and so forth.

· Prescribed books: NCERT Class 11 and 12 books; IIT Mathematics for JEE Main and JEE Advanced (by M.L Khanna).
While the previously mentioned pointers should help all JEE competitors from class 11 pursue a particular subject savvy planning approach. Starting early, they get time to adjust their heart and psyche to their professional objectives and put in their earnest attempts. While they have the goal, a few students appear to be vague on the right methodology for why and how to get ready for IIT from class 11 onwards.

Some More Useful Tips to Prepare for IIT JEE from Class 11

· Utilize Your Time Wisely: 'Plan Well': Aspirants need to use every moment carefully and set up a customized full evidence timetable.

· Look for Expert Assistance: If they feel the need, they can try out proficient online classes for JEE preparation, under the direction of specialists. Online classes additionally spare a great deal of movement time.

· Practice has no Substitute: There is no getting away from the course to 'practice'. Each of the three subjects needs practice for formulae, hypotheses, concoction conditions and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

· Try not to Compromise on Health: Good wellbeing will guarantee a decent future. Henceforth, there is no point settling on that. Students must advance with a timetable that offers adequate time to rest, eat well, mingle, and have 'personal' time.

Hope the above-mentioned tips prove to be highly helpful for you. All the class 11 students out there – It’s the best time to start your preparation for IIT JEE.

All the Best!