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CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips 2024: How to Score Full Marks in Maths?

By FatimaFebruary 15, 2024
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How to Prepare Efficiently for CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2024?

Mathematics is the subject in which scoring full marks can be quite easy if prepared smartly. Needless to say, mastering this subject can greatly help students aiming for higher education. Mathematics also help in the development of logical and rational thinking in students. The Class 12 board score has a significant impact on future studies, and a 100/100 in math will be quite beneficial in achieving a high grade. All being said, the article aims to help students in answering questions like how to score full marks in Maths. The article will also provide an overview of the CBSE Maths exam pattern for Class 12.

It's time for all CBSE Class 12 students to make progress toward their goals by improving their scores in upcoming board exams. Students frequently become anxious as the exam date approaches. There are no shortcuts to getting good grades other than working hard. Read the article to know how to study Maths in Class 12 and what to keep in mind during the exam preparations.

CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips 2022

CBSE Maths Exam Pattern for Class 12

The founding stone of a well-planned study plan is to have a comprehensive knowledge of the exam pattern and syllabus. Let us quickly look into the CBSE Maths exam pattern for Class 12 before discussing how to score 100 in Maths Class 12.

Format of Question Paper

  • The paper is divided into two parts A and B, both the parts are compulsory for students to attempt. 

  • The theory paper for Maths will be 80 marks.

  • The internal exam is for 20 marks

  • Out of 80 marks, 60 marks are reserved for the subjective type questions.

  • 20 marks are reserved for the objective type questions.

  • The duration will be of 2 hours.

  •  Questions will be of the following types:

  1. Case-based/situation-based, 

  2. Open-ended- short answer

  3. Long answer type questions.

Topic with Highest Weightage in 12th Board Exam

Since we have learnt about the general idea of format let us look at the topic with highest weightage in 12th board exam, it is important to note these are expected topics with highest weightage in 12th board exam of Maths, students must prepare all the topics with sincerity to score 100 in Maths Class 12.

  • Calculus - 44% 

  • Vectors and 3D geometry - 17%, 

  • Probability - 10%

  • Relations and Functions - 10%,

  • Algebra - 13% 

  • Linear Programming - 6%

How to score 100 in Maths in Class 12?

Tensed about what to keep in mind during the exam? Let us quickly look at some must practice tips to score full marks in Maths class 1 exams.

Know Your Syllabus

As mentioned earlier a detailed knowledge of the syllabus is the key to acing in the preparations and in the final exams. Knowing what you need to prepare for is the first step toward preparing. To practice for the CBSE board examination, NCERT texts are advised. 

When people say that NCERT is the holy text for CBSE exams, they are not exaggerating! Understand the importance of each topic in the syllabus and schedule your studies accordingly. Vedantu offers a freely accessible CBSE Class 12 subjects term wise syllabus to help students with their preparations.

Revise Theorems and Formulae

Consistency is the key to score well in all the examinations and hence, you must be consistent with your practice. You must revise all the important formulae and theorems regularly. It is always advisable to jot down all the important points and formulae. Doing this will greatly help students to have a quick revision during the last minutes of the examination. Students aiming to excel must look into the  CBSE Class 12 Maths formulas and Class 12 Maths revision notes.

Practice Questions

As CBSE follows the NCERT textbooks, students are advised to practice each and every questions present in the exercise. Complete all exercises and examples from the NCERT books. Students frequently skip through the examples and rush straight to the NCERT exercises. However, you should be aware that roughly 40% of the questions in the exam will be from solved NCERT examples. 

Make sure you solve instances by yourself. Subsequently, students must assess how competent they are at answering problems. NCERT solutions for Class 12 Maths as well as Important questions for CBSE Class 12 Maths curated by experts are freely available on the official site of Vedantu.

Practice the Previous Year's Question Paper

Analyse previous year’s CBSE Maths exam papers to gain a sense of how the questions are asked in the exam. Spend less attention on simple tasks and more on complex and convoluted ones. Practice PYQPs while keeping in mind the time constraint. Never put off solving complex problems; instead, face them head-on. Putting off practising the tough concepts or questions may cost you too much in the long run, so deal with them today! Start practising with CBSE previous year's question papers for Class 12 Maths and CBSE term 2 sample papers with solutions to ace the upcoming exams!

Learn from Your Mistakes

The next step after completion of the practice of the previous year's paper or the sample paper is to rectify the mistakes. You must keep in mind that is natural to make mistakes, but learning from their mistakes is what paves the path to success. Analyse the points of mistake, jot them down and practice the questions again. Be consistent this is the only way answer to the questions about how to study Maths in Class 12.

What to Keep in Mind During the Exam?

We have answered on how to score full marks in Maths as well as in topics having the highest weightage in Class 12 board exam, therefore, it is now very crucial for the students to keep in mind the following points while answering in term 2 exams.

  • Keep your paper and margins clean.

  • Steps are vital in answering a question since each stage is graded separately.

  • Allow for clear and understandable figures and graphs. Label them correctly.

  • Always answer the questions that you are most confident in first.

  • Avoid overwriting.

  • Take some time to go over all of the answers.

An Ending Note

Last but not least, keep a positive attitude and a relaxed mindset. The days leading up to the tests can be hectic, but students should not stress. They must keep a healthy lifestyle and cultivate mindfulness. Students must take good care of themselves at this time, as any health issues will have a direct impact on their studies.

We hope this blog has provided you with a thorough understanding of how to excel in the CBSE Board exams. Let us work hard to achieve our goals. We wish you the best of luck in your next examinations!

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips 2024: How to Score Full Marks in Maths?

1. How should I begin preparing for CBSE Class 12?

Kickstart your preparation for CBSE Class 12 with the following steps:

  1. Establish a routine to study at least three subjects daily.

  2. Prioritize revising the most challenging chapters initially.

  3. Supplement your revision with attempts at solving past year questions.

  4. Practice with sample papers to improve time management skills and enhance exam readiness.

2. Does CBSE class 12 follow the best of 5 rule?

Yes, CBSE class 12 follows the best of five rule, where the main percentage is determined by one language subject, typically English, and the other four subjects in which the student achieves the highest scores. Marks obtained in the remaining subjects are considered additional and not included in the main percentage calculation.

3. Is studying for 4 hours sufficient for Class 12?

The adequacy of study time varies depending on the course load and individual learning pace. For a standard curriculum, allocating 1 hour per subject can be a suitable approach. However, competitive exam preparation necessitates more rigorous study, typically requiring 6-7 hours of dedicated study time daily. Consistency and adherence to a well-planned schedule are crucial for effective learning.

4. What are some strategies to score full marks in CBSE Class 12 Maths?

To maximize your marks in CBSE Class 12 Maths, consider the following last-minute strategies:

  1. Thoroughly study each example and exercise in the NCERT textbooks.

  2. Supplement your preparation with questions from previous years to understand question types, exam patterns, and layout.

5. How can I achieve full marks in Maths?

Follow these top 7 tips to learn how to get full marks in Maths:

  1. Understand each chapter thoroughly.

  2. Practice consistently without giving up.

  3. Maintain a formula book for quick reference.

  4. Learn from your mistakes and work on them.

  5. Solve practice papers to enhance your skills.

  6. Provide detailed solutions for better understanding.

  7. Manage your time effectively during exams.