How to Revise for NEET-UG Exam in One Month?

by Asmita, July 15, 2020

NEET UG is the most popular medical entrance exam in India ever since it was replaced by AIPMT in 2013. This is one of the most popular entrance exams among the Class 12th students in order to fulfil their dream of becoming a successful medical professional. NEET UG is a direct doorway to a bright future for the doctors. However, there is exactly one month left for NEET 2020 exam following a lot of hullabaloos caused due to coronavirus outbreak across India. Now the exam is absolutely around the corner and this is the most stressful one month for every NEET aspirant. The last 30 days can be stressful yet very crucial for the final revision. 

Hence take a glance through the following guide from this right moment instead of cramming the eleventh hour. These tips have been gathered as per the experiences of the toppers, our teachers, and subject experts. The following guide will help you in the revision of NEET-UG exam in a month. 

1. Create a Study Planner:

NEET UG 2020 is finally scheduled to be held on September 13, 2020. The first and foremost step now would be to make a study planner even prior to 30 days. This is often considered as underrated but a well-designed study planner is immensely important for these entrance exams such as NEET UG exam. With the help of this customised planner, you will be able to cover each and every aspect of the entire exam syllabus along with different strategies. 

2. Go Through the Basic Concepts Thoroughly:

It is very important for every NEET aspirant to understand that all the important concepts under your syllabus are not to be mugged up but to be understood thoroughly. This is because one concept is linked to another. If you do not understand the basic concepts, you won’t be able to understand the advanced ones. You can take up the help of Vedantu, India’s no.1 ed-tech portal to understand all the concepts. Once you understand and memorize the concepts concisely, you will be able to apply those in further steps. 

3. Practice Rigorously:

The one thing you have to chant in every moment until you appear for the final NEET exam i.e. practise. Practise is the ultimate key to answering every question accurately within the stipulated time during the final exam. If you practise well before the exam, you will be able to identify your silly mistakes and can also finish all the questions within the ideal time. You will also understand where your knowledge lacks due to carelessness. 

4. Take Mock Tests on a Regular Basis:

After all the studying, practise and revise are the ultimate keys to assess yourself. Otherwise, you will not understand where you stand as per your exam preparation level. Solve NEET mock test papers offered by Vedantu on a daily basis and we will help you evaluate your performance as well because all of our sample test papers are provided along with solutions. With the help of this, you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on the weak areas.

5. Stay Positive:

It is very important to stay healthy and positive one month before the examination. Hence try to curb all the unnecessary habits such as using social media, playing video games, chatting with friends, etc. you should not stop doing these rather limiting your presence on these platforms. This will be your amazing stress reliever. But do not get distracted easily through these. It is very important for you to stick to your main goal and curb all the distractions. Eat healthy food and try to engage yourself in doing light physical exercises like freehand exercises or yoga. These will help you to remain focused and calm and also beat the unnecessary anxiety. 

Revision is Must:

So, you have gone through the most important steps that you need to do if you want to secure a high rank in the NEET UG exam. Now we are going to talk about the revision part before the exam - how to revise for NEET-UG examination at the last moment. 

So, when it comes to revising the entire NEET syllabus, it does not necessarily mean that you have to rigorously go through each and every sentences of every chapter from your books. While studying thoroughly, you must have jotted down the important points from every chapter. Now is the right time to take a glance through those important points per chapter. If you have not made notes of all those chapters, then you can refer to some readymade important notes or revision notes offered by some of the top-notch e-learning sites in India. 

Revision does not only mean going through the chapters or the important points from every chapter, but it also means solving the previous years’ questions papers, mock test papers, sample questions papers and so on. If you revise in this order, there will not be any chance left for you to miss out on anything crucial. 

Always pick one mock test paper/ sample question paper every day and try to solve it within the stipulated time frame without any fail. You should follow all the necessary steps and guidelines like the actual NEET exam i.e. three hours duration, 180 questions, adhering to the NEET exam pattern, marking answers on a sample OMR sheet. Make sure you split the time frame into three segments accordingly - Physics(45 questions), Chemistry(45 questions), and Biology sections(90 questions).

If you follow this procedure regularly for at least 20 out of 30 days prior to the exam, you will be excellently prepared to face any kind of questions in the NEET UG exam and secure a good rank as well. 

How to Revise for NEET-UG Exam in One Month?