How to Prepare for NEET 2020 from Home amid COVID-19 Outbreak?

by Sagar Mankar, March 25, 2020

The global outbreak of the coronavirus disease has prompted severe social repercussions, which could well roll into the future. Its superlatively adverse effect is not only felt in the health dangers it poses, but also the extreme socio-economic circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. For instance, coaching centre shutdowns significantly impact students preparing for competitive examinations like NEET.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in India has unexpectedly surged in the past two weeks to cross the 400-mark that includes 7 fatalities. Globally, it has caused quite the stir with the number of cases increasing by leaps and bounds every day and nearing the 3.4 lakh as of Monday, 23rd March.

Here’s a brief overview of the preventive measures implemented by the Indian government and state governments to curtail the virus’s spread.

  • Thermal screening of passengers at airports.

  • Suspension of international travel.

  • Shutdown of schools, colleges, and other educational institutes.

  • Postponement of exams including competitive entrance tests such as IIT JEE.

  • Imposition of Section 144 in several states like Mumbai.

Furthermore, in a desperate attempt to curb this noteworthy rise in the number of confirmed cases in India, the central government has announced a nationwide lockdown of nearly 75 cities on and forth 23rd March.

It implies an absolute cessation of all forms of social gatherings for the time being. Henceforth, home tuitions are no more an option for students preparing for NEET or JEE.

Preparation for NEET during the Coronavirus Outbreak

The lockdown, effective from 23rd March, has left multitudes of NEET aspirants in a compromised and unprepared situation. Indeed, the closedown of coaching centres is a distressful happening, especially considering that the time left for NEET is a little above 1 month.

So, how to continue your NEET preparations?

Continue your NEET preparations at home with us at Vedantu – your digital learning partner.

How can Vedantu Help in Preparing for NEET?

While the national and state authorities are making their bid in combating the coronavirus pandemic, we are also striving to make quality education available to students conveniently in these times of crisis.

For NEET 2020 preparations, we are providing two courses – NEET 2020 crash course and NEET 2020 test series. Both these learning programmes have been designed keeping in mind the needs of NEET aspirants and their points of struggle. It is so designed that every student who enrols for these courses can maximise their learning potential and inculcate a positive approach towards their preparations.

So, if you are distressed about the discontinuity of coaching centres and schools, you can enrol for one of those courses to keep your progress undeterred during the coronavirus outbreak.

Still, deliberating? Then in the meantime, take a look at what these learning programmes contain and how it can help you continue your NEET preparations.

  1. Live Classes

One of the reasons why Vedantu is a distinguished online learning platform in India is our prized faculty. These individuals are the cream of the crop when it comes to knowledge about their subject matters and possess years of experience in teaching.

This combination enables them to impart their knowledge effectively and engagingly, which shall maximise your understanding of the topic at hand. In these classes, our teachers cover the entire NEET syllabus (both class 11 & 12) according to the latest curriculum laid out by the National Test Agency (NTA).

Additionally, each topic would be dealt with in detail, along with a provision for assignment materials for enhanced learning. These live classes also contain quizzes concerning the test-level knowledge for each topic.

Hence, even though schools and coaching centres have been shut down in view of the coronavirus outbreak, you can continue with lessons for your NEET preparations from the comfort and safety of your home with these live interactive classes.

  1. Online Mock Tests

Merely attending live classes will not ensure a higher rank in NEET. You need to be well conversant with the NEET question papers and exam pattern for active learning. In our learning programme for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test, we conduct regular mock tests following the exact question paper pattern, marking system, and difficulty level as the original exam.

These mock tests are both for the entire NEET syllabus and individual chapters, and overall contain more than 5000 NEET-level questions on PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). Hence, you can assess your knowledge and overall preparation with these tests after completing each chapter.

Additionally, these tests are conducted online where you will be competing with hundreds of students from across India; therefore, you will also be prepared for the competitive environment in which you will be sitting for NEET. 

  1. Doubt-Solving Sessions

There is nothing worse than not having your doubt cleared about a particular subject matter, especially when the stakes are as high as NEET. The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test or NEET is an all-India examination held each year for students aspiring to study courses like MBBS or BDS after graduating high school.

This entrance examination is distinguished for its cut-throat competition as there are only 66,000 seats across India against the hundreds of thousands applying for it. For the current year, more than 15 lakh students have applied for NEET.

Hence, to secure a seat, you must have clarity about every topic in the syllabus, and we understand that more than anyone. Therefore, we have also integrated doubt-clearing sessions in our NEET learning programme.

You can clear all your existing doubts and also new ones as and when they crop up so that there’s no discrepancy in your preparation. These doubts are solved real-time, i.e. you pose questions or doubts you have, and the respective teachers address them accordingly.

This feature facilitates a healthy and encouraging learning environment.

  1. Record Classes for Later

It is only natural not to retain everything that is taught in a class. In the case of traditional education, i.e. offline education, there’s no scope for you to revisit the class and take note of what you forgot.

But, in our learning programme, we provide recordings of all the live classes so that you can refer to them if you forget anything or need to listen again for better understanding. Also, the notes and slides our teachers provide during their classes are available for you to refer.

This way, you can conveniently and efficiently complete your syllabus without any distortion.

  1. Strategy Sessions for NEET Exam

Lastly, it is quintessential to go to the exam centre with a clear-cut strategy in mind concerning how you will go about with your paper.

In these strategy sessions, our experts would teach you effective ways through which you can maximise your marks, retain the most of what you have learnt, and how you need to manage your time efficiently during the examination.

These know-hows are absolutely necessary, especially in a competitive exam of this scale where you need to compete for one seat out of 66,000 with over a million students.

This comprehensive curriculum based on the syllabus for NEET 2020 poses as an ideal alternative to coaching centres and home tuitions, especially when social distancing is the diktat for combating the novel coronavirus.

Here’s a quick overview of the syllabus for NEET 2020 –

Physics (180 marks)

  • Atoms and nuclei

  • Current electricity

  • Behaviour of perfect gas and kinetic theory

  • Dual nature of matter and radiation 

  • Electromagnetic devices

  • Electromagnetic waves

  • Electromagnetic induction and alternate current

  • Electrostatics

  • Kinematics 

  • Gravitation

  • Laws of motion 

  • Optics

  • Motion of system of particles and rigid body

  • Magnetic effects of current and magnetism 

  • Oscillations and waves

  • Physical word and measurement 

  • Chemical bonding and molecular structure 

  • Properties of bulk matter

  • Work, energy and power

  • Thermodynamics 

Chemistry (180 marks)

  • Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids

  • Alcohols, phenols and ethers

  • Basic components of chemistry

  • Chemical kinetics

  • Chemistry in everyday life

  • Classification of elements and periodicity in properties 

  • Coordination compounds

  • S-block elements

  • D and F block elements

  • Biomolecules

  • Electrochemistry

  • Equilibrium 

  • Environmental chemistry

  • General principles and processes of isolation elements

  •  Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

  • Hydrogen

  • Hydrocarbons

  • Organic chemistry – some basic principles and techniques 

  • Organic compounds containing nitrogen

  • Redox reactions

  •  Polymers

  • Solid-state

  • Solutions 

  • States of matter, gases, and liquids

  • Structure of atom

  • Surface chemistry

  • Thermodynamics

Biology (360 marks)

  • Biology and human welfare

  • Cell structure and function

  • Biotechnology and its applications

  • Cell structure and function

  • Ecology and environment

  • Diversity in living world

  • Genetics and evolution

  • Plant and human physiology

  • Reproduction

  • Structural organisation in animals and plants

Hence, whether you have covered the entire syllabus for NEET or are yet to finish it, enrol yourself with our learning programme to make the most of the remaining few days of your examinations. Now keep your child's preparation undeterred with our study material and NCERT Solutions Class 1 to 12 all subjects available on Vedantu site.

How to Prepare for NEET 2020 from Home amid COVID-19 Outbreak?