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IMO Tips - Preparation Tips & Tricks

By Shiwani PandeySeptember 26, 2022
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International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is one of the most popular & prestigious competition exams organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) every year for the students of Classes 1 to 12. The exam aims to test the conceptual knowledge, logical thinking & problem-solving skills of the participating students. 

To participate in the exam, students need to possess in-depth knowledge of each topic & command of all the mathematical concepts covered in their school syllabus. Questions in these exams are more complex than those in regular school exams. Additionally, they are also required to stay updated with current affairs.

Here, using the right & smart learning strategies will help the students shine in the exam and utilize their time & energy in the right direction. Students can apply these IMO tips & tricks to optimize their learning outcomes and improve academic excellence. 

Here are some general IMO tips for students to help prepare them for the exam. Take a look:
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Preparation Strategy for IMO

1. Have Good Knowledge About The Syllabus & Exam Pattern 

Students often get confused when it comes to preparing for the IMO exam. Here, the first & foremost IMO tip for exam preparation is to know the ins & outs of the IMO syllabus and the IMO exam pattern. Having accurate knowledge of the syllabus & question type will help planning your study schedule and cover important topics. 

The exam paper of the IMO is drawn from the school curriculum as per their respective classes. It includes Logical Analysis, Mathematical Reasoning, & Everyday Math, etc. In fact, the first level exam consists of 70% syllabus from the previous class. So, practicing IMO previous year question papers and curriculum books is recommended. Also, the questions are asked in multiple-choice format. 

2. Hands-on Right Study Material 

Once you are familiarized with the syllabus, the next IMO tip is to choose the right study material like IMO books, sample papers, online apps & many more. Unlike the school exams, olympiad exams are focused on conceptual-based learning instead of cramming. 

SOF provides comprehensive & very focused study material for IMO Level 1 and other math olympiads for classes 1 to 12. These IMO books contain problems along with solutions, so it will be easier to evaluate your approach and technique. Solving these books will help students clear their concepts. 

3. Test Intelligence Level Through Last Year's Papers

Practicing previous year IMO exam papers plays a vital role in nailing the olympiad exam. It will help you get aware of the exam pattern as well as the level of difficulty in questions asked. Dedicate sufficient time to solve these papers. You will get to know the topics containing more weightage and be able to track your performance accordingly. This will improve your problem-solving abilities as well.

4. Take Real-time Mock Tests 

Math is a subject that requires frequent practice hours and concept-based learning. Since the IMO syllabus contains more complex topics than the school syllabus and needs to be solved within a specific time limit, practicing real-time mock tests is a great idea to keep a track of time and your speed of attempting questions. You can download the hard copies of the sample papers and topic-wise tests from the respective exam website.

5. Learn Time Management Skills

While solving previous year's questions, sample papers, or mock tests, it is essential to keep a track of the time you take in solving a problem. Note those minutes and try to accelerate your speed. It will help you polish essential time management skills. Practice regularly and soon, you’ll be able to get a hold of solving complex problems within a specific time. Efficiently managing time during the preparation & while taking the exam is the key to success in the IMO exam.

6. Go For Conceptual-Based Learning 

The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) comprises concept-based multiple-choice questions. Unless students don’t have their concepts clear, they find it difficult to solve a math problem. Strengthening your conceptual-based learning is a great initiative in this regard. Students should understand each & every topic to the core and then practice them to test their knowledge level. They can visit various math olympiad question sites and solve different types of questions that might be asked in the exam.

7. Get an Expert Guidance

While preparing for olympiad exams or any other competitive exams, it is good to seek professional guidance throughout the preparation process. Many coaching centers with extremely qualified & experienced faculty thoroughly explain all the topics and clear doubts of students. You can attend online classes and make the most of your studies. Furthermore, joining a class will also bring you a chance to compete with other students, and help you evaluate your preparation level.

8. Start Preparing Early

Giving an early start is essential not only for the IMO exam specifically but for any competitive exam of this intensity. Here we aren’t only talking about waking up early in the morning but start preparing at least a few months before the exam day. This gives enough time to students to solve multiple questions and improve their speed & accuracy. 

Having enough time in hand also helps the students to create an effective study plan that saves them from studying the whole day without any breaks. 

9. Prepare Quick Notes for Revision

Regular revision is the ultimate key to success in any competitive exam. Revising everything that you have studied throughout the months will help you make your grip stronger on the concepts and allow you to remember them for a longer time. Also, revising at the last minute is going to work out. It is better to make small & quicker notes that can be used for revision. Take a few minutes of quick revision before the exam.

10. Always Be Positive

Many students aren’t able to perform in the IMO olympiad exams as they get nervous or don’t have a positive attitude. Therefore, if you are serious about winning this international-level competition, you need to have a positive & optimistic approach throughout the preparation. Avoid distractions and focus on completing & revising the whole syllabus on time.

Summing Up

IMO is the most renowned & prestigious math competition in the world. To get success in the exam, candidates need to start preparing early. Create a study plan and cover all the topics in the syllabus on time. Participating in these olympiad exams sharpens students’ analytical skills, provides them with global exposure and enhances their self-confidence. The winners receive international certificates, scholarships, and medals. So study hard, and have an optimistic attitude. All the best!!

FAQs on IMO Tips - Preparation Tips & Tricks

1. When should you start preparing for IMO?

It is better to prepare for the IMO exam before 6 months so that you can get enough time to complete the entire syllabus and practice.

2. How can I prepare for IMO?

To prepare for IMO, the students should refer to the previous year’s IMO question papers from the official website and various other study materials like sample papers, mock tests, or school curriculum books. 

3. How many hours should I study daily to prepare for the IMO Olympiad?

There are no fixed hours that can assure your success in the exam. However, studying for 6-8 hours is sufficient to grasp all the details of the examination and score well. 

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