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All You Need to Know About SOF Olympiad Exam Registration 2022

By Puja RoySeptember 15, 2022
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Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) conducts olympiad exams every year for a variety of subjects for the students of classes 1 to 12. It is a non-profit & the world’s biggest Olympiad leading organization where millions of students from 50,000+ schools and 48 countries participate to evaluate and improve their knowledge in subjects like English, Math, Science, etc. 

Students who are participating in the Olympiad exam but are confused about how to register and apply for the exam must read this article. Read on to know more about SOF Olympiad 2022-23 exam dates, registration process and preparation tips.
SOF Online Olympiad Exams Registrations 2022 | Science Olympiad Foundation
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SOF Olympiad Exams for the Session 2022-23 

Following is the list of all the olympiad exams conducted by SOF for the year 2022-23. Students can participate in these exams to learn concept-based learning & an international level exposure. The exam is conducted at two levels while some of them are at a single level. 

SOF Olympiad Exam Dates 2022-23

The participating schools can select one appropriate date to conduct the SOF exam on their school premises. Once the date is submitted, it cannot be changed. Schools must send the registration forms at least 30 days before the chosen date of exams. Here is the schedule of olympiad exams for 2022-23.

SOF Exam 2022-23 First Level Dates

Exam Name

Date 1

Date 2

Date 3

For Classes

SOF NCO (National Cyber Olympiad)


24th Nov 2022


20th Dec 2022


1 to 10

SOF NSO (National Science Olympiad)


18th Oct 2022


3rd Nov 2022


1st Dec 2022

1 to 12

SOF IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad)


10th Nov 2022


22nd Nov 2022


13th Dec 2022

1 to 12

SOF IEO  (International English Olympiad)


22nd Sept 2022


14th Oct 2022


1st Nov 2022

1 to 12

SOF IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad)


15th Sept 2022


11th Oct 2022


1 to 10

SOF ICO (International Commerce Olympiad)


22nd Dec 2022


24th Jan 2023


11 & 12

SOF ISSO (International Social Studies Olympiad)


22nd Dec 2022


24th Jan 2023


3 to 10

SOF Exam 2022-23 Second Level Dates

  • SOF will release the date for the second level exam by January 2023.

  • Only the students from classes 3 to 12 can participate in the 2nd level exam for SOF IEO, SOF NSO & SOF IMO.

  • SOF ISSO, SOF IGKO, SOF ICO & SOF NCO will be single-level exams.

How to Register for SOF Olympiad Exams?

The Science Olympiad Foundation conducts various exams including NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO, and IGKO exams. Registration can be done online as well as offline. Schools who wish to participate in the SOF olympiad exam 2022-23 can register themselves on the official portal ( by filling up the relevant details about their schools & students and paying the registration fees.

Moreover, schools that aren’t registered with the SOF or find themselves unable to participate in the exam can register for the exam through its online portal. Below, we have mentioned details of both methods to apply for SOF olympiad exams 2022-23.

Steps to Apply for SOF Exam 2022-23 Through School

  • If the school authority is registered with the SOF, the students must coordinate with their school teacher or principal to collect the SOF application form. 

  • Students should fill it with the correct details and submit the SOF Olympiad 2022 application form to their school authorities. 

  • The schools will forward the student registration sheet and forms to the SOF before the last date.

Steps to Apply for SOF Exam 2022-23 as an Individual

  • First of all, visit the official website of the SOF-

  • Go to the SOF Olympiad exam 2022 registration on the home page

  • Fill in the relevant details

  • Check if the details are correct

  • Apply and pay the requisite fees.

SOF Olympiad Exam 2022-23 Registration Last Date

The participating students or schools are required to send the registration form 15 days before the chosen exam date. It is recommended that the participants should register for the exams as soon as possible to avoid technical complications for some reasons such as Roll No., Exam Links, or Mock-Test related issues as the corrections may take time.

SOF Exam Pattern 2022-23

Conducting Authority

Science Olympiad Foundation ( SOF)


Every year

Type of questions

Multiple choice questions (MCQ)

Exam Duration

1 Hour

Last date of Registration

Up to 15 Days before the exam

Mode of the exam


Registration Fees

125 INR

Number of Questions

35 Questions For Class 1 to 4, 

60 Questions For Class 5 to 12


  • No negative marking

  • one mark for the correct answer in standard sections & 2/3 (based on class) score for the Achievers section

SOF Olympiad Exam 2022-23 Registration Fees

  • The registration fee for each SOF olympiad exam is INR 125.

  • However, the schools can charge an extra INR 25 for management remuneration.

  • For foreign students, the registration fee is $9 per student. 

  • The payment can be made through debit cards, credit cards, net banking, UPI, or wallets.

Students can download the SOF Olympiad exam hall tickets one week before the exam date after successfully registering for the exam.

Important Points to Take Care of While Registering

A few important points are there that every participating school & student needs to take care of while filling out the registration form:

  • Enter the correct SOF school code in the form after confirming it with the respective school/school teacher.

  • Enter the correct email Id and Phone number. All the information related to the exam dates, roll numbers, results, and certificate will be included in the registered email Id and phone number.

  • Enter the correct address especially if you are ordering the books along with the registration otherwise, it may lead to delayed delivery

  • If there are two or more kids from the same parent, the forms need to be submitted separately.

  • Cross-check all the details.

Preparation Tips for SOF Olympiad Exams 2022-23

Since millions of students participate in the exam, smart work, dedication & frequent practice is essential to get good scores. Here are a few tips:

  • Solve previous years’ question papers & mock tests

  • Read newspapers, magazines or watch news channels to get aware of current updates

  • Get your hands on Olympiads Workbooks & prep guides.

  • Download the SOF Olympiad Trainer mobile app or visit Here you can practice multiple tests, and get instant performance reports.

  • Clear doubts with teachers

  • Don’t cram. Understand the concept

  • Practice regularly 


Science Olympiad Foundation is focused on improving students’ analytical skills, logical thinking, and problem-solving through conducting its olympiad exams. Also, it facilitates winning students with cash rewards, participation & merit certificates, and medals. You can check the complete details on

The results of the exams will be released within 4-6 weeks after the last date of the exam. So, complete your registration process as soon as possible and stick to the smart studies. All the best!!!

FAQs on All You Need to Know About SOF Olympiad Exam Registration 2022

1. Where will the SOF exam date 2022 level 2 be announced?

Students can check the Level 2 exam date on the official website (

2. What is the SOF Olympiad Result 2022 date?

SOF results will be declared between December 2022 and January 2023.

3. Who can apply for the SOF Olympiad 2022?

Students who are studying in classes 1-12 can apply for the SOF 2022 Olympiad exam.

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