How to Make the Corona Holidays Beneficial for NEET Preparation?

by Preeti Bhardwaj, July 25, 2020

The year 2020 was all but normal until it was hit by the novel coronavirus. The word normal was thrown out of the window and living in quarantine waiting for an uncertainty became the new normal.  Every aspect of society and people from every walk of life has been adversely affected by the pandemic. One of the worst affected due to this latest development is the students. The boards were first postponed and then eventually cancelled for the ICSE and the CBSE. This was then followed by the postponement of the competitive exams like NEET and JEE putting the students in a fix.  Students are quite unsure of the exact amount of time they have on their hands for their exam preparation. This puts them in crossroads while preparing for the exams which might have adverse effects on their confidence, scores and ranks. 

Times like these calls for extra guidance and attention towards the student. Teenage being a tender and delicate age, students need the extra push to help them achieve their complete potential. Staying at home, not meeting friends and absolutely no socializing will undoubtedly make students in this age irritated and frustrating. Adding to this are the libraries and caching centres which are shut causing a lag in the student’s preparation process. 

NEET is that magic wand that will make the dream of becoming a doctor true for students. However, it is not going to happen with the wave of your hand. NEET is one of the toughest exams in the country recording exponential growth in the number of students opting for it every year. With a few thousands of seats being offered to the lakhs of students taking up the exams, make it one of the toughest and most competitive platforms in the country. These extra holidays before the exams have thrown most of the students off-guard. Technically, these holidays should feel like a boon to young minds. However, in reality, they do nothing but increase a sense of panic and stress amongst them. To help release some steam off and take maximum benefit of these holidays, in this article, we are going to provide you with a few tips to reorganize your study plans for a better and more effective score and rank : 

Identify the Lag 

Preparing for the boards as well as for the NEET together is no easy task. Although the syllabus for both is the same, the approach is a world apart. The boards need you to understand all the concepts subjectively while the NEET expects you to remember the topics objectively. This might lead to a lag in the preparation for the NEET. This is the best time to identify those lag and work on the same. The best way to identify them is by taking up mock papers or online tests. They will help you in assessing your preparation levels providing you with an excellent opportunity for working on areas that will need some extra grooming and revision.  

Expand Your Revision Horizon: 

The NEET preparation in the last lap is all about focusing on areas where you are expected to nail the questions without any uncertainties. Considering the latest scenario, it might be the correct time to expand your revision syllabus to include more topics and parts which you might have otherwise skipped to save time. Reising these parts will ensure you attempt more questions with increased confidence in the examination. This will undoubtedly boost your chances of obtaining more marks for a better rank. 

Set Tough Goals: 

As the saying goes - “ An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”, this is no time to lose focus. Now with the board exams being over, it is easy to either focus completely and more honestly on NEET preparation or become totally distracted wasting the year-long efforts on the exam. Acing the NEET means admission to the top medical colleges in the country. Keeping this as your motivation factor, this is the time to make some tough goals for yourself. Do not at any cost lighten your study schedule. Instead of just having a study time table, set smart goals for yourself. Make sure to appreciate yourself every time you achieve a goal and also punish yourself in case you fail. Be strict and honest with your own self. This will help you to come out of your comfort zone and work harder for better results. 

Spend Some ME Time 

Exams like NEET expect a lot more than stuffing yourself with the syllabus, tricks and concepts. The hold on the subject which will help you to ace the exam does not just come out of mastering the subject alone. Beating the competition and being on top requires you to understand the extent of your abilities and your efforts to work on the same. Spend some time with your thoughts to understand your capabilities. Access your strong and weak points and plan strategies accordingly. Recall your mistakes which are causing you to lose marks and work on nullifying the same. Reflect over activities that tend to distract you and make a conscious effort to stay away from them. Meditate if possible to help focus all your conscious and energy towards preparing well for the exams. Every day push yourself to become better than what you were the previous day.   


Indulge in Some Physical Activity : 

An active mind goes in hand with an active body. Sitting at home with just books spread across the floor will not help you to score your dream score or rank. The mind needs change and relaxation for it to be most productive and active. The mind cannot be energetic if you feel lazy and lethargic physically. The best way to avoid this is to indulge yourself in a few indoor entertaining activities that will refresh your mind and body along with your psychological essence. You can do yoga, or dance randomly, play carrom or chess, do some basic cardio exercises, walk on the terrace etc. These activities provide you with a break from the monotony of studying along with helping you to feel fresh and lively. 

How to Make the Corona Holidays Beneficial for NEET Preparation?