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How to Focus on Studies Without Getting Distracted? : Tips and Tricks

By AiswaryaJune 27, 2023
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Tips to Counter Distractions During Online Classes

Online classes, a popular mode of education amongst students in the present world, bring their challenges with them. The comfort that it allows students to study from brings factors which can hold back the proper consumption of the capabilities of an individual. Though the advantages that online studies offer are not ignorable.

Top tips to overcome distractions during online studies

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In this article, we have shared some tips for students - how to focus on studies without getting distracted and help them overcome their issues and achieve better results.

Tips on How to Concentrate on Studies without Distraction

Ten easy-to-implement tips are mentioned in this section to help you understand “how to concentrate on studies without distraction?”

1. Turn Off Your Electronics Before Studying

The presence of electronic gadgets in your range of easy access at all times can distract you from your studies. Electronic devices have multiple sources of entertainment, and when it is time for a Zoom class, they tend to attract us more. So, to avoid distraction, it is better to remove the accessibility of the devices from your range.

2. Use Timers for Breaks

Regular and long hours of study can lead you to burn out. These sessions, without breaks, will reduce your focus and productivity. Breaks at regular intervals keep the focus high and give better results. Timer breaks will help to ease study sessions without missing out on anything. 

3. Create a to-do List for Accountability

A to-do list of tasks for every day will increase the accountability one has towards his work. This active method for daily work can also help in giving better results. Accountability to self or someone signals the human brain to work more efficiently. Therefore, the to-do list is an efficient method.

4. Have an Organised work/study Space

Well-organised work/study space informs the brain about the efficiency needed to complete tasks. Designing and setting up the study space where you will be studying based on the environment you need for deep work will improve the results of your study sessions.

5. Get Enough Sleep Every Night

When you seek answer to how to focus on studies without getting distracted, a common advise that you will get will be related to sleep. A good night’s sleep can solve almost every problem. A proper sleep schedule can solve nearly all the issues students face with physical or mental health. Avoiding screen time one hour before sleeping can increase your focus during online studies and help you have better sleep.

6. Set Time Limits and Goals Before Rewarding Yourself with Any Activity

Setting the time you can devote to a specific goal and completing it within that timeline is essential. Defining goals with their timelines can help one know their progress regularly, allowing you to track your growth. Reward yourself post-completion of these goals with any activity of your choice.

7. Focus on Creating Self-control

External methods are only beneficial when one is ready to take self-control seriously. External barriers are easy to remove, whereas self-control is what will help you reach your desired goal.

8. Consider the Old-school Method for Taking Notes

Digital note-taking methods can be beneficial during online classes, but it brings a set of challenges with them. Using old-school note-taking methods with pen and paper can help you study well and avoid distractions.

9. Limit Your Screen Time

When we are physically not in the presence of supervision, choosing distractions becomes easy.  Smartphones are tempting at all times, and having the ease of accessing them becomes a subconscious decision. Limiting screen time can resolve this concern.

10. Avoid Social Media During Study Hours

If you are serious on finding out how to focus on studies without getting distracted, then make it a rule to avoid social media during study hours. Social media makes us scroll mindlessly on them for hours without realising it, resulting in exhaustion from all the content consumption. Avoiding social media during study hours can solve the concern of a distracted mind and result in better productivity.

How to Stay Away from Phones While Studying?

To stay away from phones at the time of studies, you can follow the following tips:

  • Use the in-built feature to restrict app usage.

  • Set time limits for all the apps.

  • Use study mode on your phone during your studies after restricting the apps you waste your time on.

  • Review the weekly and monthly phone usage.

  • Keep your phone out of your reach during study sessions.

  • Sleep with your phone somewhere far away from you.

  • Switch to traditional alarm clocks in place of phone alarms.

  • Schedule your phone activity.

  • Turn off notifications of unnecessary applications.

These are a set of tips which can help you get better results in limiting your screen time.

How to Avoid Social Media Distractions?

Social media has had a high distraction rate among the youth since the covid pandemic. It distracts the students by having an engaging algorithm which is unavoidable. It is, therefore, necessary to know ways to avoid social media distractions during online study sessions.

Here are some ideas which can help you avoid these distractions:

  • Make social media access difficult by hiding them from the screen.

  • Designate time for social media activity.

  • Turn off all the notifications for them.

  • Have a social media access schedule.

  • Try having fun through activities other than social media.

Social media is harmful to students as the algorithms are reducing the concentration spans of humans. It is essential to control social media access timely to have uninterrupted growth.


While online education allows students to study from the comfort of their homes and save commute time, it also brings challenges. It is essential to analyse and understand the distractions that are avoidable to achieve desired results.  This article will guide you with possible ways to overcome those distractions and achieve better results.

FAQs on How to Focus on Studies Without Getting Distracted? : Tips and Tricks

1. Is it possible to avoid distractions during online studies?

Yes, avoiding distractions during online studies is possible.

2. How to limit screen time?

Using app time restrictions can help you limit screen time.

3. Why is social media hindering the concentration span of students?

Social media algorithm is engaging and offers short video content to its users, resulting in a reduced concentration span for the students.