How to crack NEET 2020

by Tasnim, March 4, 2020

If you really have the zeal and passion to become a doctor then NEET is the only way to get admission in recognized dental and medical colleges. Out of all the entrance exams, NEET stands out as the most coveted exam to get admission to top medical colleges. Every year, around 15 Lakhs of students appear for the exam competing for a few thousand seats. NEET exposes you to “All India Ranking” system which opens the door to the top colleges of India as well as foreign institutes. 

As the heat of the competition is very high, it is natural for you to be scared and get tensed. But never give up, raise the bar of your hard work, find ways to be motivated and stay calm even under stressful conditions. Your real strength is the sheer hard work and regular practice of solving questions. Given below are the tips to crack NEET 2020 and a few important points to be kept in mind during the preparation for NEET 2020. 

1. Check your Syllabus

It is necessary for you to understand the NEET syllabus as in Competitive exams your conceptual understanding of a subject is tested. Therefore, it is advisable to get a print out of the latest syllabus, mark the chapters you need to focus more and start from those chapters. Make sure the syllabus is from a trusted source.

2. Prepare a Timetable

It is very important to complete the tasks under timed-conditions. You should not take much time in taking breaks. Timetable will help you understand the shortage of time you have and the amount of study that is needed to be done. So that you do not  tend to waste time sitting on the couch or binging web series. This will make it clear on the amount of time you need to dedicate to get that high score to beat the competition. 

3. Practice as much as you can

Through studying and practising are both important yet very much different from each other.. Studying is when you do something for the first time. Practising is re- reading the chapters and memorizing it well to ensure it is retained in your memory. Studying makes no sense if proper practice is not done because without practice you won’t be remembering anything and thus your study goes in vain. It takes repeated practise for you to be able to remember the right answers under stressful exam conditions.

4. Be Sure of Your  Study Material

It is important to get the right study material as there are chances of you not scoring well in spite of all the hard work if the study material is not good. The correct study material breaks the pressure off your head and also decides your pace based on its complexity. Therefore it would not be wrong if it is said that study material is more important than your hard work. Make sure the study material you choose is precise and easy to understand. If the study material is really good then you can cover maximum chapters in very less time.

5. Attempt Full-Length Mock Tests

Practice papers or mock test papers are rehearsals for your Exam. The more you rehearse, the better your performance. Nothing can help you assess your preparation level as these mock test papers. These mock test papers give you a demo of how to crack NEET. This will inculcate in you the time management and pressure handling with a calm mind in the exam hall. 

6. Focus More on Weak Topics

Competitive exams are not like our regular exams.  The level of these exams are a little higher than expected and so preparation needs to be much stronger than the preparation of our normal exams. Therefore, it is very important to know your strong points and weak points. Focus more on your weak points, work hard and eventually your weak points will take no time to turn into your strength which actually plays an important role in achieving the desired results. 

7. Revision Notes

Knowing, studying, practising and revising is the series needed to be followed in order to score well. Revising is as important as practising because without revision, there are chances of you forgetting things. Thorough revision not only makes you familiar with the topics and chapter concepts but also ensures that you remember the keywords, important points. Moreover, it is being found that regular revision brings in you the talent of visualizing the whole chapter in your mind. It becomes more like an open book exam if your revision is really really strong. If in case any particular keyword pops up, your mind has the ability to automatically start researching in your mind and pick the right answer to the question.

8. Opt for Online Course

NEET needs extra coaching outside your curriculum that may be tiring but is important. You can opt for online courses also to avoid the stress of traveling and study in the comfort of your home. There are reliable online courses to save time and to help you excel in your exams. One of the most preferred online courses is Vedantu NEET 2020 which offers complete guidance for the students to appear and score well in the exam.

9. Study in Fixed Time Slots

Studying for the sake of it or in irregular timing will only tire you. A proper schedule along with a proper strategy to crack NEET is needed to be followed to achieve your goal. Therefore fix your study slots and study accordingly. Moreover, the haphazard study pattern will result in confusion and there are chances of you not completing the syllabus on time.

10. Be Confident and Positive About your Preparation

Remember that attitude is what decides what you get. It requires a right mindset, for the battle to be won. It has been said that with the right mindset the battle is half won even before it starts. Therefore, if you remember and follow the tips to crack NEET and give your 100 percent, then you can definitely clear the exam with flying colours.

How to crack NEET 2020