How NCERT Solutions Can Help Students of Class 6 to Class 8?

by Asmita Kundu, May 21, 2020

Almost all schools in India affiliated to CBSE board recommend and go by books published by National Council of Education Research and Training. These textbooks are written in orientation with the pattern of competitive exams and at the same time ease of students in understanding a particular topic. Books of all subjects are prepared in a way that makes a student ready to take on exams with utmost mastery. But is that true for all classes? What does one do when he/she can’t understand a particular thing or can’t solve a particular question? That is where NCERT solutions come to the rescue. 

What are NCERT Solutions?

The NCERT textbooks are great for developing fundamental knowledge in children or students. At the end of each chapter, there are questions enlisted in these books for you to solve. If you are a CBSE student of class 6 to class 8 you will find that there are some in-text questions as well within the chapters. Answering these questions enable you to get the entire chapter in a grip. But sometimes you might find difficulty in doing this. For those times there are NCERT solutions. 

These NCERT solutions are prepared by subject experts. These provide solutions to the problems as given in the NCERT Books. The solutions are easy to understand and accurate too. This way, understanding and solving problems becomes much easier for you. 

Why NCERT solutions are helpful?

Be it the final exams of class 6 to 8 or the internal ones, you will have all the questions ready with their model and standard answers. The solutions in these are given in a step-by-step manner. This helps you understand the solution more easily. In addition, you get to prepare individual chapters thoroughly. 

How NCERT solutions help students of class 6-8?

The NCERT solutions, if downloaded, are available in PDF format. The solutions are in alignment with your grade and the curriculums you are entitled to in your grade. The solutions of all the questions are also prepared with the marking scheme kept intact. Thus the answers are as per the marks allotted to them. 

We hereby give you a class-wise glance at how NCERT solutions can help you with your studies.

Class 6

Are you a student of class 6? Remember, this is one of your foundation years. Preparing well in this class means your base will be stronger and you will be easily able to grasp the topics of higher classes. The NCERT solutions for Science, Hindi, Maths and English are available online too. These solutions will help you in other off-beat competition like Olympoids, NSEP, MTSE and IMO etc. 

Class 7

The solutions are prepared according to the guidelines of the HRD Ministry. The answers here are directly related to the textbook questions. You will find answers to all the important questions from your NCERT textbook of all subjects- English, Science, Maths, Social Science and Hindi. 

Class 8

The experts at NCERT prepare the solutions for class 8. Following these will definitely help you score more marks in the final exams. The NCERT solutions are not only enough for you to clear this class only. In class 8 you are going to participate in Olympiad and NTSE and other likewise competitions, right? NCERT solutions will help you even in those. 

Thus, NCERT solutions are going be of great help to you if you are a student studying in Class 6, 7 or 8. Befriend these solutions today and top the class tests, Board exams and shine in other competitive exams as well.

How NCERT Solutions Can Help Students of Class 6 to Class 8?