How NCERT Books can Help ICSE Board Students

by Sagar Mankar, May 14, 2020

Books are our access to the unending sea of knowledge. Classifying books and tagging them with syllabus or board curriculum only restricts them within a boundary. Such is the case of NCERT books and ICSE Board or syllabus. There is common myth that students seem to strongly believe that BSE Board exams are way easier than ICSE Board exams and thus, the NCERT books are solely for CBSE Board students. Students of ICSE board do not have any use of those. Are you of the same notion? Get ready for that idea to be broken. Here we tell you how NCERT books are of good use for ICSE students as well.  

Can NCERT Books Really help ICSE Preparation?

Yes, it can and take our words for it. What is so unique about the NCERT books? They clear the concepts. Name a topic and NCERT books have it explained in the neatest way possible. Once you read the concepts, you become familiar with the basic idea and it somehow gets imprinted on your mind. The books written for only ICSE syllabus concentrate more on the details of each topic. That is, of course, necessary. But on the way of knowing a topic in detail you may often lose your way!

In the art of cooking you need to know the basic ingredients, right? Then cooking up a complex dish will not be as difficult a task to you. Studying NCERT books is similar to knowing the basic ingredients- having clear fundamental knowledge. Following up that acquired knowledge and being capable of writing up answers irrespective of the difficulty level of the question- that’s where you need the assistance from ICSE books. 

Are the Syllabus Same?

Students, teachers and principals all opine, are of firm belief that ICSE is way too tough than CBSE class 12 board exams. To bring this myth to an end modifications in syllabus are being brought up. The competitive exams like JEE and NEET are mostly dependent upon NCERT syllabus. So, if you are an ICSE board student and a JEE or NEET aspirant at the same time, you have to go through double the amount of books, right? 

To ease your pain, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics syllabus of ICSE are modified to match the requirements of entrance examinations of engineering and medical courses. Yet another way how NCERT books are helpful for ICSE board students. 

News is doing the rounds that from 2019 onwards the new sessions will adhere to new syllabus. The authorities have notified the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for reducing the syllabus by 50% from 2019 onwards. However, the current pandemic condition has put everything on hold. In addition, it was also speculated in news that from 2019 onwards, ICSE schools are also asked to follow NCERT books and NCERT Solutions

There you have it. If ICSE board starts following NCERT books, the students will get immensely benefited as that way they will only follow the proper syllabus of competitive exams and at the same time their Board exam syllabi will also be similar to that of NCERT

So, students, stop being biased over books and start studying wholeheartedly. At the end of the day, it is the concept you have about a certain topic that matters, not how much you score. With your foundation strong, you will be ready to ace the skill of answering questions irrespective of their level of difficulty.

How NCERT Books can Help ICSE Board Students