How Many Students Appeared in JEE Main 2019?

by Sagar Mankar, July 8, 2020

In India, everyone is properly familiar with IIT JEE main. If someone is not well known for it, then we will give you the knowledge about it. IIT JEE main is one of the most important and valuable exams all over India which is mainly for the engineering entrance exams. With the help of this entrance exam the students who are highly interested in becoming an engineer, can easily get the best institute of engineering according to their rank in entrance exams.

But it is not easy to qualify for this entrance exam; you need to do the proper preparation for the exams. Here, we will tell you the pattern of exam, how to study, and the importance of how many students appeared in JEE mains in 2019 because many students are eagerly interested in knowing this. Keep reading this article and don't miss any line from it.


The full form IIT is the Indian Institute of Technology, and the full form of JEE is joint entrance exams. The full form of IIT-JEE has a little bit clear you about its introduction, but we will briefly explain it to you. IIT-JEE is mainly a way to get the institute which gives you a higher quality of education with a creative atmosphere. All over India, there are 23 IITs institutes for giving you the best quality of education. From 23 IITs, the 16 institutes are properly funded and administrated by our honorable MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources Development). IITs' main goal is to provide their students with the best quality of education and technologies so that they can efficiently work on future technologies.

If you are interested in getting the best quality, you have to prepare for it properly. If you qualify for this exam, it can be a golden opportunity for you to get higher education in technology.

Entrance exams are quite difficult, so the students have to prepare for some years according to their interests. They offer you to sit in the exams six times after that you will miss the chance. Now we have provided all the information about IIT-JEE main which will be helpful for those people who are unknown about it.

How to Prepare Yourself for JEE Main?

It is not easy to crack IIT JEE main entrance exams as we have told you above, but you don't worry because we will show you how to prepare for it correctly. First, you have to prepare all your chapters of physics, chemistry, and mathematics which are suitable for your IIT JEE mains entrance exams. After that, you have to prepare yourself by solving the questions of previous year papers. These are already provided on our website with answer keys, go through the papers, and solve it. Now we have shared one of the best ways to prepare IIT-JEE Main, which will help every student who is doing self-study for clearing this entrance exam or the students who are preparing for it by attending coaching. 

The Requirement of cut-offs

Every year after the entrance exams in both modes, the online and offline modes, the institutes generate a merit list based on which some students are disqualified and some students are qualified for further rounds. The cut off is based on the marks range, the range of marks is different on the basis of the categories of students, or you can say that some students got a reservation based on their categories. While this exam is held at the national level, it can be a difficult task for shortlisting few students from a wide range of crowd while in that case, this way is good for selecting students. Now we have mentioned the requirement of cut-off in the IIT-JEE main entrance exam and we hope you will properly be understood from it.  

How Many Students Appeared in JEE Main 2019?

In this year IIT-JEE main has made some changes in it, the entrance exams occur in online mode for two times. The first time exam occurred in January 2019, and total number of students registered for IIT-JEE main entrance exam is around 9,29,128 students; only 8,74,469 students appeared for the exams. For the second-time entrance exam occured in April 2019, and the total number of students registered for the JEE Main entrance exam are 9,35,755 students among them, only 8,81,096 students appeared for the exams. While the total number of unique students who registered for the IIT main entrance exam is 12,37,892 but only 11,47,125 unique students appeared in the entrance exam. This year the competition will be a little bit tough for the students but their passion and craze for IIT-JEE main will help in qualifying, and surely the desired students will nail their position in IIT. And this total will be increasing day by day and you will get a more competitive era, so be prepared for facing all these types of difficulties.

Cut-offs of 2019

Every year IIT-JEE main generates a cut off for shortlisting some students on the basis of their categories as we have mentioned above. For this year, the general needs at least 89 scores for appearing in the next round while the OBC must have 74 scores, the SC must have 54 scores, and ST required only 44 scores for qualifying this entrance exam. Overall many students have appeared for it; some of them are only selected, but the not chosen students don't worry as they can apply again. The shortlisted students will have to prepare themselves more for the next round as it is going to hold. So, be careful everyone, and be prepared as your passion will attract you towards IIT-JEE.


We have provided you complete information about the IIT-JEE main entrance exam, requirement of cut-off, how to prepare for IIT-JEE Main, how many students appeared for IIT-JEE main in 2019, and cut off for 2019. We hope you will like this article and the information will be helpful for you. You have only to spark your passion and craze for IIT, and we will guarantee that you will nail your place in it. So keep practicing and keep trusting yourself then you will be able to achieve your dreams. Overall follow the ways for preparing yourself to achieve your goal for getting the knowledge in its best version from a high profiled institute that is IIT.

How Many Students Appeared in JEE Main 2019?