How Effective is NCERT Exemplar in NEET and AIIMS Exam Preparation

by Sagar Mankar, May 19, 2020

Every year millions of students appear for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) and AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) and aspire to crack them. They want to pursue medical (and dental) science course for graduation or post-graduation after qualifying these entrance tests. In a landmark decision last year, the Union Minister of State of Health and Family Welfare announced that both the exams will be merged from 2020-2021 onward to ensure a common standard of medical education in the country. 

Nevertheless, NEET tests out candidates in three main science subjects: physics, chemistry and biology. The exam is quite tough. In order to score good marks, all one needs to put into is hard work. There is no other alternative to it. Having said that you must also work smart to get extraordinary results. NCERT books are student-friendly books which help you with this “smart work.”

Do NCERT Textbook and Exemplar Help in NEET Preparation? 

Yes, the NCERT textbooks along with the Exemplar definitely help students to prepare for their NEET examination. How do they help? Here you go: 

1. The foremost point is that they help to strengthen a student’s concept and build a strong foundation

Simple and lucid language is the striking feature of this book. The barrier of misunderstanding is completely erased. This student-friendly book is written from the perspective of students and therefore it is suggested by teachers all over India. It builds concept with this lucid language and hence builds a strong foundation.


2. Another amazing feature of this book is the availability of helpful examples at fingertips.

The NCERT Exemplar is filled with examples of all types- starting from MCQ to tricky and probable questions. If students follow the example they get to learn a lot and therefore form a base as well. Students are requested to go through the examples again and again and clear the concepts. Only following the examples would help a great deal for the students. Students will understand how to approach different types of problems. It acts as a true guide.


3. Diagrammatic questions and answers are readily available for students.

There are many diagrammatic questions for students to understand and thus helps in memorising. Well-defined and labelled diagrams are a true example for students to understand. 

4. Theories and explanations are given in a comprehensive and easy manner.

We all are aware of the vast and dynamic syllabus for these entrance exams. NCERT books and NCERT Solutions are true companions to master the difficult and time-consuming syllabus. Everything given can be covered within a decent preparative time span, unlike with other books. They make things simpler and cover the syllabus entirely. These books are truly aimed for students to understand concepts at ease. The content is short yet lucid.

So, NCERT exemplars are your dedicated companion in the way of preparing for the prestigious exam. Keep in mind, the bar of NEET is cast higher since AIIMS and NEET got merged. Thus, in-depth understanding of the topics and revising them from the textbooks and the exemplars will turn out to be immensely helpful.

How Effective is NCERT Exemplar in NEET and AIIMS Exam Preparation