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Excellent Health Benefits of Running

By Shreya PatroSeptember 14, 2022
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Effects Of Running Regularly On Our Body


Are you tired of being a couch potato? Are you concerned about your increasing weight? How can you get rid of lethargy? What is the unique way of preserving your physical and mental fitness? All these questions can be answered by running. The benefits of running are remarkable.

You will be surprised to know how running on a regular basis can benefit your lifestyle. These physiological benefits are backed by evidence-based scientific facts. If you want to make a significant change in your lifestyle then jogging or running is the best way to begin with.

The Act of Running

Running is an act that moves faster than walking. Your pace will be higher than walking. If we explain walking then it is an act of movement where one of your feet will be in touch with the ground. This is not what happens when you run. This physical activity makes you take bigger steps at a faster rate. It means you will be in the air when none of your feet touches the ground.

Benefits of Running

One of the best exercises to keep your entire body fit is running. Here is a list of benefits of running exercise you should know.

1. Running Makes You Live Longer

You will be surprised to know that running keeps your organs and tissues in the best health. A survey suggests that running can reduce the chances of developing lifestyle diseases by up to 30%. It will increase your lifespan and will make your body more endurable.

A report prepared by the Ball State University researchers suggests that 75 years aged runners who have been practising this exercise for 50 years have a physiological profile matching the 25-years old graduates of the colleges who have not practised running yet. Stanford researchers also suggest that the disability score of runners appears 11 to 16 years later than normal subjects. This is the outcome of daily running benefits.

Running Benefits Your Health

Running Benefits Your Health

2. Maintain Your Sleep Cycles

The regular running effect on body is a guaranteed goodnight's sleep. You will sleep like a baby if you run on a regular basis. In fact, the excellent outcome can be witnessed from the very first day. You will feel both happy and tired from running. The moment you hit the bed, you will fall asleep.

This is why registered medical practitioners often prescribe running or similar physical exercises such as jogging to patients who have trouble sleeping. A small stint of sprinting in the evening will help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

3. Improvement of Your Back and Knees

One of the prime issues of a sedentary lifestyle is knee and back problems. People these days work at a desk for hours and tend to suffer from such problems frequently. One of the best jogging benefits is keeping your knees and vertebral column healthy.

The daily exercise of moving hands and leg muscles will keep your back and knees in the right shape. It is a myth that running vigorously for days and months will cause knee injury. A study on marathoners and subjects who completed a milestone of 2700 miles has not shown any such impact on knees. They are rather in good shape than most of us.

4. Losing Weight Becomes a Lot Easier

Is running good for health? Definitely, it is. You can easily lose weight when you run or jog or do both. All your body muscles will be contracting, relaxing and even vibrating when your body has attained a good speed. You will start losing weight and will find significant changes within a week.

The medical practitioners suggest losing weight in a normal way and running is the best way to do it. Dieting or intermittent fasting will give results but they will not be permanent. If you start running as an exercise, eating normal food will also become beneficial. Maintaining a normal body mass index will not be a problem. Is running good for weight loss? Yes!

5. Improvement of Immunity

One of the prime health benefits of running is increased immunity. As mentioned earlier, your entire musculoskeletal system will be working out when you run on a regular basis. Your breathing and cardiovascular systems will be coordinated well.

Due to the calculated exertion of running, the physiological functions will resume their normal level. The muscles and bones will be strengthened resulting in the proper formation of red and white blood cells. Hence, your immunity will be boosted to a considerable extent. You will also suffer from fewer digestive issues and respiratory infections.

6. Escalated Cognitive Functioning and Brain Health

One of the unexpected benefits of running is escalating the level of cognitive functioning of your nervous system. We have noticed a cognitive decline in normal functioning and coordination of the brain and the musculoskeletal system with age. This rate will be reduced considerably if you run on a regular basis.

Your hand-eye coordination will increase. Your endurance level will also increase remarkably. Due to running, your brain will process information faster and better. Your body balance will become stronger. In fact, regular running will also reduce the probability of developing Alzheimer’s and other diseases related to the central nervous system.

How Much Should I Run Daily?

As per the convention, running for 20 minutes a day is enough, to begin with. Don’t take too much pressure and keep your enthusiasm up. Start jogging for 10 minutes at a slow pace. Continue for two such cycles.

When you are accustomed, increase your pace and running time. You will gain more lung capacity in due course of time. Take smaller steps and achieve a goal every day. Don’t forget to wear a comfortable pair of shoes to support your knees, feet, and leg muscles.