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Patriots' Day: Why is it Important to us?

By Satabdi MazumdarApril 14, 2022
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Everything You Need to Know about Patriots' Day

The third Monday in the month of April holds a special significance. Mostly the people of Massachusetts celebrate this day. This day has two significant meanings: firstly, Marathon Monday, and secondly, Patriots' Day. The first event is centred on the Boston Marathon, while the second is centred on a significant historical event that has been commemorated for almost 120 years. While you must need to be in Boston to participate in the famous marathon, Patriots' Day can be celebrated anywhere in the world!

Patriots' Day is often overshadowed by several national holidays like World Heritage Day, National Civil Service Day, Commonwealth Day, or International Labour Day, but it holds equal significance as the others. Although it is not always as grandly celebrated as Republic Day or Memorial Day, it is important to be aware and comprehend the history of this patriotic event, as well as why it's worth celebrating each year.

So, what exactly is Patriots' Day, and why is it so important? Here are some important facts about Patriots’ Day that we should be familiar with.

What is Patriots’ Day All About?

Patriots’ day is celebrated every year in the honour of all the brave colonists who showed courage to gain independence from Great Britain and led to the creation of the United States of America. Therefore, every year, on the third Monday of April, Patriots’ Day is observed to pay tribute to these brave heroes. This day was first observed on April 19, 1775, during the Battle of Lexington and Concord. This courageousness is celebrated on Patriots’ Day.

When is Patriots’ Day 2022?

Patriots’ Day 2022 will be observed on 18 Apr 2022, which is also the third Monday in the month of April.

Patriots’ Day- When Was it Started?

Patriots’ Day was officially declared a public holiday in the year 1894 by the Governor of Massachusetts, Frederic T. Greenhalge. It was initially celebrated on April 19, but later in the year 1969, it was decided that the Patriots’ Day will be celebrated every year on the third Monday of April in the memory of the battle of Lexington and Concord, which was believed to be the first war event after the American Civil War. 

Many people are unaware of Patriots' Day as it isn't technically a national holiday, although it has previously gained government recognition. This day is celebrated as a day to commemorate the Baltimore riot of 1861 and is celebrated differently in each state. The Battles of Lexington and Concord fought on April 19, 1775, marked the start of the colonies' war for independence against Britain. The brave colonels of Massachusetts fought courageously against Britain just two months after Parliament declared the colony in insurrection, eventually leading to the foundation of the United States of America. Thus, making this day an important day in history.

Celebrations for Patriots' Day are done in a grand manner where several historical-themed events are organised. In the year 1897, the Boston Marathon also became a part of this celebration. Since then, several marathon events have been conducted on Patriots' Day in different parts of the world. Patriots' Day is majorly observed as an official holiday in Massachusetts, Maine, and Wisconsin.

How Do We Celebrate Patriots’ Day?

Several historical-themed events are organised on Patriots’ Day such as the Boston Marathon as well as the Annual Boston Red Sox game, where baseball fans from different parts of the world come to participate. In 1897, the Boston Marathon was added to the Patriots' Day celebrations, owing to the resumption of the marathon race at the previous year's summer Olympic games in Athens. It grew almost as popular as the occasion itself as an April 19 tradition. The Annual Boston Red Sox game was first introduced in the year 1959 and is conducted every year since then.

Patriots’ Day is also celebrated in other parts of the world with equal importance. Numerous ceremonies, marches, public speeches, and award ceremonies are conducted on the occasion of Patriots' Day. Several marathon runs of 5k and 10k are also organized by different organizations like the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Apart from celebrating and taking part in Patriots' Day,  it is important that we must learn about the Battle of Lexington and Concord, as well as other historical events from that period. As a tribute to the Patriots' Day, several History Channels have telecast programs about these wars in order to spread awareness and educate people about the World History and important events. Make sure you're ready for the occasion in your patriotic attire as you plan to commemorate Patriots' Day this year. Check out the patriotic clothing you may like to wear on Patriots' Day and make this day a memorable one by watching an informative documentary on Patriots' Day with your family and friends.