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Streams Available After 10th: How to Choose the Best Stream?

By FatimaMarch 12, 2024
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Along with the relief of getting done with the board exams arises the inevitable confusion of how to choose the best stream after 10th. It is further accompanied by popular queries like which stream is best for the future, and more.

Considering which stream you select is the stepping stone to your career; it is important to go through the list of Streams Available After 10th, factors to consider, and the scope of the subjects. To help you choose the best stream after 10th, we have curated the A-Z guide.

Best Stream After Class 10th

Subject Combination for 10th and Courses You Can Select

Choosing the right subject combination for 10th is a pivotal step that sets the stage for future academic pursuits and career paths. The reason is that it can lead you to choosing the best Streams Available After 10th. In this table, we will explore the subject combinations available in Class 10 and the courses students can select after completing their tenth grade. By understanding the options and considering their individual goals, students can make informed decisions that lay the foundation for their academic journey.

Sl. No. 

Subject Combination in Class 10

Courses Available After Tenth


Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics)

Medical, Engineering, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Pure Sciences, Agriculture


Commerce (Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics)

Commerce, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Accounting


Humanities/Arts (History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology)

Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages, Law, Journalism, Fine Arts

What are the Streams Available After 10th?

Now that we have covered how to choose stream after 10th, it's integral to walk you through the various groups that you can opt for. Depending on your inclination, strengths, and the tips highlighted in the latter part of the article; you can make a well-informed choice. Here's the answer to the question: What Are The Streams Available After 10th?:

Science Stream

To get you out of the puddle of 'Which Streams are Available After 10th?', let us first introduce you to the most popular stream, the Science stream. The main subjects included in the Science group comprise Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer (it may vary depending on the school).

Posing in the forefront of the list of streams after 10th standard, it opens the doors to a plethora of career prospects. The group is inclusive of both practical and theoretical portions.

The Science group can be further differentiated into PCM, PCB, or PCMB. So you can choose whether you want to move forward with Mathematics, Biology, or even both.

Career Prospects

  • Doctor

  • Engineer

  • Professor

  • Biotechnologist

  • Microbiologist

  • Full Stack Developer

  • Chemist

  • Data Analyst

Commerce Stream

The Commerce group focuses on subjects related to business, finance, economics, and trade. It is the second most popular choice among students after Science. The primary subjects included in the group are Economics, Accounts, Business Studies, Computers, and English.

The Commerce group is ideal for class X students who have a knack for banking, marketing, or accounting-associated roles. As a stream, it hugely impacts financial literacy thereby fostering a better understanding of the business world.

There're a few competitive exams in the commerce-associated fields that you can pursue after class 10th such as C.A Foundation Course, C.S Foundation Course, and ICWA Foundation Course.

Career Prospects

  • Chartered Accountant

  • Company Secretary

  • Financial Analyst

  • Banker

  • Accountant

  • Risk Management Analyst

  • Investment Consultants

  • Auditor

Humanities/Arts Stream

Wondering what are the streams after 10th for the ones blessed with creative juices? The Arts Stream is the perfect option. You can choose to indulge in a number of subjects such as Geography, History, Language, Psychology, Sociology, Literature, and Political Science.

If you find yourself asking the question 'Which Streams are Available After 10th for IAS?', it is Humanities as its core subjects form a part of the UPSC exam syllabus.

Career Prospects

  • Historian

  • Public Relations Manager

  • Archaeologist

  • Anthropologist

  • Journalist

  • Social Worker

  • Data Linguist

  • Foreign Language Expert

Professional Courses

After from the three major streams, students can also go for professional courses like-

  • Polytechnic Diploma Courses

  • Paramedical Courses

  • ITI Courses

  • X-ray Technician

  • Interior Designing

The duration of these courses can be in the range of 3 months to 1 year.

How to Choose Stream After 10th? 

To answer the raging question of "How to choose Streams Available After 10th", a number of factors need to be considered. The first thing that you should do is identify your strengths. Not only does that aid you in selecting the stream but also gives you a lump-sum idea of what your long-term goals can look like. Let's dive deep to give you a more clear peek.

1. Identify Your Interests - Attributing to the fact that a career plays a large and integral part in our lives, the best approach would be to do something that you are passionate about. Since the stream, you select after 10th significantly shapes your career trajectory, make sure to go forward by finding the subjects that you feel excited to study.

Also, ensure that it falls in line with your strengths. For example, if you enjoy studying Commerce the most, followed by Arts. But if you score the highest in Arts, it can be better to go with Arts.

2. Develop a Good Understanding of the Pros and Cons of the Stream - By now, you've likely narrowed it down to one or two streams. The next step is to get a better insight into the stream by researching and jotting down the merits and demerits of the streams that you are confused between.

You can consider consulting with your parents and teachers to get a better outlook on which group is best after 10th for you. However, don't let the pressure make your decision biased.

3. Delve Deeper into the Career Options - Solidify your decision by gauging the scope of the selected stream so that your choice aligns with the right career path. You can even prepare a list of the various career prospects available after studying from your chosen stream.

In case you face doubts, you can reach out to career counselors to get an expert opinion.

4. Budget Analysis - Budget constraints sometimes hinder the dreams of students. It's a financially-sound approach to conducting a budget analysis with your parents. It aids to be better prepared for all situations.

In case of budget issues, one can go for a similar course with a lesser fee.


All the groups have their own merits and demerits. The scope of the major streams are endless. Ponder upon your skills, interests, and strengths.To find the perfect stream for yourself, the best thing to do is reflecting upon what you actually want to do in the long run. It can also nudge your career path in the right direction.

FAQs on Streams Available After 10th: How to Choose the Best Stream?

1. Which stream is best for future?

It is largely dependent on your interests. Choose the stream in which you think you can give your best. All the streams have their scope and career prospects, so choose the one in which you are likely to excel.

2. Which is the easiest stream to choose after 10th?

The Arts stream is often counted among the easier streams. There're various career options in the field as well. Do know that interest in the subject plays a great role in making it easy or tough.

3. How do I know which stream is best for me after Class 10?

Assess your interests, strengths, and career aspirations. Consider your aptitude for different subjects and explore the potential career paths associated with each stream.

4. Which Streams are Available After 10th?

The main streams are Science, Commerce, and Humanities/Arts. Each stream offers a distinct set of subjects and career opportunities.

5. How can I decide between Science, Commerce, and Humanities?

Research the subjects and career options available in each stream. Consider factors such as your academic performance, interests, and long-term goals to make an informed decision.

6. What if I am interested in multiple streams?

Explore interdisciplinary courses or schools that offer a combination of subjects from different streams. Consider your strengths and prioritize the subjects that align with your career aspirations.

7. Can I change my stream after Class 10 if I'm not satisfied with my initial choice?

Yes, it is possible to change your stream after Class 10. However, it's important to carefully consider your decision and seek guidance from teachers, parents, and career counselors.

8. What if I am unsure about my career goals after Class 10?

Focus on exploring your interests and strengths through extracurricular activities, internships, and volunteer work. Seek guidance from mentors and professionals in different fields to gain insight into potential career paths.

9. How important is it to consider future career prospects when choosing a stream?

Future career prospects should be one of the factors considered when choosing a stream, but it's equally important to prioritize your interests and passions. A fulfilling career often stems from pursuing what you love.

10. Are there any aptitude tests or assessments available to help me choose the best stream?

Yes, there are various aptitude tests and career assessment tools available online. These tests can help you identify your strengths, interests, and potential career paths.

11. What if my parents have different opinions about which stream I should choose?

Have an open and honest conversation with your parents about your interests, goals, and concerns. Consider their input while also advocating for your aspirations and preferences.

12. How can I ensure I make the right decision when choosing a stream after Class 10?

Take your time to research and explore your options. Seek advice from teachers, parents, and career counselors. Trust your instincts and choose the stream that feels right for you based on your interests, strengths, and aspirations.

13. Which Subject Combination for 10th can help me to take Humanities stream?

To pursue the Humanities stream after Class 10, you typically need a subject combination that includes subjects like History, Geography, Political Science, and Economics. Here's a common Subject Combination for 10th that can help you transition to the Humanities stream:

  • English: English is a compulsory subject in most schools and is essential for all streams.

  • History: History provides an understanding of past events, cultures, and societies, which is crucial for the Humanities stream.

  • Geography: Geography explores the physical and human aspects of the Earth's surface, making it relevant for subjects like Political Science and Economics.

  • Political Science: Political Science examines political systems, governments, and political behavior, which is a core subject in the Humanities stream.

  • Economics: Economics studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, offering insights into societal and economic structures.