Benefits of NCERT and NCERT Exemplar in IIT JEE Preparation

by Sagar Mankar, May 15, 2020

There’s a common misbelief that NCERT books and NCERT exemplar are too basic for IIT JEE aspirants. If your aim is to get admission in one of the IITs you must read more advanced-level books along with study materials created especially for the IIT JEE exam. But this notion is not true. NCERT books and NCERT exemplars are essential for even the IIT JEE candidates. While the textbooks help to clear the concepts, the exemplars comprising harder problems facilitate in-depth learning. Here’s why you should practise with NCERT exemplars if you are preparing for IIT JEE. 

Now, What is an NCERT Exemplar?

NCERT exemplar contains various things which can be a great help for IIT JEE aspirants. It covers MCQs, new concepts and extras based on the chapters included in the NCERT CBSE syllabus, skill-developing questions, and much more. NCERT exemplars also contain conceptual questions which are of higher aptitude and hence, require more reasoning skill on the students’ part. 

What are the benefits of NCERT textbooks and NCERT exemplar in IIT JEE preparation?

As far as the IIT JEE exam is concerned, you must regard NCERT textbooks and NCERT exemplars as your top priority. Why so? - Because while preparing for the exam, there is a high chance of getting stressed. You may be confused to select which book or study material is right and which one is wrong for you. Try to get rid of this confusion, first concentrate on NCERT textbooks and NCERT exemplars. Once you are confident about your basic understanding of all the chapters, you will automatically be able to decide the next set of books for advanced studies. Let’s take a look at the benefits of these two resources in IIT JEE preparation? 

1. Reliable Information

 NCERT textbooks and NCERT exemplars are written by experts after rigorous research on various topics. The information provided in the books is fully authentic and will show you the right direction.

2. Comprehensive and Strong Basics

NCERT textbooks and NCERT exemplars include all the basics and fundamentals of all the topics for you. What else? Apart from that, you will find some added information on a higher level which is very useful for IIT JEE examination.

3. Standard Questions

You will find standard questions along with some extra information for practice in both the NCERT textbooks and NCERT exemplars. The questions are premeditated for IIT JEE exam.

4. Questions asked directly from NCERT books

Is it possible to get direct questions from NCERT books in IIT JEE exam? The answer is ‘yes’. Several questions are directly asked from NCERT and NCERT exemplar in IIT JEE exam.

5. Lucid Language

NCERT textbooks and exemplar are written in simple language by experts and involve years of rigorous research. You are advised to go through all of them without giving any amiss.

6. Offer Different Types of Problems

If you want to crack the IIT JEE exam, only reading is sufficient. You have to practise a lot. NCERT textbooks and exemplar contain different tricky questions at the end of the chapters. You have sufficient questions to practice only from NCERT books. 

The biggest challenge in the IIT JEE preparation is accommodating a huge syllabus in a relatively short time period. Within this time, you have to have your fundamentals cleared. Plus, you have to master the skill of answering aptitude-based questions. This leaves you with little option to experiment with books. Therefore, rely on your NCERT books and NCERT Solutions no matter how many other books you have on your shelf or device. They will definitely help you a lot in scoring great marks in IIT JEE examination. 

Benefits of NCERT and NCERT Exemplar in IIT JEE Preparation