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Fun Facts about the World That Will Wow You

By Srija MahalanobishDecember 08, 2022
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Random fun facts are always entertaining and often leave us stunned and amazed. They are not just unexpected to find but also provide unknown pieces of information capable enough to become a trivia wiz. So, get ready to get a trivia night with these top 10 amazing facts of the world that make the world an awe-inspiring and interesting place to know more about.

Amazing Facts of the World

Interesting World Facts Trivia You Should Know About

Are you one of those who are fond of collecting gems of information? If so, here, we have brought you a list of interesting facts about the world to get your mind blown. 

Of course, every student deserves a break from his/her academic life and is entitled to learn something fun, creative, and out of the syllabus. So, why not use your free time wisely? Take a look:

1. Snowfall in Sahara Desert 

Yes, you heard it right!! Snowfall in a hot desert may seem a little contradictory, but this is one of the top 10 amazing facts of the world. Deserts have very low precipitation with rare rain flow possibilities, then snowfall sounds impossible. But it is true. This impossible phenomenon occurred in 2018, and the Sahara Desert got covered fully in a blanket of white snow. However, the snow lasted for a day. 

Snowfall has been recorded many times in the desert over the last decades, most recently in January 2022. The very first snowfall was recorded in 1979, which was a snowstorm that lasted half an hour. So, snowfall may seem unusual here but is not uncommon.

2. Fastest Gust of Wind

Fasten your seatbelts as you are going to experience the fastest wind storm. In 1996, a tropical cyclone called Olivia hit an island named Barrow Island, and it was so strong that it was recognised as the earth’s fastest gust of wind, i.e. 353 miles per hour. It broke the past wind record of 231 miles/hour in New Hampshire in 1934.

3. You Can’t Buy Coca-Cola Here

In these other top 10 amazing facts of the world, you might wonder if this really happens. You might not know that there are two countries in the world where you are not allowed to buy Coca Cola. Yes, and it is none other than North Korea and Cuba. 

No matter where we go, we always like to have some fun with Coca Cola as this beverage drink is socially practical everywhere in the world. But not in these two countries as they have long-term US trade bans: North Korea since 1950 and Cuba since 1962. However, you can taste a dark-coloured soda made in North Korea, known as Ryongjin Cola or ‘Coca Sparkling’.

4. Sudan Has More Pyramids in the World Than any Other Country 

Pyramids and Egypt are synonymous as this is the country that pops into our mind but let us tell you other interesting things about the world. It is that Sudan has the most pyramids in the world, even more than Egypt. While 138 pyramids have been located in Egypt, Sudan has over 255. Isn’t it amazing? It is twice the number in Egypt and moreover, these pyramids weren’t created by ancient Egyptians. Instead, the pyramids were made by the members of the kingdom of Kush, an ancient civilization that ruled areas along the Nile river.

5. Do You Like Rainbows? Head to Hawaii Right Now

If you are a fan of magical rainbows and want to enjoy the most out of this amazing phenomenon, then head to the state of Hawaii. It is the world’s best place to get mesmerised by the beauty of this colourful magic. According to the American Meteorological Society, Hawaii dominates the list of sightseeing outstanding rainbows in 2021. According to the reports, air pollution, pollen, and enough cresting waves help Hawaii top the list.

6. Go Further Than the Sky Rainbow!! Let’s See Liquid Rainbow

During the journey of interesting facts about the world, let’s gaze our eyes on beautiful watery rainbows. Yes, you heard it right!! In the world, there is a place where you can see your favourite rainbow in the water. It is none other than Caño Cristales, also called the “River of Five Colors” “liquid rainbow” or “melted rainbow”. Located in Colombia's Serranía de la Macarena National Natural Park, you can see many rainbow hues beneath its crystal-clear water that looks like a rainbow. Although it looks like magic, the amazing colour combination is attributed to a weed called Macarenia clavigera, which is different from algae or moss. You must visit the river between May to November as the river weeds blossom in different hues.

7. Whale Songs Help Mapping the Ocean Floor

Among the top 10 amazing facts of the world, this fact might seem weird to you, but it is true. The male Fin whales sing deep, loud songs to attract female mates. According to Scientific American, these songs are considered to be the noisiest of all marine life and can be perceived up to 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) away. These songs can also be used to outline the ocean floor sonically, as the sounds can reach depths of 2.5 Km under the water. It bounces back and helps with correct measurements.

8. Flowers are Changing Colours

In this one of the most interesting facts about the world, you would find out that even flowers change colours. Don’t worry, your beloved red roses aren’t going to turn green. But, an increase in the UV radiation caused by the ozone layer deterioration is causing flowers to change their colours across the globe. But we can’t see it with our eyes. This increased UV radiation has also increased the UV pigmentation of flowers and has led to pollen deterioration.

9. Do You Know Which Is the Oldest Profession in the World?

This is the question that probably never came into our mind till today but occurs in these top 10 amazing facts of the world. So, do you know the answer? Well, it is none other than Dentistry. It is the oldest profession in the world that dates back about 9000 years. A study found evidence of teeth being drilled in skulls dating from 7,500 to 9,000 years ago. According to BBC University of Bologna, Italy, the rotten tooth in the jaw had been purposely cleansed and pushed with a tool.

10. The Whole World's Population Could Fit Inside Los Angeles

Did you know that the world's combined population recently clocked the mark of 8 billion? And how about if we tell you that all this population can fit inside LA? Yes. According to studies, if every one of the population stands shoulder to shoulder, they may all fit inside the 500 square miles of Los Angeles.

Summing Up

These were some of the most interesting facts about the world. But the list doesn’t end here. To broaden your knowledge, keep finding & learning new things. These world facts are genuinely fascinating and have been accumulated throughout the history of our civilization. Read about them and be a trivia wiz. All The Best!!

FAQs on Fun Facts about the World That Will Wow You

1. What is a cool interesting world fact?

Ans: The coolest fact about the world is probably that human beings can consume only a small fraction of Earth’s water.

2. What are 10 facts about the world?

Ans: Go through the above guide of the “top 10 amazing facts of the world” and get to know them in detail.

3. Why is it vital to know about the world?

Ans: These world facts help us better understand the world how and why the world has to be the way it is. It enables us to take a peek into the histories of nations, civilizations, and other groups.