AIIMS Preparation Using NCERT Books: Is It Enough?

by Sagar Mankar, May 2, 2020

Is NCERT Enough for AIIMS: Queries Solved

For any medical aspirant, nothing is more important than NEET which got merged with AIIMS since October 2019 under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). NEET is conducted by NTA instead of AIIMS, New Delhi. But this does not change the AIIMS preparation using NCERT books of aspirants. Students often wonder is NCERT enough for AIIMS? The following article aims to provide an answer to this query along with the choice of books that would enable students to stand out in the competition.

Is NCERT Enough for AIIMS? What do the Toppers say?

Most of the times, NEET question paper scrutiny and analysis have proved that about 80-85% questions are from the NCERT books. This sends a spark in your mind that then it must be enough to study NCERT books by heart only. But if you go by the opinion of experts and toppers, their answer to the question “is NCERT enough for AIIMS” is not free of doubts. They suggest AIIMS preparation using NCERT books along with other AIIMS books as that would better the preparation and feed you with more information. 

It is strongly suggested to go through the NCERT books and NCERT Solutions as much thoroughly as possible for the entire syllabus is largely based on it. AIIMS 2019 topper Bhavik Bansal opines that as most of the questions are from the NCERT, why concentrate more on the rest of the 10-15% questions that come from outside? For getting admission into government medical colleges, preparing from the NCERT books will be enough, assures the topper. It is the level of confidence among the aspirants that actually matters. 

But experts involved in tutoring opine differently. According to them, AIIMS preparation using NCERT books is no doubt the best resource but not the ultimate. There are questions based on theoretical explanations in the question paper. If you are entirely dependent on NCERT books, you will find them difficult to answer. There not a lot of questions which you will find only in books that make you competitive exam-ready. So, you definitely need reference books. 

What are the Other Important Books for NEET Preparation?

If you have the question “is NCERT enough for AIIMS” in your mind, then let us tell you to first base your learning on NCERT books. After that, you top up your preparation with a good number of reference books for subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, General Knowledge, Aptitude and Logical reasoning. Which books will quench your thirst for knowledge and give you a headstart? In the following sections, we have given you an idea of the books that can be your best buddies in AIIMS preparation. 

Which Books are Good for AIIMS Biology Preparation?

When you prepare for NEET, you will find Biology is inclusive of both Zoology and Botany and these two divisions will together consist of 60 questions in the paper. We hereby present a list of books that you can rely on for your AIIMS biology preparation. 

Name of the Book

Author/ Publisher

Biology Volume 1 and 2

K. N.Bhatia and M. P. Tyagi/Trueman


P. S. Dhami and G. Chopra/Pradeep Publications

Objective Biology

K. N. Bhatia/Dinesh

A class book of Botany

A. C. Dutta

Biology (Theory and Objective)

R. K. Pillai, Naresh Malik and A. B. Sinha/GR Bathla Publication

ABC for Biology-part 1 and 2


Exploring Biology (2 volumes)

Sanjay Sharma and Sudhakar Banerjee

Medical Entrance Biology (3 volumes)

Mamta R Solanki and Lalita Ghotikk/Target Publication

Which Books are Good for Chemistry Preparation?

To ace the 60 questions from Chemistry that is inclusive of Physical, Organic and Inorganic portions, you need the help of good reference books like:

Name of the Book

Author/ Publisher

Physical Chemistry 

O. P. Tandon

Concise Inorganic Chemistry

J. D. Lee

Textbook for Organic Chemistry

Arihant Publications


P. N. Kapil/Dinesh

ABC of Chemistry for Class 11 and 12 (volume 1 and 2)

Dr. S. P. Jauhar/Modern

Objective Chemistry (3 volumes)

S. Dinesh and Co.

Practice books:

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

V. K. Jaiswal

M. S. Chauhan

N. Awasthi

Objective NCERT at your fingertips

MTG publications

Which Books are Good for AIIMS Physics Preparation?

The Physics section with its total of 60 questions has always been identified as the most difficult part of the question paper to crack. To give your AIIMS Physics preparation a boost you should consider the following books:

Name of the Book

Author/ Publisher

NCERT Physics: CBSE PMT (3 volumes)

Anil Aggarwal

Objective Physics for the medical entrance examination (volume 1 and 2)

D. C. Pandey

Concepts of Physics

H. C. Verma

AIIMS Explorer

MTG Editorial Board

Fundamentals of Physics

Halliday, Resnik and Walker

Problems in General Physics

IE Irodov

Fundamental Physics


Objective Physics 

Prof. Satya Prakash Arya

Which Books are Good for General Knowledge, Aptitude ad Logical Reasoning?

These three sections comprise 10 questions each in the question paper. You, the aspirant must stay updated with the latest release of books on these sections so that your way to the qualifying exam becomes smooth. A few such expert-recommended books are:

Name of the Book

Author/ Publisher


Ajay Mohan

General Knowledge, Aptitude and Logical Thinking for AIIMS

Sunil Nain

AIIMS- General Knowledge with Logical Thinking (first edition)

Dr. MD Usmangani Asari

GK books

Ajay Mohan

What are the Benefits of Reading Other Books Besides AIIMS Preparation Using NCERT Books?

Benefits of reading reference books, especially for AIIMS preparation, are many.  Read the following to know:

  • You need to strengthen both your conceptual understanding and theoretical explanation. The latter is beyond the capacity of mere NCERT books. Practising from books dedicated to AIIMS preparation is necessary. 

  • Not all questions in the exam are based upon NCERT concept. To enable yourself to answer all the 200 questions, you need the help of reference books. 

  • The exam is inclusive of both MCQ and reason-assertive questions. to answer them both with appropriate mastery, NCERT books won’t be sufficient. Sample papers with MCQ questions need to be solved more rigorously. 

  • The reference books ensure that you get an understanding of the exam pattern, type and method of the questions, level of difficulty, etc as they are oriented toward this exam only. You get to know the marking scheme too. 

Hope you got the question ‘is NCERT enough for AIIMS’ answered in the best possible way. It is the combination of NCERT books and reference books that will boost your performance in the exam and make you stay ahead of others. Being a medical aspirant you must extract the good from both NCERT and other books as much as you can as that will enhance your knowledge and help you proceed down the path to crack the entrance exam successfully.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Many Questions will be There in the Question Paper?

A total of 200 questions will be there in the question paper.

2. How Many Reference Books are Suggested for Better Reading?

The more the better! However, you should go for at least one descriptive type answer-based book and one objective question-answer book for each of Biology, Physics and Chemistry, two books on numerical problems for Physics and Chemistry separately, and one good reference book for General Knowledge and Logical Reasoning.

AIIMS Preparation Using NCERT Books: Is It Enough?