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Some Activities to Perform Between Hectic School Schedule; Ways to Become More Active

By RiddhiMay 30, 2023
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4 Easy Ways for ‘How to be Active all the Time’ with s Hectic School Schedule

School academic years are never-ending. Tests after test, project after project, and things get piling up. Students in their school academic year face a lot of tight schedules letting them go their usual daily activities. Students keep finding ways to become more active during their hectic study schedule. No one says that a student must dedicate 24 hrs studying or doing school projects.

Some Activities to Perform Between Hectic School Schedule

Investing 30-60 minutes of other activities is one way of staying active on a busy schedule. If you are a parent tired of watching your kid spend hours and hours studying without resting or doing any other activities, this article is for you.

Activities to Perform Between Hectic School Schedule

1) Staying Organised

School timings aren't the entire day but have specific timing during which you concentrate on studies and school activities. However, once you are back and done with your homework, it is important to stay organised on how you invest the rest of the engaging in other activities. You must first decide which strategies and resources are most effective for you. You'll require things like a calendar, for instance. Which type of calendar—printed or digital- is best for you?

Since you are on a school schedule, there is less chance that you may have a Gmail account. In case, you have, you can make the best use of Google Calendar. Since Google Calendar is integrated with your Gmail account, you can use it. There are many choices, so take the time to experiment with a few calendaring possibilities before settling on one.

You must make weekly and daily schedules once you have decided how to keep track of all your to-dos on a calendar. Also, you can diversify your activities other than your hectic study schedule. Keep checking the schedule regularly. As necessary, make changes to them during the day, then review and update them once more at night. They are useless if they are out of date. Stick to your schedules, above all! It takes a lot of self-control to accomplish this, but it is necessary.

2) Trying Walking as Much as Possible

If your school is located nearby, try walking regularly to keep your body active. In case it is not, then take 30 minutes of your day and go for a walk. Do you get breaks between classes? Instead of using the lift, use the steps. What if you arrive at a gathering a little early? Go on a walk. Walking is good for our bodies, especially when it breaks up prolonged periods of sitting.

This is a fantastic place to start getting more active and clearing your mind, even during a busy day. However, you should still aim for more strenuous exercise as well. While walking, skip thinking about studies. It is important to give a rest to your mind.

3) Try Engaging in Social Life

One of the ways how to be active all the time is to add social life to your hectic study schedule. Meet friends, go for a coffee, a movie or any party. It might be as simple as catching up with a friend while strolling outside in the lovely springtime weather! You might even pick up a brand-new athletic activity. Learning a new skill allows you to create lifelong memories with your friends.

Multiple activity options are available, like hiking, playing games, or anything. Most institutions have intramural programmes for students who want to play organised sports for enjoyment. You may liven up your daily activities and spend time with your closest friends by adding extra movement to the social time you currently schedule.

4) Fitting Micro-Workout with your Activities

A hectic school schedule can take away your regular or favourite activities. However, you can still work on it. One doesn't have to stop watching their favourite show to stay healthy. Four minutes is the typical duration of a commercial break, which is plenty of time to get in some physical activities before your show resumes. Alternately, binge-watch your streaming entertainment while working out on a cardio machine. Your heart rate increases when you incorporate micro-workouts into your favourite pastimes. You can even get into short physical activities during your long study hours.

5) Gain Some Support

When you fail to get some activity, it is best to seek support. One of the ways to become more active is to get support. You require the help of your friends, family, and, if possible, your teachers. You need to work on setting up expectations for your teachers and parents, but you also need to work on yourself. Mentors and teachers can also be a source of support, but if you're seeking online learning, you can connect with them and learn to know some activities.


Things may not work easily and may take time. You need to push yourself hard and feed in your mind that there are many things beyond binge studying. Following these ways to become more active during your hectic study schedule will help your mind rewire, and your body functions well.

FAQs on Some Activities to Perform Between Hectic School Schedule; Ways to Become More Active

1. How can I take time out of study?

You can take time out of your hectic study schedule in many ways. Watch some series or movies, communicate with your parents or friends, or go for a walk. If you love playing some sports, take more interest in it.

2. How many hours one must spend studying daily?

Most experts advise setting aside 3 to 4 hours daily for study time so your brain can function at its best. Studying for five or six hours should be avoided as this can result in burnout and cause you to forget what you have learnt.

3. Is it important to spend some time on different activities besides only studying?

It is important because your body and mind need relaxation, which is only possible by spending time on different activities.