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9 Important Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 : A Comprehensive Strategy

By Priya DasMay 02, 2022
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Class 12th exam and preparing for Class 12th exam is undoubtedly a premier part of a student’s life. The students prepare for their higher secondary exams like an ongoing uphill battle. They are focused, determined and hardworking when it comes to the Class 12th Boards exam. CBSE Class 12 Term 2 exams are around the corner. How well are the students preparing for their exams? 

Do you have any strategic plan laid down for you? Or are you still studying cluelessly? 

For either of the answer, we are going to share a some very crucial exam preparation tips which will help you stay at the top of your game when it comes to the preparation for Class 12th Boards. 

Before we share any exam preparation strategies, let’s get you clarified about the exam dates for CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Exams. 

Below is the list provided:

Class 12 Term 2 Exam Schedule 

Exam Dates


7th May 2022


13th May 2022


17th May 2022

Business Studies

20th May 2022


23rd May 2022


24th May 2022

Political Science

28th May 2022


30th May 2022


2nd June 2022

Physical Education

7th June 2022


10th June 2022


13th June 2022

Informatics Practices

Important Preparation Tips That Every Class 12 Student Must Follow

Let us start our discussion with a famous quote “well plan is half done”. So, we are going to dive straight into the preparation strategies formulated by us for the students who are appearing for the Class 12th Boards exam. Below are some extremely important preparation strategies which will assist the students in forming a solid groundwork for their forthcoming exams. 

Strategy No. 1 - Know the Syllabus

This is a sensible fact that before any exam, the students are required to know the syllabus of every subject. Similarly, for this Class 12th, CBSE Exam students are required to know the syllabus of the respective subjects. This will give them a study plan well set up in mind from the very beginning. 

Check CBSE Class 12 All Subjects Term Wise Syllabus 2021-22 before you start any exam prep. Once you understand the syllabus properly, you can proceed further.


After you study the syllabus properly you can proceed ahead with your exam preparation. 

Strategy No. 2 - Have a Clear Vision of the Concepts 

The next step for the students is to have a clear understanding of the subject matter. This is the very basics. Students are required to know the details of the subject, the concepts which are involved in the same, the question and answers included in this chapter, the exercises to be solved and other related worksheets with the chapter or subject must be completed by the students. 

Strategy No. 3 - Solve the Important Questions

The students are required to solve the important questions related to each subject and chapter.

How will one know about the Important Questions?

You can simply go through the chapter and see what is the content that covers the chapter majorly. Frame your questions from that major weightage of the chapter and try to solve them accordingly. Once you are complete with the study of the whole chapter, then only you are advised to solve the important questions. 

Additionally, you can also check this site Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 for more important questions for CBSE Class 12.  

Strategy No. 4 - Take Note of the Formulas

This strategy is typically for the Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Accountancy, Economics and the like subjects which consist of important formulas for the students to learn. 

Pro-tip: The students can list down the formulas by making a separate formula copy. This will help the students to track all their formulas in one single place which will help them during the time of revision. 

Strategy No. 5 - Avail the usefulness of NCERT Solutions Class 12

The students are mandatorily required to study the NCERT solutions which are furnished by the CBSE Board. These NCERT Solutions help the students tremendously in the exam. 

The NCERt Solutions are nothing but ‘A Guide Book’ which guides the students making them aware of the important questions and answers, the marks weightage, the syllabus> Studying the NCERT Solutions, the students will understand appropriately how to write the answers in the exam. The NCERT Solution’s answers will give a fair view to the students about the expected standards of the Boards. Why not take a look at the same from NCERT Solutions for Class 12!

Strategy No. 6 - Study PYQP - The More the Better 

The students are highly suggested to go through the past year's question papers to have a good idea about the exam. Knowing the exam pattern beforehand will help the students to give a concise idea about how they are going to tackle the exam and what is the weightage of each concept that is being asked in the exam. 

Practising from the PYQP will help the students to gain enough confidence before sitting for the main exams. Solving PYQP will wipe out your exam fears. Check the PYQPs here CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 PDF Solutions (2020-2013) 

Strategy No. 7 - Test Yourself With the Sample Papers

After studying the Important Questions, NCERT Solutions, and PYQPs, it is time for you to test yourself. This can be done with the Sample Papers. 

The students are advised to solve each year’s sample questions so that they can understand their level of preparedness. If any shortage they can cover up the gap appropriately in the given time. Take a test right now with these sample papers CBSE Sample Papers for Class 1 to 12: 2015-2021 Exams 

Strategy No. 8 - Conclude Your Preparation With Revision Notes 

Revision Notes are for a good revision of the students. Revision is a must for the students. They should revise regularly so that they can stay updated and prepared for the exam. Refer to these revision notes for CBSE Class 6 to 12 Maths & Science.   

Strategy No. 9 - Be Confident and Study Well 

You can execute all these strategies for exam preparation once you are confident in your study approach. Remember to study well and be confident in what you study. And to gain this confidence you are required to practice as much as you can. After all, these are done you will write your exams with sheer confidence, thereby scoring brilliant marks. 


The strategies shared are only a suggestion, a student can add his or her preference and continue with their customized strategy. These strategies are well-curated after good research on the CBSE pattern and studies. 

CBSE Class 12 exam is knocking on your door, implement the best-formed strategies and do well in the exam. 

All the Best!