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RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 11 - Percentage (Ex 11.2) Exercise 11.2

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Solutions for Class 7 RD Sharma- Free PDF

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 11 - Percentage Exercise 11.2 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Chapter 11 - Percentage Ex 11.2 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma Class 7 Maths to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and Score More marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other engineering entrance exams.

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RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 11 - Percentage (Ex 11.2) Exercise 11.2 - Free PDF

The primary goal of giving exercise-by-exercise solutions in PDF is to assist students in accelerating their exam preparation. The problems in this exercise have been answered by Vedantu's math experts, and the solutions will help students study more effectively. Students can quickly and easily obtain solutions that are available in PDF format. Here you will find RD Sharma Solutions for Class 7 Maths Chapter 11 Percentage Exercise 11.2. This exercise demonstrates how to convert a ratio to % and vice versa using a step-by-step process.


Here you will find RD Sharma Solutions for Class 7 Maths Chapter 11 Percentage with clear step-by-step explanations. These Percentage Solutions are incredibly significant for Class 7 students because Percentage Solutions can help you finish your homework fast and prepare for exams. All problems and answers from Chapter 11 of the RD Sharma Book for Class 7 Maths are available here for free. Rd Sharma Solutions for class Class 7 Maths are 100% accurate and produced by Vedantu professionals.


RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 11 - Percentage

Here you may obtain RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions- Chapter 11 Percentage. These RD Sharma Solutions are provided for free to assist students in improving their subject knowledge and proficiency. Chapter 11 covers the concept of %, which outlines what a percentage is and how to calculate percentages correctly in problems. Students will benefit from these solutions because they will be able to clear their worries as soon as feasible. The percent sign is always used to signify the percentage when it is calculated for a unit quantity or while solving a problem. As a result, this chapter includes a large number of examples from which students can learn and practice. RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions are provided for free to assist you with any questions you may have about the subject. Students can acquire the largest amount of exposure to the various topics by using exercises, solved examples, and problem questions.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 11 - Percentage (Ex 11.2) Exercise 11.2

1. What topics are covered in RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 11 - Percentage (Ex 11.2) Exercise 11.2 - Free PDF?

RD Sharma Solutions is the greatest study material for those who want to do well in math. By following the links provided above, you may quickly obtain these resources. Vedantu's subject matter experts have created the RD Sharma Solutions to assist students who are having trouble solving them. Six exercises are included in Chapter 11: Percentage. Answers to the problems in RD Sharma Solutions for Class 7 are freely accessible to students. The following are some of the important topics covered in this chapter:

  • Meaning of Percent

  • Percent as a Fraction

  • Percent as a Ratio

  • Conversion of a Percent into a Fraction

  • Conversion of Fraction into a Percent

  • Conversion of Ratio into Percent and Vice Versa

  • Conversion of a Percent into Decimal and Vice Versa

  • Finding a Percentage of a Given Number

  • Some Word Problems on Percentage

2. How can I get a Full-fledged, free PDF of RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 11 - Percentage (Ex 11.2) Exercise 11.2?

Vedantu, our website, is the solution to all of your test preparation demands. On Vedantu's website, you can find the whole RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 11 - Percentage (Ex 11.2) Exercise 11.2 for free. Vedantu's website also offers free study materials, example papers, and practice examinations. Important questions for class 7 maths test preparation may also be found on Vedantu's website. You can practice with example papers and question papers from past years. By using practice example papers, you will gain a better understanding of the exam pattern and question categories. Examining them will offer you an advantage and aid in your understanding of the challenges. You'll be able to recognize a wide range of paper patterns and properly manage your time. Vedantu also provides live online sessions with math experts who can help you with your problems.

3. What is Chapter 11 of Class 7, Percentage?

The percentage comes from the Latin phrase per centum, which means "by the hundred." Percentages are fractions with a numerator of 100. To put it another way, it's the relationship between portion and whole in which the entire is always valued at 100.

A percentage is a fraction of a ratio in which the full value is always 100 percent. For example, if Sam received a 30 percent on his math test, it implies he received 30 points out of a possible 100. In fraction form, it's 30/100, and in ratio terms, it's 30:100.


A percentage is defined as a part or amount in every hundred. It's a fraction having a denominator of 100 and is denoted by the sign "%."


Calculating a percentage is the process of determining the proportion of a whole in terms of 100. There are two methods for calculating a percentage:

  • By using the unitary method.

  • By changing the denominator of the fraction to 100.


It should be noted that in circumstances where the denominator is not a factor of 100, the second technique of calculating the percentage is not applied. We apply the unitary technique in such circumstances.

4. How to prepare for Class 7, Chapter 11 Maths Exam with Help Of RD Sharma solutions?

Do a thorough reading of RD Sharma solutions and pay attention to the step-by-step solution provided. Other things which you can do to score well are-

  • On exam days, students find it quite difficult to answer all of the questions. Students require a quick run-through of all problems because each sum is equally essential. The RD Sharma solutions for class 7 maths are an excellent technique to accomplish this. They provide a step-by-step, in-depth analysis of all issues. Students can browse through these and review how to answer each question quickly.

  • Because the class 7th syllabus has a large number of chapters, students must effectively manage their time. These RD Sharma solutions for class 7 maths aid in finishing assignments within the time frame allotted. It also gives you plenty of time to revise.

  • When a student attempts to solve a textbook problem, he may not be able to complete it completely. This could be the result of a blunder or a faulty premise. RD Sharma's class 7th maths solutions are exact and well-explained, removing any questions that a learner may have.

5. What is the importance of RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 11 - Percentage (Ex 11.2) Exercise 11.2?

While studying the class 7 maths syllabus, young minds want trustworthy guides. The RD Sharma class 7 maths solutions are an effective technique to achieve this aim. Students can use this tool to not only double-check their answers but also to gain a better comprehension of the subject. Students can improve their foundational knowledge of class 7 mathematics by using these well-researched RD Sharma solutions.

To get the most out of the RD Sharma solutions for class 7 maths, students need first to make sure they comprehend the fundamental ideas. They should only use these RD Sharma solutions in class 7 mathematics and tackle questions after they have built a knowledge foundation comprising the main theories and formulas for that topic.