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RD Sharma Class 6 Maths Solutions Chapter 18 - Basic Geometrical Tools

Last updated date: 19th May 2024
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RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 18 - Basic Geometrical Tools - Free PDF Download

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Maths Chapter 18 - Basic Geometrical Tools solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on Chapter 18 - Basic Geometrical Tools Exercise Questions with Solutions help you to revise the complete Syllabus and score more marks.

Class 6 RD Sharma Textbook Solutions Chapter 18 - Basic Geometrical Tools

In this Chapter 18 - Basic Geometrical Tools, several exercise questions with solutions for RD Sharma Class 6 Maths are given to help the students and understand the concepts better. 

We have provided step-by-step solutions for all exercise questions given in the pdf of Class 6 RD Sharma Chapter 18 - Basic Geometrical Tools. All the Exercise questions with solutions in Chapter 18 - Basic Geometrical Tools are given below:

Exercise 18.1

Exercise 18.2

Introduction to Basic Geometrical Tools 

Geometric tools are the basic instruments that are used to draw several geometric shapes. Geometry is a very important topic in Mathematics where students learn about different shapes. To draw different shapes,  different types of tools with different names are used to solve the problems based on geometry. 

Students come across several shapes in daily life and they are already aware of a couple of them such as triangles, squares, hexagons, circles, parallelograms, and so on. We are all aware that different figures have different properties such as length, breadth, and diameter and these aspects differentiate them from one another. 

The instruments that are used in making different types of geometric shapes and figures. The most common geometry tools are a compass, ruler, protractor, divider, and set-squares. Geometric tools. A ruler is used to make straight lines and measure the lengths of a line segment while a compass is used to trace arks, circles, and angles. A protractor is a semi-circular disk used to draw and measure angles whereas a divider is used to mark the distance.

Geometric tools and their uses

The early geometers studied figures such as points, lines, and angles which required the use of rulers and compasses only. However, as time changed, more geometric tools were introduced. Some of these are:

  • Compass

  • Ruler

  • Divider

  • Set-squares

  • Protractors

Why study RD Sharma?

RD Sharma is a one-stop destination for those students aiming to score good marks in their examinations. RD Sharma gives a detailed overview of chapters to the students and helps the students learn more precisely. The questions in the RD Sharma textbook are formed in such a manner that requires brainstorming and thus students tend to score good marks. 

RD Sharma solutions for class 6 is very beneficial for the students as it has ample questions that help in getting clarity and improve the time management skills and problem-solving ability. Vedantu is a platform where students can get RD Sharma solutions for every class just with a click. Students can download free PDFs from Vedantu at any time.

Some of the advantages of studying from RD Sharma books are:

  •  The RD Sharma book has numerous illustrations and problems that help students in getting a complete understanding of the chapter.

  • These books are primarily designed on the lines of CBSE patterns and guidelines issued by the CBSE.

  • RD Sharma has a detailed solution to every problem and helps students in clearing their all simple and complex doubts.

Download RD Sharma Class 6 chapter 18 solution today and learn how to approach the problems without any hassle. Get an idea of how to solve critical problems included in the exercise and score more in the exams.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 6 Maths Solutions Chapter 18 - Basic Geometrical Tools

1. Is it important for class 6th students to study RD Sharma Solutions for Maths chapter 18?

RD Sharma is a book in which students refer to clear their concepts and clarify their doubts. RD Sharma’s book has several problems with detailed solutions and thus it becomes important for the students to take a look at RD solutions to score better marks. RD Sharma Solutions for the chapter of all classes are available with a single click at the Vedantu website. Students can get free PDFs of problems and their solutions on Vedantu which is no less than a treasure for them.

2. Is it necessary to solve all the questions of  Class 6 Maths Chapter 18 from RD Sharma?

RD Sharma book provides numerous problems and illustrations in a chapter. It is always better to solve maximum problems as it would help students in clearing their doubts and solving problems in less time which would help them a lot during an exam. Solving the questions of RD Sharma needs practice and a proper understanding of the concepts. Once the students achieve this state, they can easily crack critical questions of this chapter easily. Here, the Vedantu team tries its best to teach students by providing free solution PDFs for all chapters and exercises of this book.

3. Is RD Sharma Chapter 18 tough?

Nothing is tough when you have conceptual clarity of a particular subject. RD Sharma is designed in a way that clears all doubts of students and makes the chapter easier to understand. After solving the illustrations and problems in RD Sharma, students tend to practice more and practice is the key to scoring good marks. RD Sharma Chapter 18 is Basic Geometric tools and this chapter is quite easy as compared to others in the book and can help students to score good marks. 

At Vedantu, students can also get Class 6 Maths Revision Notes, Formula, and Important Questions, and also students can refer to the complete Syllabus for Class 6 Maths, Sample Paper, and Previous Year Question Paper to prepare for their exams to score more marks.

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