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Supreme Court Refuses to Cancel CBSE, CISCE Board Term 2 Offline Exams for Class 10th and 12th

February 24, 2022
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By Asmita Kundu

The Supreme Court has dismissed the plea of the student regarding the cancellation of the offline exams of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) term 2, and other board exams. The court has completely overruled the plea, which seeked cancellation of the offline board examinations amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

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While dismissing the petition, the bench led by Justice AM Khanwilkar has stated, “We will not issue any directions. There are rules regulations in place and authorities are working. This plea is ill-advised and premature”.

“Authorities are yet to decide the rules and dates. If the decision is not in consonance with rules then it is open to challenge,” said the Court further.

Justice Khanwilkar further said that this kind of petition creates nothing but false hope and confusion among the students who are taking preparation for the exams seriously. 

The petition seeks direction to CBSE and other education boards, which have proposed holding board examinations in offline mode for Classes 10 and 12, for alternative ways to assess students. Class 10 and 12 students from over 15 states requested an alternative assessment method for upcoming board exams in their petition.

During the pandemic last year, the SC had cancelled board exams and assessed students on alternative modes due to the lack of offline classes. In the current batch, however, one set of examinations has already taken place. Both CBSE and CISCE have held their exams. 

The results for semester 1 exams have been announced by CISCE, but CBSE has not yet announced its results. The term 2 exams are scheduled for April.