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No Plans to Merge JEE, NEET & CUET for Next 2 Years

September 08, 2022
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M Jagadesh Kumar, Chairman of UGC, hinted in August 2022 to merge JEE, NEET & CUET into one exam. Now, negating this, Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has cleared that there is no plan to merge these three exams into one for the next two years. Students should prepare as usual for the respective entrance test without any distractions. 

He further confirmed that the merger is in the ‘concept’ phase, and no decision has been made yet to conduct one integrated exam. The UGC Chairman also conveyed to one of the media houses that glitches witnessed in the CUET exam will have no impact on the expansion plans. However, the concept of merging the three exams into one will not be ‘hurried up’.

No Plans To Merge JEE, NEET & CUET For Next 2 Years

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According to the NEP, ‘The plan is to have a common entrance exam to reduce the burden on students of appearing in multiple entrances. However, we won’t hurry up to introduce the merger as proper planning is needed to conduct an integrated test seamlessly. Lessons learnt while conducting CUET will be considered for future.”

The first edition of CUET 2022 witnessed a lot of glitches, and at many centres, NTA had to cancel the test. More than 14.9 lakh students registered for the CUET exam this year to take admission to different undergraduate courses. 

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