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DU Admissions Witnessed A Drop Of 25% In 2022-23 Session

February 05, 2023
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The introduction of the CUET 2023 for undergraduate (UG) programmes has resulted in a 25% decrease in the overall admission number to Delhi University (DU), one of the largest universities in the nation, with the strength of girls suffering the greatest decline.

DU Admissions 2022-23: Admissions Dropped By 25%

According to the data presented by The Sunday Express, DU's enrolment levels have fallen to a five-year low. 64,915 students in 2022–2023, down from 73,374 in 2018–19. This year, there were about 70,000 UG seats available. With 22,283 fewer enrollments than the previous year, a reduction of 25.5%, the decline in admissions is even more severe.

The amount of female students who were admitted to DU this year is a significant contributing factor to the shortage. In UG programmes, the number of female students dropped from 54,818 in 2021 to 34,120 in 2022–2023—a decrease of 37.75%. On the other hand, student enrolment only slightly decreased from 32,380 in 2021 to 30,795 this year, a decrease of 1,585.

In all, female students made up 52.5% of the undergraduate enrollment at DU this year, compared to 62.87% in 2021–22. The student ratio thus climbed from 37.13% in 2021–2022 to 47.44% in this session.

(BHU) along with DU, received the most applications for admission to UG programmes through CUET 2022 and also saw a fall in the overall enrollment of both boys and females. In 2022, BHU enrolled 14,386 students in its undergraduate and graduate programmes, 7,196 (50.02%) girls and 7,190 (49.98%) boys. 19,880 students were admitted to the institution in 2021, with 10,308 being boys (51.85%) and 9,572 being girls (48.15%).

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