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Five Marks to Be Awarded for the Dropped Questions in CUET UG 2022 Exam

August 04, 2022
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In a recent notification, NTA confirmed to award five marks to students in case any question is dropped from CUET UG 2022 paper. The Central University Entrance Test (CUET) is based on the Class 12 syllabus only and if any question is found wrong or withdrawn for any reason, candidates will be awarded five marks for such questions. 

Candidates who will solve such questions will be awarded five marks and not all students will get these bonus marks. 

CUET UG 2022 Phase 2

The second phase of CUET-UG 2022 is set to begin today, August 4 and NTA released this notification just before the exam. This year, Class 12 marks will not be considered for admission in central universities. All the universities and affiliated colleges will keep CUET 2022 marks as a base for preparing the respective merit list. 

NTA will communicate the marks obtained by candidates to the universities. In addition, guidelines on the CUET syllabus were also released before the CUET entrance exam. Significant changes have been made to the CUET 2022 keeping in mind the students' interests. Even the marking scheme has witnessed a few amendments. 

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