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CUET 2022 Phase IV To Be Conducted on August 30 for 11000 Students

August 15, 2022
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In order to accommodate the preferred city for the exam centre, NTA has decided to postpone CUET 2022 Phase 4 exam for 11000 students. Earlier, the CUET Phase 4 was scheduled to conclude on August 28. Now, the exam will be completed on August 30. 

Considering the earlier plan proposed by NTA, the fourth phase was supposed to be concluded by August 20. Later, NTA deferred the duration and finalized August 28 as the conclusion date.

CUET 2022 Phase IV: Exam Postponed for 11000 Students To Accommodate Choice City for Exam Centre

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UGC Chairman Jagadesh Kumar said, “The exam for over 11,000 out of 3.72 lakh students has been postponed to August 30. This has been done to accommodate their choice of city for the exam centre. NTA has increased the capacity at centres and also added more exam centres besides making efforts to ensure the quality of the centres is enhanced.”

In order to conclude the exam smoothly, additional technical resources are also deployed. There were many glitches witnessed during the second phase of CUET. In order to ensure the smooth execution of the exam, such measures have been adopted.

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