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ISC Exams 2023: Check Important Instructions For Theory Papers

February 15, 2023
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The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) started the ISC (Class) 12 board exam 2023 on February 13. The exams will last till March 31. Students took the English paper 1 or the English language paper on the first day of the ISC board exams. The paper started at 2:00 PM and continued till 5:00 PM. With a few exceptions, this will be the duration for the majority of the papers.

Check Important Guidelines of ICSE Exams 2023

Final exams for Class 10 or the ICSE will start on February 27. Candidates must bring a printout of their admit cards and adhere to the directions on it and the timetable on all ICSE board exam days. These are some things that students ought to keep in mind:

  • 5 minutes before the exam, sit in the exam room. Candidates who come late will need to provide the examiner with a good reason. The exam will not be given to anyone who is more than 30 minutes late, excepting unusual circumstances. Before the exam is finished, candidates are not allowed to leave the room.

  • Bring it to the examiner's attention if you receive an exam paper for which you are not registered or if the questions ask for a map or other stationery that should have been provided to you as well.

  • Read the instructions, including the number of questions to attempt, carefully at the top of the paper. Just the number of questions listed on the question paper should be answered.

  • Put your signature in the designated spot on the top sheet of the main answer booklet. On any part of the top sheet, do not write anything.

  • On the top-sheet of the main answer booklet, clearly write your UIN (Unique Identification Number), index number, and subject in the spaces provided. Additionally, this information needs to be written on the cover of every continuation booklet used, as well as on loose maps, graph paper, etc.

  • Only black/blue ballpoint pens should be used to fill out the answer booklet.

  • In the answer booklet, candidates must write on both sides of each sheet unless specifically prohibited by the question paper's rubric. Leave a margin to the right and left of your writing in the answer booklet. Start your response to each component of a question on a different line. Each answer should begin with the question number clearly written in the left-hand margin. After you've answered each question, leave a line empty.

  • Candidates may utilise a Casio fx-82 MS (Scientific Calculator), calculators from other manufacturers with comparable features, or calculators with only the most basic features. It is forbidden to use any calculator during a test that has information retrieval features.

  • 15 minutes are allocated for reading the questions in addition to the time allocated in the timetable for writing the paper.

  • When drafting a paper, arrange the sheets, including continuation sheets, graphs, maps, etc., in sequential order. Make sure to write a unique ID, index number, and subject name at the top of the first page as well as each subsequent page, graphs, and maps. Hand them over unfolded and secure them at the top left corner.

  • Only when you have finished writing on every page of the main answer booklet/continuation booklet that has previously been delivered will continuation booklets be provided upon request. The primary answer booklet must be attached to any continuation booklets that were utilised or not. Work should be done on the same sheet as the remainder of the answer, including any preliminary work.