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CBSE Released Important Notice Related To Marksheet & Migration Certificate

September 05, 2022
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After noticing that many educational institutes demanding physical copies of Class 12 mark sheets and migration certificates, CBSE issued a notice stating digital copies available on Digilocker are valid. The official notice is available on CBSE’s website ( 

CBSE Marksheet & Migration Certificate On Digilocker Valid, Confirms Official Notice

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According to the official notice, the mark sheet cum passing certificate and migration certificate available in Digilocker app with digital signature are legally valid for admission consideration. Education institutes should consider the digital copies available on Digilocker. In addition, CBSE also clarified that the physical copies of the migration certificate would be released in some time. 

The mark sheets and migration certificate available on the Digilocker app are digitally signed by the Controller of Examinations before uploading it on the app. Till the physical copies are released to the students, the educational institutions should verify the documents through Digilocker and allow time for students to submit the physical copies once they are released by the board.