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CBSE Term 2 Results 2022: More Delay Possible

July 04, 2022
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Students who appeared for the CBSE board exams might have to wait a bit long for the results. As indicated by CBSE’s officials, the compilation process is still under process and might require more time to complete the evaluation. 

One of the CBSE officials said, “While the evaluation process is almost complete, compilation and verification of marks are still pending. We are hoping to complete the process in the next 10 days. As soon as we complete it, we will be ready to announce the results.”

CBSE Board Results 2022: Likely To Be Released Within 10 To 15 Days

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Further, he added, “From regions like the northeast, especially Assam where there is floods, getting the evaluation done has been an issue and we are using helicopters to bring the answer sheets. So it’s difficult to give a date right now as we are working within certain uncertainties. But we are hopeful of completing the process to declare the results in the next 10-15 days.”

Though there is a clarification on the situation from CBSE, there is no commitment yet on the date and time of the Term 2 results 2022. The timely release of the Class 12 Board result 2022 is important as most undergraduate programs require Class 12 marks as one of the benchmarks for admission. Candidates are advised to check the CBSE's official website for further updates.