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Is History Important? Let’s Discuss the Benefits of Studying History

By AiswaryaMay 17, 2023
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Why should you Study History?

Have you ever wondered why is History important as a subject? If you go through the definition of history, you will understand what it is and why it is so important. History introduces the idea of human existence. It gives a sense of identity, cultural and social background, and meaning in life. It also teaches us about various human affairs, including religious affairs, political affairs and regional boundaries. Knowing History and analysing its various facts can help kids to build up critical thinking. As a result, they can think differently, with much knowledge and intelligence.

History gives us a clear view of the past. So, why do we study History? Although you must have a basic idea of history, the subject has many crucial benefits. Here, you can learn about them.

Benefits of Studying History

1. Better Understanding of the World

History is a subject that helps us understand different societies, ideologies, systems, cultures and governments. One of the most important reasons why do we study History is the need to know about how the old systems of society worked. If you help kids to learn about History, the detailed picture of the world can help them understand our current situation and how much we have improved during the past years.

Kids can learn about all the different aspects of the world or the different civilizations, and kids can learn about different people and their cultures. This vast knowledge about the world helps them build a free and intellectual mind.

2. History can be Inspiring at Times

What is History? History is a combination of great stories of the past. Some are about nations, while others are about great heroes. So, if you ask, is history important? Then the simple answer is that it helps to shape your kids’ minds. But how does History do that?

Well, there are not one but many ways to do that. But one of them is teaching kids about the world's great heroes whose actions shaped the entire nation and improved people’s lives. The historical stories of the great heroes can create a sense of greatness in kids. They can remember their heroes’ brilliance and contributions towards the formation of a better world we are living in today. Children can choose their heroes and follow their ways of life. Also, history inspires us to become great personalities by developing our perspective and the way we adapt to everything around us.

It also helps kids to learn about where their country stands today. As a result, it is easier to inspire children and help them do something great. That is why we always say that the importance of History lies in its pages.

3. Teaches about the Past Mistakes

Remembering the past is essential never to repeat the same mistake. Whether History describes a place of historical importance or explains a certain event, the uses of History lie in its narration of any event. When children read History, they learn about past mistakes. For example, the repetition of World War has proven to be the biggest mistake in History.

The past has plenty of warning signs. The narration of various historical events helps kids to learn about past mistakes, and they tend never to repeat them. In addition, learning History helps to identify the wrong ways and the right ones.

4. Provides a Sense of Better Citizenship

Learning History helps kids to build a sense of belonging. The importance of History lies in one of its most important aspects, better citizenship. If you want to know how can we know about the past, you can study the great freedom movement in the history books.

These incidents help to understand not only what the great personalities have done for their nation, but they also bring a sense of nationality to kids if you narrate the incidents to them. As a result, kids learn to love their country. You can also explain historical sense so your kids can understand nationalism. This can inspire them to become great personalities one day.


5. Builds Up Critical Thinking

The importance of History can be understood when the kids start to read and build strong critical thinking. With time language has changed. Even the way of narrating a story has become different. How can I know about the past? The answer to this question has always been to study History. But how many books should your kids read to build up their talent for critical thinking?

Since History is a vast subject covering multiple areas, reading various History books can help kids build strong critical thinking. As a result, they can learn to think with a more flexible mind, and they can also approach things in a better way.

6. Recognizes the Current Warnings

History is not just a subject that helps to learn about past mistakes. The civil wars in various countries are examples that just realising the past mistakes is one side of the coin. People need to analyse past incidents to avert anything in the future. For example, if your kids read about the past civil wars in America or France, they will likely understand the reasons behind today’s civil wars. They can analyse the condition of the countries like Sudan, Yemen, Syria, etc.

So, if you ask why history is important, it is because history tends to analyse past mistakes and recognise the current warnings.


History's significance lies in how the books narrate every past event. History can indeed shape the kids' minds as the books narrate every little detail in the most efficient form of stories.

Whether it is about national heroes and their deeds or the freedom movement of a country, the proper analysis of every event can create a big change in kids’ minds. They can feel inspired to do something for the country they belong to. Maybe some of them may even become great personalities in the future who can lead the entire country to improve.