Ways to Use the NCERT Biology Book for NEET Preparations

by Anusha Lal, May 19, 2020

The NEET exam tests your skills in physics, chemistry and biology. Of these three subjects, biology contains the maximum weightage as most of the questions are asked from there. Now, most of the students prepare for NEET biology from the NCERT textbook itself. Then you might wonder if all the students follow the same book then what is it that enables some students to qualify NEET while others fail. The difference is how they use the NCERT biology book for NEET preparations.

Here are three possibilities. For each case, we have tried to show you how you can maximize the outcome of your preparation. Read these tips and get to know how to properly use the NCERT biology book for your NEET preparations. 

  1. Use the NCERT Book as the only Book

What some students do is that they use the NCERT book alone without any other book. They use NCERT books as the main textbook for their preparations. If you are using the NCERT book this way, you will have to make sure that you carefully go through the entire books (both part 1 and part 2). You should read every line of the book carefully. Spend time highlighting important information. Also, you must take time to practise writing the answers to the questions behind each chapter including the miscellaneous ones. If you have any doubt you must ask your teachers. Be sure to go through the book multiple times.

  1. Use the NCERT Book with a Reference Material

You can notch up your NCERT preparations by going through one or more reference books. You can study from a good reference book in conjunction with studying from the NCERT Biology book. You can also refer to online notes or handwritten notes. NCERT solutions can also be the reference material. There are other question banks that are a good reference material as they help you achieve deeper understanding of biology. Biology being a vast subject there are a lot of minute details that will need your attention while studying. So having a question book may seem helpful.

  1. Use the NCERT Books with NCERT Solutions

The NCERT book has a lot of questions that are asked at the end of each book and each chapter. These questions are not only important for your exams but are also a test of your understanding and learning outcomes. But solving these questions may seem difficult to a student as these questions are mostly conceptual and require insights to the topics learnt. You may face troubles solving these questions and you may need help. The NCERT solutions can help you as they have solutions to all the questions in the books. Additionally, the answers are well explained and easy to understand.

  1. Use NCERT Biology Book as the Mother Material

For some people always reading from the book may become a hectic task. If you feel the same you can try using the NCERT books as the mother material. You can read the books multiple times, make note of the important aspects and then revise from the notes regularly.

No matter how you want to use the NCERT biology book, just remember that it is the primary textbook which will lead you to success. So read it wholeheartedly and revise more with undivided attention. These two actions of yours will ensure you a good rank in the NEET rank list and make you a successful aspirant.

Ways to Use the NCERT Biology Book for NEET Preparations