Ways in which Coronavirus Infection Can Disrupt the Lives of Your Children

by Sagar, March 19, 2020

Reports suggest 110 confirmed cases of COVID-19 till date in India. As the infection shows no sign of dying down, schools across most of the country remain closed to prevent an outbreak amongst students. While the move is aimed at reducing the risk of contamination and spread of the Coronavirus infection, it has also disrupted normal life and learning for children.

As a parent, you should be much concerned with keeping your children safe. However, you must also ensure that Coronavirus does not damage your child’s learning, growth and routine. These disruptions can result in long-term harm for your child if you are not careful.

Read on to understand how this Coronavirus infection can have severe and underlying implications for your children.

  1. Social isolation can have adverse effects

Due to the schools being shut down, children in India are spending most of their time indoors. As a precautionary measure, some parents have also barred them from going out to play with friends. This sudden change in routine can have an immense impact on a child’s psyche. 

You need to understand that most young kids don’t even know what is coronavirus, let alone its dangers. Thus, to help your child cope with such isolation, ensure you spend as much time with them as you can. Whether it is by assisting them to attend online classes at Vedantu or merely playing with them, small gestures can mean a lot to your child.

  1. Missing co-curricular activities

Today, almost every child is involved with several other activities apart from studies. Be it sports, dancing, singing or anything else, the Coronavirus infection scare has led to a stop to all of these activities for your children. 

Regardless of the activity, such pursuits are necessary to keep your child occupied. They also help your child develop additional skills which are immensely useful in the real world, such as concentration, dedication, determination and more.

Thankfully, your child can continue to hone these skills even with the Coronavirus scare. At home, let your child practice such crafts. If possible, join in with them to cheer them on. 

  1. Excessive strictness regarding personal hygiene

The outbreak of the virus has most parents panicking. As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), washing hands frequently and adopting a few other sanitary methods are the best ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Nevertheless, parents should enforce such personal hygiene-related rules for their kids without being too strict.

Rather than scolding or screaming at your child, help them understand how washing their hands with soap frequently can ensure safety. Use positive reinforcement so that your child maintains the hygiene guidelines. For instance, praise your child when you see him/her following the various rules around the house. 

  1. Lack of physical exercise can lead to obesity

A child’s daily routine generally involves a lot of physical activity, including playtime, activities and more. However, after the Coronavirus infection outbreak in the country, most children are stuck indoor with minimal physical activity. As a parent, you can change this. 

 ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ is true for this time as well as any other.  Engage in playtime with your children at such a time. Even though your son or daughter may miss their usual playtime buddies, they will still have their mom and dad to play and entertain them.

A 2019 survey indicates that almost 14.5 million Indian children are obese. Lack of adequate physical activity is one of the prime reasons for the same. Don’t let your fear of coronavirus drive your kids to lifelong weight issues. Remember that childhood obesity can lead to major chronic conditions in the future.

  1. Rumours and fake news can spoil children’s lives

The general populace is highly alert and susceptible at present. Taking advantage of this mass panic, several groups are spreading fake news through social media websites like Facebook, WhatsApp and others. 

Therefore, as a parent, you should avoid taking things at face value. Do not feed your children something just because someone said that it is a miraculous preventive drug against Coronavirus.   

Refer to credible websites and news outlets to understand the real impact of the condition. You should also check the official WHO portal for updates regarding treatment, testing methods and precautions. Following these measures should be sufficient in safeguarding your family against the condition.

  1. Panic and fear in kids

Always remember that children look up to their parents in times of crisis. If they see you panicking, it will scare them as well. Even though the situation may seem dire now, make sure to keep your calm in front of your kids. If they seem tense or afraid due to news of the disease, you should put up a brave face. Tell them that following the personal hygiene guidelines should protect them against all possibilities of the condition. 

  1. Academic disruption

Perhaps the most significant impact of coronavirus striking the nation is that schools have been closed at the moment. Such an emergency measure may have safeguarded your child’s health; however, it may have a negative impact on their academic progress. We at Vedantu understand the importance of each school day and have come up with an alternative to classes which are just as effective.

Our free online sessions will aid children who are stuck at home to continue with their studies. Through our live classes, students can gain a comprehensive understanding of any topic within their academic syllabus and stay on top of their studies.

How we help your kid to stay ahead of the curve?

In this day and age of fierce competition, you need to ensure that your children stay ahead of the pack. With our classes, your kids can stay updated with their studies during this temporary school shut down. While these classes usually bear a price tag, we are inclined to help parents at such a dire time. 

We are currently offering free online video classes to students who are disconnected from their regular academic life. Your child can take advantage of interactive sessions and practise test to learn every chapter. With you by their side, guiding them on, our classes should prove to be immensely useful when the yearly exam time rolls around. 

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You must be wondering what the catch is here! Well, there is no catch. All you need to do is download the Vedantu app on your phone or smart device. Also, this app is entirely free, just like the video classes. 

Don’t let Coronavirus infection stop your child’s academic progress. Avail our online classes conducted by subject experts. It will ensure that your kid’s education continues even when the classes are suspended. Now keep your child's preparation undeterred with our CBSE study materials and NCERT Solutions Class 1 to 12 all subjects available on the Vedantu site.

Ways in which Coronavirus Infection Can Disrupt the Lives of Your Children