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Uses of Sentences to Improve Your Writing

By Shiwani PandeyAugust 02, 2022
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Learn How to Construct a Sentence

Learning sentence structure is the basic thing of learning English. If you want to learn voice change and narration or if you want to pursue a successful career in the English language in the future, you need to learn how to form a sentence.

However, English, like any other language, follows some grammatical rules like, she is a happy woman: complex sentence. Teachers and parents can do some activities to enable students to learn all the sentence formation structures. In this article, we discuss how to do sentence construction, how to facilitate sentence and how to improve sentence structure.

How Can You Construct Sentences?

  • Firstly, ask the students what they know about sentences. To facilitate sentence, you need to have basic knowledge about sentences. If you ask them the question, perhaps they may answer, “When some words come together, they form a sentence”. But the sentence construction does not end here. They need to understand their types too.

  • Once they can answer the sentence, the teacher has to move on to the next level: the types of sentences. 

  1. Simple Sentence: Simple sentences usually contain a subject and a verb. For example- We went to school.

  2. Complex Sentence: This sentence is a little harder than the previous one. It contains a dependent clause and an independent clause joined by subordinators like that, though, as, because, when, what, who, etc. For example, I know that he used to live here.

  3. If you wish to know the formula of sentence construction, you must understand the compound sentence just like the rest. A compound sentence is a sentence a lot similar to a complex sentence. It also has an independent clause and a dependent clause, but unlike complex sentences, compound sentences are joined by conjunctions like, but, or, and, yet, so, etc. I know him, but I do not know where he lives. If you want to know about sentence building activities, this is the first stop for students.

  • Besides learning about different types of sentences, just like she is a happy woman: complex sentence, the students need to learn some more basic things about sentences too. For example, the teacher needs to instruct the students to capitalise the first letter of every first word of the sentence. The sentence must end with a full stop, exclamation mark, question mark, etc., proper use of verbs, etc.

  • Learning tense is the most important thing in learning English. It is essential to learn how to speak or write in English. It is also important to read in English. Imagine you want to read your favourite novel, and you cannot understand anything just because you do not have any knowledge of tense. That is why teachers should start teaching tenses when students get a little older. Remember, it takes time and getting hurried does not take anyone anywhere. Use different sentence structures and learn how you can write more effectively.

How to Improve Sentence Construction?

Sentence Construction

Sentence Construction

  • To form a sentence, the basic rule of sentence formation is to place the subject and the object in the right places. The subject is the one that does a particular work and the predicate is the one to whom the work is done. So, always place the subject at the beginning and the predicate at the end of the sentence.

  • Fluffy sentences tend to bore people. That is why teachers must teach their students how to write simple sentences. To do that, students need to keep following the length of the sentence and read it again to correct any mistakes.

  • When students get a little older, teach them how to use different sentence structures. This is one of the ways to know how to improve sentence structure. Voice change is another formula to know how to improve sentence formation. Teachers should teach students the difference between active voice and passive voice. Remember, teaching the rules does not make any difference until the students do not know the difference between active and passive voice and when to use them in sentences.

  • We have talked about voice change above, but you can also learn how to use different sentence structures. Tense is the most important of all the other elements of English grammar. When a student constructs a sentence, it is very easy to lose track of the tense as the sentence becomes bigger. But remember to keep track of your tense and maintain a proper sentence. For example, She drove to the shopping mall and then will go to her parent's house, which is incorrect. Instead, you can write, she drove to the shopping mall and went to her parents' house. These are some of the rules to learn about sentence construction

Activities to Teach Students How to Form Sentences

English Sentence Construction for Kids

English Sentence Construction for Kids

  • Activity sentence, a way to teach kids how to improve sentence formation efficiently, can help students learn English much faster. The first activity we are about to discuss is something the teachers must undertake. They can make a PowerPoint presentation about how the sentences form. They can show what should be placed in the beginning and what comes after that. The PowerPoint presentation can also show different types of sentences and their attributes. Students tend to learn more by seeing something than just hearing about it. They can ask them different questions based on the presentation.

  • Teachers can use different clause posters to make students learn about different clauses and ask them to identify them one by one. This is one of the best sentence building activities to teach students English.

  • Teachers can give students sentence construction flashcards and ask them to identify the nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, etc. This activity sentence is very helpful in teaching English to beginners.


Learning sentence construction is very important. Especially those whose mother tongue is not English need to pay more attention to this. But to do this, students need to learn the basic rules of forming a sentence. Teachers can do several activities like the ones listed above to help students learn sentence formation.