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Proven Techniques to Improve Memory Power and Concentration

By Puja RoyAugust 09, 2022
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Expert Tips to Improve Memory Power and Concentration


The moment babies are born, their brains start registering information from their surroundings. A baby learns a language used by their family and even develops the power to learn more languages. As we age, our memory power reduces. Forgetfulness is quite common among aged people. It also happens to young minds due to prolonged stress and tension. Increasing memory power is possible by following certain proven techniques.

All these methods show us how to improve memory with the proper practice of good habits. We will discuss how to improve our memory and concentration. Let us define what memory power is first.

What is Memory Power?

Memory power is the ability to retain information and recall it whenever needed. It has been found that memory power can be compared to muscle power. Both these powers increase when you practise proven methods. It means lifting weights increases muscle power. Similarly, exercising memory boosting techniques will also result in increasing memory. This is what is the function of memory we use every day to retain and recall information.

What is Concentration?

Concentration is the capability of focusing on something without getting distracted. It is different for different people. The degree of attention one pays to a particular thing is also termed concentration. The power of concentration depends on the speed of recalling things and directing one's attention to a single thing.

It also depends on the memory power of a person. If you know how to improve the memory, you will also improve your concentration power simultaneously. Hence, concentration and memory power are interrelated.

Tips to Improve Memory Power and Concentration

Our brain has an amazing capacity of remembering things. A healthy brain can do miracles that are beyond our perception. We often weaken or lose this power due to certain circumstances. Here is how to increase memory power and concentration using the following tips.

How to Increase Your Memory Power

How to Increase Your Memory Power

  1. Learning to Focus

The first step is to control your monkey mind and learn to focus. We often see that our thoughts jump from one point to the other and it’s not in our control. Paying attention to something is the first step to boosting memory power.

To develop focus, you need to keep away all distractions from your study room. Make it a place where you can concentrate and focus peacefully. Neurology experts explain how to increase memory power in students by learning to focus first.

  1. Meditation

A proven technique to improve your concentration and memory is by practising meditation. One such technique is mindfulness practice through which you will become aware of what is happening in and around you. You will learn how to ignore them and concentrate on something.

This meditation technique teaches you to slow down the train of thoughts and calm your mind. It teaches how to increase your memory power by controlling your monkey mind. When you start practising this technique, you will find how restless your mind is. You will learn to settle your mind down. It will help you to calm down, de-stress, and let the negativity flow out of your system.

  1. Learn Something New

Another proven way of developing your mind to remember things is by learning something new. Our brain chemistry shows the making of new brain cells and connections when it registers something new. Remember that your achievements are good memories that help you to stay happy.

It can be anything. You can develop a new hobby related to art, learn a new language, play an instrument, etc. This activity will rewire your brain and help you remember things more. Research suggests speaking more than one language can boost your memory and ward off memory problems in people.

  1. Repeat and Recall

When you learn something new, try to repeat it. Consider this example. You have studied a new scientific law. It is explained well in the book. Make notes in your language in a concise format. Draw the figures and practice the mathematical explanation given. You will remember it for a longer period.

Repeating and retrieving things you have studied in different ways will increase your brain’s retention power and shows how to boost memory.

  1. Good Food Habits

There are good foods that offer excellent nutrition to boost your memory. It has been found that children eating such foods display better memory functions. There are different types of diets designed to contain foods to improve memory.

The Mediterranean Diet is designed to control high blood pressure. This type of diet contains plant-based food containing green, colourful, and leafy vegetables. Eating whole grains and legumes adds good protein and fat to the diet. Our brain needs a high amount of fat to function and grow new brain cells. Fatty fish and olive oil are ideal for brain development. Hence, good food is linked to good memory.

  1. Avoid These Foods

Munching on fast foods such as potato chips, wafers, burgers, etc can cause damage to your brain. Your thinking power reduces considerably when your brain is invaded by the unhealthy fat present in these types of junk food. Avoid cheese, salt, fried foods, excess red meat, sugar, and any kind of processed food. Eat freshly cooked food every day.


These memory power increase tips will help you retain new information better and recall them whenever you want. Follow these techniques and don’t forget to do physical exercise. It helps our brain to remain happy. Stay hydrated all the time and eat good food.

Playing with friends in the evening and taking breaks will help find out how to improve memory and concentration. Rest well and do not stress. Learn when to stop and take a break and relax at regular intervals.