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Life Lessons We Can Learn from Famous Explorers

By Shiwani PandeyAugust 11, 2022
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Things about Life Taught By Famous Explorers Across the World

It often happens that our problems feel much bigger than what everybody is facing around us. If we look around, we will find people suffering from many other problems. Upon focusing on such problems, we will eventually realise that our lives are much better. To understand the various aspects of life, let us focus on what the famous explorers wanted to tell us.

They journeyed across the world and gained immense knowledge. It is their philosophies that explain to us the way of life. The hidden messages in what the philosophies of explorers of the world tell us how problems come and go. It also explains how we can overcome these obstacles and achieve our goals. To understand these life lessons, let us find out what an explorer is first.

Who is an Explorer?

There is historical evidence that many explorers left their comfort zone and went on a journey that the entire world would remember. These people who had the urge to see the rest of the world have given us many life lessons.

There are different types of explorers we have studied in history. The common traits of all these explorers are as follows.

  • Traversing the Uncharted

Be it a topographical limit or an unknown place, explorers are the kind of travellers who explored the places where no one thought to go. They love to explore the places that make people think twice and even haunt them to even try.

  • Knowing the Unknown

The explorers set their course to something unknown in search of answers. We have studied Columbus and Vasco Da Gama who travelled and crossed ferocious seas to land in a new place that wasn’t even mapped earlier.

  • Understanding the Underlying Truth

The exploration of unknown lands and places and studying people made them realise so many new truths about life. The clear view of life reflected in their journals and anecdotes makes us think. The ideas and thoughts of the famous explorers of the world motivate us to a considerable extent.

Famous Explorers and Life Lessons

Famous Explorers and Life Lessons 

Life Lessons to Learn From Famous Explorers

  1. Marco Polo (1254-1324)

Back then, travelling a considerable distance was not even possible due to the lack of vehicles. The only means of long transport were boats. He travelled to other countries and lived in China for 15 years. His travel to Asia has been documented well depicting the diversity of culture and lifestyles of people in different countries.

People liked Marco Polo so much that a foreigner was made the governor of a city in China. Isn’t this interesting? It shows how he overcame all the diversities and became a loved one to the Chinese.

  1. Christopher Columbus (1451-1506)

He was a voyager who wanted to find new land for colonisation. He was inspired by the tales of Marco Polo’s journey. He managed his ship on a long journey, tamed the restless oceans and reached North America. His voyages are a reminder that if you are consistent and confident enough, you can achieve anything in your life.

  1. Vasco Da Gama (1460-1524)

It was the successful attempt of Vasco Da Gama that made the world know about a country rich with resources. It was he who first landed in India in 1497. His urge to discover India tells us how to follow our dreams and lead the world with our success.

  1. James Cook

James Cook was a Royal Navy Captain of the British Army and one of the top 10 famous explorers. His feat groundbreaking expeditions gave us the most accurate maps of New Zealand, the Pacific Ocean, and Australia. His work is no less than the pathfinder of modern voyagers.

  1. Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary

These two great explorers went on to scale Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. In 1953, the instruments to tackle the lack of oxygen and other physiological issues were absent.

Despite the hurdles, these two friends overcame all the terrain hurdles such as frost bites, powerful winds, rain, tumbling rocks, crevasses, and avalanches to reach the top of the world. They did not reveal who reached the top point first and gave credit to all the team members. This is a true example of friendship and team spirit.

  1. Amelia Earhart

This young lady flew an aeroplane in 1932 to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the first attempt. Back then, she was a female pilot in a male-dominating profession. She showed us how to be an explorer of the world by overcoming challenges. Her 14 hours of solo flight tells us to take the advantage of opportunities to prove our worth.

  1. Neil Armstrong

He is the first man to cross the gravitational field of earth and land on the moon with his two other teammates. He was the one to set foot first on the moon in 1969. He was the humblest of heroes the world has witnessed. The information about explorers tells us how he stayed away from fame and expressed the success of his feat to be the outcome of everyone’s hard work. His story tells us to be humble and graceful all the time.

  1. Ed Stafford

In a remarkable feat in 2011, Ed Stafford walked more than 6500 kilometres across the banks of Amazon. It is the densest and most dangerous rainforest we know. His feat explains us to come out of our comfort zone and choose an upstream course to achieve something unbelievable. He is considered to be one of the most famous travellers of modern times.

Explorers with Extraordinary Life Lessons

These are the famous explorer names that have done something miraculous. It is their feats that made us think about life in a different way. Their way of making the impossible possible encourages us to be strong and confident. To read more of such interesting blogs, visit our website and check out the plethora of interesting topics we hold.