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Essential Tips to Ace Your Revision Just Before Exams

By Shiwani PandeySeptember 11, 2022
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Last Minute Revision Tips: How to Revise Like a Pro Just Before Exams

Exam times are when students spend more time with books rather than playing or enjoying themselves with their friends. So, with exam season, the pressure to ace the test and score good marks is definitely on. While some students have already made their study plan and are completely prepared to face their exams, there are some who might be nervous while finishing up their revisions at the last minute. So, it is definitely important to ensure that the efforts made during the last-minute revision are strategic and well-placed.


A Girl Highlighting Her Notebook

A Girl Highlighting Her Notebook 

Every student has their own strategies and plans throughout the entire academic year. Considering the time left for the exams is not that much, it is more important to share tips to ace revision just before exams than to write another generic article about exam preparation tips. As far as last-minute revisions go, there are plenty of tips to help you out in the revision process.


Understand the Importance of Revision for Exam 

So what exactly are the benefits of revision for the exams? Why do we revise the syllabus, go through questions, practice all questions, and that too more than two times? Well, there are multiple benefits associated with revision, and hence you will be able to sit for your exam if you revise properly. Here are some benefits of revising before exams. 

  • Helps in Recalling Details 

Revision is basically you are trying to read a particular topic or concept for the second or a third time. When you are reading something for the first time, it is a completely new topic with new subject material. However, when it comes to revision, you are actually looking and the topic or the subject material again. 

Hence, you will be able to recall some of the minute details that you read the first time. This will also help when it comes to acing your exams because after revising the topics, you will be able to formulate the entire topic in your mind pretty easily. 

  • Increases Confidence 

When you revise a topic properly just before the exams, you will be able to gain more confidence. The more you revise a chapter or a topic, the more knowledge you have about it. Then you can go ahead and answer any question from the topic to ace your exams. Hence, revision is definitely an important thing if you want to have the confidence to tackle every question in the examination. 

  • Compliments Study Efforts 

There is no doubt that studying for exams is one of the most important steps of the learning process. Revisions tend to complement the different efforts that you make while studying. So, when you revise what you have already read once or twice, there is no doubt that you will become more thorough and knowledgeable about the topic. 

That, in turn, makes you better prepared for the examinations, and you are able to get some good grades as well. So the more you are revising, the more you will be well prepared for the exams and hence be on top of your class. 

  • No More Stress or Anxiety 

When it comes to last-minute exam preparation, most students tend to have a lot of anxiety and stress about that. While a little bit of stress before the exams can be a good thing, a lot of anxiety isn’t. A little stress can help students focus on the goal of scoring well in the examination, but anxiety will make sure that students aren’t able to concentrate. So, this is where revision can help you out. 

If you are pretty confident about the revision process and the strategies that you have applied to complete your syllabus in time, you will gain more confidence for the examination. So this way, you will be able to lessen the amount of anxiety that you are feeling. 

Last Minute Exam Tips for Revision 

Here we are going to mention some revision tips for students who are preparing last minute for their examination. Follow these tips if you want to score some good marks in your upcoming exams. 

  1. Solve Previous Years’ Question Papers 

People say that the more you practice, the better you can become at something. This rule generally applies to everything, and hence one can apply it to exam preparations as well. If you truly want to get more practice before your exams, make sure that you are solving at least one paper every day from the previous year’s question papers. This technique can help in analyzing the examination pattern and also give you more confidence to score high. 

  1. Create a Timetable 

Talking about exam preparation, you should definitely have a revision timetable. A proper study plan can definitely help a lot. You can allot a particular time of the day for revision and go through the materials that you have already studied once or twice. 

  1. Have Your Own Space 

Now, this point is pretty obvious because, in order to revise and recall the concepts that you have studied before, you will need a quiet place. so make sure you are sitting somewhere you won't find a TV and keep your phone away as well. 

  1. Make Notes for Studying 

Probably one of the most effective revision techniques is to make summary notes while going through the material again. When you just read a lesson, you aren’t able to remember much about it the next time you try and recall something. However, when you write it down, you will be able to remember the important points from the topic, which can be a great help during the examination.



Now that we have provided you with some smart techniques for revision, it is time for you to test these out and see if they actually work. As the exam season is coming, students need to have some last-minute study tips for exams. By following these tips, you will surely and certainly be able to revise the entire syllabus and get great marks in the examination.