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Tips for Finding a Balance Between Studies and Socializing

By AiswaryaAugust 16, 2023
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How to Achieve a Study Life Balance in School?

With time the pandemic has blurred the thin lines of difference between studies and socializing. There is only one screen for all your activities, from online classes to interaction with friends. This one single screen is both the friend and enemy of an individual. The same space gives students a chance to be a student and a friend/relative. No change in the work environment leads to difficulties faced by students. The capability of a student defines their potential for an easy transition into studies and social balance.

How To Create Study Life Balance In School?

Create Boundaries Between One’s Study Self and Personal Self

When we view ourselves as an individual, there are multiple selves within us. These are the root of who we are and how we would maintain a study-life balance. One of the study life balance examples includes a student who understands the meaning of efficient studying and devotes time to studies and family equally.

All Type of Stresses Aren’t Bad for Us

Stress is our body’s way of responding to change. It isn’t bad for us always. There are two kinds of stress one is eustress which is positive stress, and the other is distress which is negative stress. Some stress is a source of motivation for optimal performance, and these stresses are good for us to manage a good performance level in general.

Adapt to the Latest Trends in Education

Digital technology is being introduced in the field of education as well. It is essential to upskill ourselves with MOOC online courses, take up digital responsibility, and learn essential skills required in the present world.

Learn from Diverse Resources

Don’t confine yourself to a few sets of resources. Use various useful resources either in the form of videos, books, mindmaps, notes, etc. You can also consider making an online group for studies with friends and connecting with them. You can try different creative ways to make studies fun for you. 

Adapt to Different Study Techniques

Different study methods are scientifically approved for their strategies. Some of the known and often-used methods are Chunking and Mnemonic devices. The chunking study method refers to taking individual pieces of information and grouping them. One can break their study plan into chunks of time to achieve efficient results. The mnemonic devices refer to memorizing concepts through letters, numbers, or other relatable information.

Turn Social Media Off for Some Part of the Day

Social media consumes a portion of one’s life, and it is highly engaging. The distraction caused by social media indicates a high risk of depression and anxiety among students. To maintain a decent balance between studies and life, it is advised to switch social media off for some part of the day.

Find a Healthy Balance in Lifestyle

A nutritious diet, regular exercise, and mental wellness are essential for a healthy balance in lifestyle. A healthy diet improves one’s cognition, concentration, and energy sleep levels. Sleep helps to improve learning capabilities, and lack of sleep causes loss of concentration and lowered efficiency.

Realize and Focus on Realistic Expectations

Perfectionism is the worst trap to fall into for maintaining study-life balance. Students who wish to acquire a state of decent mental well-being should avoid the two extremes of this path. Those who want to achieve perfect results either don’t start the work and continue to procrastinate, or they put in so much effort that they begin to lose their sanity. It is better to stay midway through this to get results that are fruitful to you.

Have a Schedule to Maintain Weekly

Maintaining a weekly schedule makes the study process easier for students in general. Prefer following a dedicated schedule for work and life such that no obstacles can change it for you. A well-maintained and pre-decided schedule can help the student to understand their lifestyle and necessities eventually making it easier to achieve good study-life balance.

Enjoy Studying

Making the process fun changes the tone of the task for us. If you would include activities that are interesting to you and get through the process of studying that you find interesting. Making studies a burden will only increase the level of difficulty for the task, but if it is fun, then the process can be as interesting as you might imagine.

Design a Roadmap for Growth

Career planning is an essential part of studies as we align our curriculum and skill sets closely with the career we choose. This roadmap will be the guiding light for you to maintain a balance between studies and life along with making your career a defined choice for you with time.


It is good to understand the importance of study life balance at the right time of your life as it can help you manage the two in the correct proportions required. A decent balance between the two can be an ideal way for a student to live a life that is fun, enlightening, and beneficial.

FAQs on Tips for Finding a Balance Between Studies and Socializing

1. What is the study-life balance?

Study-life balance is a source for students to find ways to enjoy both aspects of life simultaneously.

2. Does planning help in creating a balance?

Yes, planning helps in creating a balance between social life and study life.

3. Is it possible to socialize while balancing studies in school?

Yes, socializing is possible while balancing studies in school.