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Things One Can Do in Their Leisure Time While Preparing for NEET

By Preeti BhardwajOctober 09, 2020
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Neet exams are tough and require at least 4 to 6 hours of studying. This can be hectic and tough and moreover stressing which can drag you down from concentrating on the subjects better. So here in this article, we will mention you several methods or things you can do in your leisure time while you are preparing for your NEET exam.

  1. Talk to your friends and family or siblings

  2. Take up an interesting hobby

  3. Listen to your favourite tune

  4. Exercise and yoga

  5. Proper rest

  6. Meditation

Leisure Activities While Preparing for the NEET Examination

Talk to Your Friends

If life is like a jigsaw, friends are those pieces who complete the image of your particular jigsaw puzzle. Talking to friends can be a stress booster. You may have or go through many problems in life, many things might bother you, your friends might not solve your problems but might help you elevate your mood by bringing in positive energy, and this what you need in the processing of learning or preparation for Neet. If your friend is also a fellow Neet aspirant, then that adds to the benefits. You can share your methods of learning, bring each other up and help each other by talking on concepts that you might have difficulty on or you share your understanding of concepts. Through this, you can easily learn what you've already read. Review your progress, ask for new perspectives on topics, methods of learning. So next time whenever you're stressed out try to call your trusted friend who can help you out.

Take Up a Hobby

Due to exam pressure, we forget to go after hobbies which actually help us to boost our moods. Be it dancing, singing, playing an instrument, swimming, or cooking; you can pursue any of the hobbies depending on your interests. By engaging yourself in these kinds of hobbies, you can rejuvenate and enhance your intellectual standards. For example, singing and dancing are proven to increase the power of concentration and memory power and discipline in an individual. Also, an interesting thing to do in your leisure time can help you spend some time to discover more about yourself.


Listen to your favourite melodies in small breaks or when you're stressed and try taking deep breaths. Music elevates the mood and makes you happier, i.e. lowers stress and improves visual and verbal skills. Apart from these, music can make you concentrate more on what you're listening to and divert your mind from the tension or anxiety.

Exercise or Practice Yoga

Your body needs to be active for a healthy mind, so make sure you engage yourself in yoga or exercising, brisk walking or jogging. Such activities can quite help you for a healthy body and alert mind. Some of the benefits for a healthy mind is

  • It reduces stress levels and elevates alertness

  • It improves concentration

  • Elevates the moods

  • Helps you in memory retention

  • This stimulates developments in brain cells

Take Proper Rest

Don't do late-night studies instead try to study in the morning hours. As in the morning hours, we tend to be more attentive. Rest might not be classified as an activity but is very necessary for the body and mind. If you have been studying for hours, then it is very necessary for you to have a sound sleep. Revising the topic after a sound sleep will help you in memorizing them more. Proper sleep also helps in regenerating themselves so that you feel relaxed while you're exhausted with your studies. The excessive study will drain you and can start affecting your skin and mental health; also, this can become an issue during your entrance exam. So take good rest and score well. Now that you've gone through the article, make your leisure time effectively so that it can help you in performing your entrance exam well.


Schedule meditation in your time table. Meditation can boost your concentration and focusing power and helps you in being active. It can elevate your deeper understanding of topics and concepts. Even many sports persons also meditate to stay focused. Meditation can help you in obtaining peace whenever you're on the edge of reacting to situations; it helps you in facing problems with calmness.


You can do many such things at the time of preparing for your entrance exams like eating your favourite food, watch any sort of laughter video on youtubes to refresh your mind, have a nature walk, play with your dog or cat, etc. Try to optimize your time in things which are necessary for you or factor which contributes towards making the best version of yourselves.

All the best for your preparations.