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Exciting Summer Camps for Kids in Bangalore 2024

By FathimaMay 07, 2024
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Bangalore, affectionately known as the Garden City, is a dynamic hub that bursts into even more vivid life as summer rolls in. 

Exciting Summer Camps for Kids in Bangalore 2024

Whether you're a long-time local or just getting to know this fabulous city, there's a unique charm to Bangalore’s summers that's quite unlike anywhere else. Now, give a summer that could be transformative for your kids — a season filled with exploration, learning, and growth. 

In this article, we've handpicked some fantastic options in Bangalore where your little ones can dive into these experiences. 

Ensure your preschoolers return home with more than just memories this summer. Vedantu’s multifaceted summer camp courses are expertly curated to provide skills and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Why Enroll Kids for a Summer Camp in Bangalore?

Your little ones will get into the vibrant array of summer camps available that goes beyond the ordinary. The summer camp in Bangalore includes art and science, sports, and technology, and is crafted with care to cater to a wide range of interests.

And here's something special: each camp is as unique as your child. The diversity of activities is carefully tailored to ignite young minds and nurture budding talents. Whether your child dreams of programming robots, painting landscapes, or scoring goals, there's a place where these dreams are taken seriously — turned into fun, engaging sessions that they will cherish.

Ready? Come on then!

Exciting Summer Camps for Kids in Bangalore 2024

Summer is the perfect canvas for your child's creativity and curiosity, and we've got just the lineup of camps to color their world with new skills and experiences. Each of these unique camps offers something special that can help your little one shine, discover new passions, and make unforgettable memories.

Let’s get you started!

1. Frolic Boonies 

Frolic Boonies

Nestled away from the city hustle, Frolic Boonies sits in the heart of nature's playground!

This summer camp in Bangalore is a perfect escape into the wild, promising a summer filled with discovery and hands-on learning. It is the go-to spot if your little explorer is eager to step into the boots of an adventurer. 

Adventure and Wildlife Activities

How excitedly your child can be whispering as they spot a majestic elephant on a jungle safari, or quietly observing a rare bird through their binoculars! 

Frolic Boonies offers these exhilarating experiences and more, with a variety of wildlife activities that spark curiosity and respect for nature. It fills your child’s summer with thrilling stories of their natural encounters! This includes:

  • Guided jungle safaris that offer a glimpse into the world of wild animals

  • Bird watching sessions that teach patience and attention to detail

Balancing Safety, Learning, and Fun

At Frolic Boonies, the thrill of adventure always comes with a strong emphasis on safety. Every activity is overseen by experienced professionals who ensure that fun never compromises well-being.

So, your kids can climb, explore, and discover under watchful eyes. The aim is to equip your child with skills and knowledge that nurture a responsible approach to outdoor activities.

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1. Utsaha Summer Camp

Let your children dive into a world where colors, shapes, and textures come alive at Utsaha Summer Camp! Here, your child can get their hands busy with a wide array of crafts and artistic activities designed to spark their creativity. 

Utsaha provides the perfect setting for young minds to flourish creatively. Whether it’s painting, sculpting, or crafting something unique, it’s a place where every brushstroke and every clay model is a step towards the following:

  • Building confidence

  • Enhancing teamwork

  • Expressing oneself freely

Beyond arts and sketches, if your kid is into language and literacy, Vedantu’s Spelling Bee Master Course can be of great help! Its spelling bingo and scrabble/word search events and prizes are a gateway to enhance their communication skills!

2. The FLUX Project

The FLUX Project with traditional arts and crafts

The FLUX Project is where technology meets creativity in an inspiring blend of programming, robotics, and digital arts. 

This summer camp in Bangalore is tailor-made for the curious and inventive young mind, eager to explore how technology can be integrated with traditional arts and crafts. 

The supportive atmosphere nurtures your innovators to develop skills in a fun, engaging environment. It’s where your child can tinker, code, and create, paving the way for future tech geniuses!

All right! Give your child a head start in the world of coding with classes tailored for grade 1-8. Sign up for a free trial now with Vedantu's Virtual Coding Classes for Kids!

3. Cut, Paste, and Concepts  

If your child delights in turning simple materials into stunning works of art, then Cut, Paste, and Concepts is the perfect summer destination. This camp explores a variety of art forms such as clay work and paper crafting, encouraging children to delve into their creative depths. 

It's all about hands-on learning that boosts artistic skills and producing tangible artworks that your child can be proud of. 

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4. The Incredible Summer Camp

Let the spotlight shine on your child at The Incredible Summer Camp. This summer camp in Bangalore offers a rich mix of activities like acting, singing, and mastering the art of stagecraft. 

Your little ones can perform at their best while enhancing personal confidence and teamwork skills among other performers, one stage at a time. 

Plus, the memories made here are sure to last a lifetime!

Want your child to transform into a math genius beyond a confident performer? Boost their math skills with Vedantu's Mental Math course! Help them build confidence and speed in math. Sign up today! 

5. Summer Express

Summer Express with Creative Workshop

Summer Express can be the perfect stop for your child to explore diverse interests in a vibrant, creative setting.

There's an imaginative landscape of workshops to match every young artist's dream, including acting, puppetry, writing, and array of visual arts.

And for those with a culinary twist, Summer Express offers unique cooking workshops that go beyond the typical fare. Your child can whip up delicious recipes and learn the art of food presentation. 

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6. Ashoka Summer Camp 

Turn back the clock and introduce your child to the nostalgic charm of summer camps from the 90s and early 2000s.  Ashoka Summer Camp  is here for your child to revel in a summer filled with activities that are both old-school and eternally fun. 

Ashoka brings a delightful retro vibe that’s rare and refreshing. Following are the activities provided:

  • Delicate art of quilling 

  • Intricate patterns of Mehendi

  • Groovy dance sessions 

  • Classic camp crafts

So, it’s a chance for your child to disconnect from digital distractions and connect with timeless joys, crafting memories that feel like a warm, sunny blast from the past.


Summer camp in Bangalore offers a diverse range of modern workshops or nostalgic activities that evoke a sense of simpler times. The registration process for these camps is straightforward — just a few clicks on their website, and you’ll be all set. As for the cost, it's crafted to ensure that the value of experiential learning your child receives is well worth the investment.

So, let the warm air buzz with the promise of adventure and new beginnings for your children.

Want to spark their creativity further and broaden horizons during their summer vacation, beyond enrolling them in a camp? Vedantu can help you here. 

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