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Activities to Spend Your Summer Vacation at Home

By FatimaApril 12, 2024
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Did you hear those soft knocks? That’s the summer vacation standing right in front of your door. Your kids heard it too.

Activities to Spend Your Summer Vacation at Home

Like all children, they must anticipate a whirlwind of adventure. And like every parent, you might be wondering what to do on a summer vacation at home that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

In fact, an overshooting budget isn’t the only reason parents decide to plan an at-home summer vacation for children. Other reasons include:

  • Scheduling conflicts

  • A simple desire to avoid crowd

  • Excessively scorchy summers

Whatever the reason you are contemplating not enrolling your kid into a summer camp or not taking them on a holiday, you can still plan activities to provide your kids with enough learning opportunities they could have had at a camp.

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Ready to don the hat of an architect on top of being a parent and create a summer filled with joy, learning, and adventure without stepping out of home? We’ve got your back.

This guide has many answers to your question – What to do on summer vacation at home? Let’s get you started.

What to do on summer vacation at home

1. Take Advantage of Online Entertainment

Brainstorming what to do on summer vacation at home with your kids? Don't overlook the fun (and learning opportunities) online entertainment can offer. It's a sure-shot weapon for those too-hot days.

Here's how you can transform online entertainment into an endless playground of learning and fun for your kids.

  • Have Your Kids Pick Out Movies or Shows: Let them choose their favorite shows on platforms like Netflix or Disney Plus. You can assign them little tasks to study the interests of other family members and create a movie playlist accordingly. It's a great way to stimulate their mind and keep them busy without snatching away the element of fun

  • Try Educational and Fun Webinars on Vedantu: Whether your child is interested in painting, coding, or the secrets of the universe, there's a course waiting for them on Vedantu

  • Introduce Your Kids to Educational Video Games: Games that puzzle the mind or encourage creativity can be great choices. Playing together can also become a family bonding activity

  • Prepare Snacks Together: Involve your kids in preparing simple snacks and drinks for your fun movie day or gaming session. It’s an excellent opportunity to teach them about teamwork and arm them with cooking, which is an essential life skill

2. Get Creative and Start a New Hobby

Encouraging your kids to pick up a new hobby will keep them engaged and fuel their imagination. Here’s what you can teach them:

  • Dabble in Colors and Textures: Set up a mini art station at home with watercolors, crayons, and craft supplies. Encourage your kids to create their art pieces, whether it's a painting inspired by their favorite summer scene or a craft project out of recycled materials

  • Knit or Crochet: Knitting or crocheting are great skills for kids to learn early on. They can start with something simple like a scarf or a friendship bracelet

  • Writing Thoughts or Stories: If your child has a knack for words, encourage them to write poetry or short stories. They could even start a summer journal, documenting their thoughts, dreams, or the day-to-day adventures of summer at home. Making a DIY photo album is another way to capture memories, allowing them to tell a story through both words and pictures

  • Pottery or Woodworking: For something different, you can encourage your kids to explore pottery, woodworking, or crocheting

If your child shows an inclination towards academic hobbies like coding or science experiments, Vedantu’s SuperKids platform can be a great way to support their learning journey from home.

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3. Organize Special Activities and Gatherings

Engaging your children in planning and hosting events keeps them occupied and teaches them social and organizational skills. Here’s how you can guide them through organizing memorable activities and gatherings:

  • Backyard BBQ and Camping: Encourage your children to help plan a backyard BBQ or picnic. They can assist in choosing the menu and setting up the picnic area. If you’re up for a night under the stars, let them help pitch a tent and organize a small campfire for roasting marshmallows

  • Family Board Game Tournament: Board games can teach your kids a thing or two about strategizing, patience, and fair play. Have them pick out their favorite board games and create a tournament schedule. They'll learn about organizing events and how to be gracious winners or losers

4. Pursue Learning

Summer is a golden opportunity for your kids to stretch their brains in new directions. Wondering what to do in summer vacation at home to keep those young minds sharp and engaged? You can encourage them to become multilingual. In fact, you can make it a family event, setting aside time each day to learn and practice together.

By focusing on skill development and learning, you're helping your kids to:

  • Keep busy during their summer vacation at home

  • Make the most of their time

  • Exploring new interests

  • Discovering a passion that could shape their future.

5. Stay Active and Healthy

Wondering how to keep your kids engaged in physical activities while they're at home? Here are some fun and healthy ways to ensure they stay active and energized throughout the summer.

  • Home Workouts for the Family: Introduce your kids to the joy of home workouts with calisthenics and bodyweight exercises. From simple push-ups and sit-ups to fun aerobic routines, you can make fitness a family affair. Create a daily or weekly schedule that's fun and challenging for everyone

  • Backyard Sports and Games: Have a yard or nearby park? Take advantage of it by playing sports together. Badminton, frisbee, and even makeshift mini-golf can provide hours of fun and physical activity. It’s a great way to teach your kids about teamwork

  • Join Local Sports Teams or Activities: Encourage your kids to join swimming, soccer, or a martial arts class. These are fantastic ways for them to make new friends and develop a lifelong love for staying active

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6. Explore Your Own City

As you ponder what to do on summer vacation at home with your kids, consider turning your city into a grand exploration project. Here are some parent-guided activities that can make your city the backdrop for this summer’s adventure:

  • Create a Local Tourist Challenge: Sit down with your kids and make a list of places in your city that you still need to explore. Museums, historical landmarks, and parks can be exciting. Ask them to carry a camera or a notebook to document their findings

  • Discover the City’s Hidden Gems Together: There’s always something new to find in your own city, especially through the curious eyes of a child. Guide them in exploring lesser-known spots like an old bookstore or a museum. Talk to them about the history of these places to keep them engaged and excited

By guiding your kids to explore and engage with your city, you’re not just figuring out what to do in summer vacation at home but also opening their eyes to the beauty and diversity of the place they call home. It’s an enriching way to spend the summer, filled with learning, adventure, and unforgettable family moments.

7. Give Back to the Community

Thinking about what to do on summer vacation at home that can teach your kids the value of compassion? Encourage them to give back to the community. Here's how you can guide them in making a positive impact:

  • Volunteer as a Family: Look for local charities that welcome families and young volunteers. Whether it's assisting in organizing donations, teaching basic computer skills to older people, cooking for a local shelter, or distributing essentials to those in need, volunteering is a powerful way to show your kids the impact of kindness and hard work. Engage them in choosing the causes they feel passionate about. It could be animal welfare, environmental conservation, or helping the less fortunate

  • Reflect on the Experience: After volunteering, take the time to talk with your kids about the experience. Discuss what they learned, how it made them feel, and the difference they made. This reflection is crucial for personal development and helps cement the values of empathy and community service

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8. Start Personal Projects

Wondering what to do in summer vacation at home that can inspire your kids to be better at taking leadership? Encourage them to start personal projects. Here’s how you can guide them in turning their ideas into reality:

  • Spark the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Sit down with your kids and brainstorm ideas for a small home-based project. It could be something as simple as a home bakery, where they can put their baking skills to test

  • Plan and Execute: Guide them through the process of planning their project. This includes setting goals, identifying what resources they need, and creating a simple business plan

  • Use the Summer to Dream Big: Summer holidays offer ample time, making them ideal for kicking off larger projects that require more planning and preparation. Encourage your kids to think about future projects, too. Perhaps they’re interested in starting a YouTube channel or creating an app. Use this time to lay the groundwork, research, and develop a strategy that they can carry on beyond the summer

For kids interested in exploring entrepreneurial projects or launching a creative endeavor, Vedantu’s live classes can offer them great insights.


Summer vacation is the perfect time to teach your kids how to transform the ordinary into extraordinary, right within the four walls of your home and the bounds of your backyard. From organizing BBQs, participating in charities, and joining swimming or martial arts classes, you can teach your kids everything a summer camp can. These activities will help your children:

  • Refine their motor skills

  • Stay physically and mentally fit

  • Learn while having fun

  • Become better at communication

Embrace this chance to transform every day into an adventure, nurture passions, and weave memories that your family will cherish for years to come.

This summer, take advantage of Vedantu’s one-to-one live premium tuition to explore new subjects or deepen understanding in existing ones. It’s an excellent way for your child to keep their mind sharp and discover new passions, all from the comfort of your living room.

Here’s to a summer that’s about more than filling time—it’s about enriching lives, one day at a time.